Oenomancy (Wine Divination)

I absolutely have a different colder night idea for you when our activities can be limited (in Winter, in limited resources & in energy). I feel that it’s an easy practice to try at home, oenomancy (pronounced en-oh-man-see) is an ancient way of divination similar to tasseomancy/tea-leaf reading but by using wine. Scrying into the glass itself, or by reading the sediments, or even by looking over spilled wine on a napkin/table – you look for shapes, symbols, any intuition you get. By interpreting these, you can divine answers to questions or even potentially predict future events.

Whilst it is important to enjoy yourself, please drink responsibly.


For the low key ritual here I use for wine, try it too and let me know how it went for you

Oenomancy is a form of hydromancy; water based scrying (like hydatoscopy, which is great with rainwater). And what is scrying, you may ask? Simply put, gazing at an object for imagery/messages and divining answers/the future through symbolism, shapes and movement.  It’s a great low key divination because you can simply be enjoying a drink in the bath (for those with low energy) or if you are surrounded by people (for those in the closet but want to receive an answer quicker than waiting to be alone). I like to use oenomancy for colder evenings in front of a fire, in bath rituals, as part of Sabbat celebrations, and with intention candles for their outcomes.