Explore And Find Yourself Guided Meditation For Self Love And Empowerment

A Witches Guided Meditation for Empowerment And Self-Love

Last Updated: Mar 19, 2024

As we begin, please find a safe and cozy spot to lie comfortably, have a glass of water nearby for after, and if you want to set the scene with incense I recommend frankincense and myrrh, or rose and garden sage.

If you wish to close your eyes, please do so now.

First, let’s get our breathing grounded, and clear away anything that has happened up until right now – nothing else matters in this moment.

Take a deep breath in and slowly release it, feeling any tension or stress leave your body with each exhale.

Do this two more times, inhaling deeply and exhaling fully.

Take a deep breath in and slowly release it, feeling lightness remain with each exhale.

Do this two more times, inhaling deeply and exhaling fully.

Now let’s focus on our intention for this meditation – to connect with our inner power, embrace ourselves with love, and feel empowered as witches.

Table of Contents

Journal first

Do not underestimate the power of pen to paper. Having it nearby, especially during preparation to meditate or for afterwards to write down any thoughts or insights is completely invaluable.

A Guided Meditation For Witches For Self-Love and Empowerment (script)


Imagine a warm, golden light surrounding you, wrapping you in its loving, curious, excitable, alive energy.

This light represents the divine power within each of us as witches.

Feel this energy flowing through your body, filling you with strength and confidence.

Feel this energy entangling itself with your very atoms and molecules, showing you how much of the universe’s DNA belong with you.

As you continue to breathe deeply, imagine this golden light expanding beyond your body, creating a protective shield around you.

You are safe and secure within this space.




Now, let’s focus on your self-love – a crucial aspect of being a witch.

Think about all the things you love about yourself, your unique qualities and strengths.

Recognize them with gratitude, and allow this feeling to fill your entire being.

Remember that you are always worthy and always deserving of love, especially from yourself.

Take a moment to forgive any past mistakes or negative thoughts towards yourself.

Release them with each exhale, knowing that you are constantly growing and learning.

Recognize the growth that you’ve made, the work that you’ve done on yourself, and progress that will still be coming.

Feel a warm little kiss on your forehead. Let any pain go with love.



Now, let’s rekindle our inner power as a witch.

You’re moving from where you are, to where you’re meant to be.




Visualize yourself standing in your favourite beautiful space, surrounded by magickal energy.

Where are you? A forest? A library? A park bench in a little town? What can you see? What can you hear, smell, taste?

Take a moment of acknowledgement – you are a witch, regardless of how long you have been practicing, regardless of when your last spell was, regardless of how much you’ve yet to learn, regardless of any and all self-doubt.

You are perfectly imperfect, just like every other human life on this planet.

You are a unique and magickal being connected to the natural world and the universe.

Believe in yourself and your abilities.

Feel this energy pulsing through you, igniting your inner fire.

Recognize this power with love and gratitude, knowing that it is always within you.

Take a deep breath in and slowly release it.

You are at one with life, nature, with the magick beneath you from the earth, with the different realms of energy around you, and feel the ancient knowledge within you.

Take a deep breath and declare to yourself: “I am powerful, I am power, I am a witch.”

You have the power to manifest your desires, to create, to protect, to divine, to heal, and bring your light into the world.

Connect to it with love, and continue to nurture this inner power.

Cultivate it every day, and it will guide you on your path as a witch.

Remember that you have the strength, and the genuine love within you, to overcome any challenge or obstacle.

You give yourself hope, and renew your own power, so that you may serve as a beacon of light and strength for others, and yourself.

Carry this with you as you return to your daily life.



As we begin to close our meditation, take a moment to thank yourself for taking this time for self-love and empowerment. You are prioritizing yourself, you’re reconnecting with yourself, and doing a wondrous thing.

Come back into the now. Wake your limbs, take in a deep breath.

And remember, that you can come back to this meditation anytime you need.


Ensure after any meditation that you drink plenty of fluids, that you take any notes, and that all flames are extinguished/areas ventilated/music switched off when you are ready.

The guided meditation for empowerment is a compassionate way to help you understand, and meet with, yourself. Allow the light when you close your eyes to energy to boost you towards. You’ve got this. You’re literally magick.

This article is part of my collection of guided meditation for witches, check them out too!


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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