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Lions Gate Portal - A Complete Introductory Guide

Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Every July to August, Sirius appears in the night sky. Stargazers of all kinds flock to check out the Lions Gate Portal – a celestial event that is both awe-inspiring and mysterious. As Sirius rises, it aligns with the Sun, the Orion constellation and the Earth; the three together form the distinctive triangulation for which this phenomenon is named after.

But witches get excited for another reason. The Lions Gate Portal has long been revered by many cultures for its significant spiritual and mystical significance. It is said to be a time when our physical world clicks in with the universe for spiritual alignment, allowing us to connect with higher levels of consciousness. As we stand beneath the stars on this special night, we feel super empowered in understanding our individual place within the grand cosmic scheme.

This event serves as an annual reminder of how powerful the universe truly is and of our connection to it. We can use this opportunity to open up a gateway into our own consciousness – deepening our spiritual awareness and helping us manifest our desires into reality.

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What Is The Lions Gate Portal?

So there isn’t exactly a portal, but you could compare it to playing an online puzzle game where when the final piece is connected to the rest of it, the image energetically comes to life and it’s energies are released for a moment from a screen to filling the full room you are working in. The Lion’s Gate Portal is metaphysical, and meta-spiritual. It’s not something you could tangibly touch or walkthrough, but the peaked energy of a “complete puzzle” (from the alignment of the Sun, the Earth and the Orion constellation) can be felt by those who are able to tune into the spiritual realm.

It’s name comes from the zodiac sign of Leo, which the Sun transits through during this period of time (but then absolutely read below about the Neteru).

The Lions Gate Portal is said to open up a gateway of energy, allowing us to reach higher levels of consciousness and heightened awareness. It’s a time for spiritual awakening and self-discovery, as the energies from this portal invite us to go deeper within ourselves and channel our inner power. With this newfound understanding of who we are and what our purpose is, we can use this cosmic alignment to manifest our dreams and desires into reality.

The Lions Gate Portal is an ongoing cycle every year, but it’s peak energy happens during July and August when Sirius rises in the sky. This is a great opportunity to take advantage of these powerful energies: for 2023, this peaks by August 12th in the Northern Hemisphere.

Every year, with the magick not just of the numerology involved, the esoteric and spiritual dance that happens within Leo season, but of all the factors surrounding the Lions Gate – use the Portal as an opportunity for growth and transformation – embracing life-changing moments and manifesting abundant blessings into physical reality.

Sirius Heliacal Rising

Heliacal rising means when a star appears in the sky for the first time in a long period of time especially in conjunction with the Sun. Sirius is a star that rises between July and August, so this happens to be when we experience the energy of the Lions Gate Portal.

On this day, this special moment allows us to walk through a gateway into the astral realm and into our own personal power. This is an incredibly sacred moment of connection with the universe that can be used as a way to manifest our intentions, allowing us to create a life of abundance, of spiritual enrichment, and maybe even boost your personal magick energy levels.

Astronomically and archaeologically speaking, places of great interest for Sirius rising would be Karnak temple and the pyramids of Giza in Egypt, but there are many world over for folks to see it happen (such as the temple sites in Malta like Ġgantija).

We all have the ability to become powerful creators of our own lives – but sometimes it takes connecting with something greater to give us the confidence that it’s working, and it doesn’t take long to come across testimonials from people who work with this energy every year.

Lions Gate Portal Meaning + How It Is Activated

When people talk about using the Lions Gate Portal, they mean to say that they are using the energy from the constellations of Sirius, Orion, and our energy of the Sun in Leo.

What this means for modern witches and spiritual folks is that the energy of this portal is meant to be used in our own spiritual work. It’s a reminder and opportunity for us to open ourselves up to any guidance or assistance from higher powers, as well as to allow ourselves to become more acutely aware of our own personal power.

Through meditation, ritual and other spiritual practices, we can activate the connection to the Lions Gate Portal and use its energies to manifest our desires and intentions. By connecting with the energy of Leo and the other constellations, we can call in powerful magickal assistance and discover deeper truths within ourselves.

The energy is activated as soon as Sirius becomes “heliacal rising”, but most witches like to work with the peak of this energy (on which date changes yearly due to astronomical placements of all it’s players, but is usually around the 8th of August – in 2023, it’s August 12th).

Lions Gate and The Ancient Egyptians

I love to read about the ancient cultures, and it blew my mind to learn that the ancients also looked back, and looked up, too. Egypt has always had a relationship with Sirius, to them known as the deified Sopdet, and it impacted them not just religiously but also in terms of agriculture, trade and their daily way of life.

The Neteru

The Neters, Netjeru, or Netjer (depending on who you ask) were the gods and goddesses of ancient Egypt, each of them with their own semi-unique and important role in mythology. One such deity was Sopdet, also known as Sothis or Isis-Sopd. She is connected to Sirius and is the goddess of fertility and plenty – an incredible connection considering the star Sirius represents in the sky.

Have you noticed how a lot of the ancient Neteru are leonine? From Bes, to Bastet, to Sekhmet, Mut, Wadjet, Tefnut… I could go on. The amount of paraphernalia that was lionheaded for Egypt is insane but did you know it goes back even earlier than them? The 40000 years old Löwenmensch was discovered on 25 August 1939 by geologist Otto Völzing and had it’s restoration completed by Elisabeth Schmid in 1982.

There are lots of resources out there about the arrival of the Netjeru arriving, including tales from the famous “Books”, but it’s generally celebrating of their arrival as Sirius rises on earth. This is celebrated at the time of Wep Ronpet and The Epagomenal days. One of my favourite recollections about the Netjers is that they arrived potentially from Sirius the planet – imagine that! And also, before the discovery of Sirius B, they documented that there was another “hidden” Sirius aspect, in balance deified to Isis and Nepthys. Sirius B was discovered on 31 January 1862 by Alvan Graham Clark – how could the ancient Egyptians have known this, without the support of more modern technology for their astronomical endeavours? It is all a super fascinating deep dive, and I encourage you to do the same.

Overall you can see why many Kemetic witches believe that connecting to the Neteru and invoking their energies during this period can help us manifest our desires, even more so than usual. You could even go a step further and call on the energy of the Netjeru to help you manifest your goals in different areas of life, whether it’s financial abundance or just overall spiritual growth.

The Flooding of the Nile

The rising of Sirius marks the flooding of the Nile in Egyptian culture – and this is a huge symbol of abundance, death, and rebirth – all part of the cycle that happens every year. This was documented even in ancient times as marking the start of their civil Sothic cycle calendar.

This flooding was essential for ancient Egyptians to have access to fertile land, and they believed that it represented divine intervention from their gods. They flooding led to the lands surrounding the Nile to prosper and bloom with life, from plants to fish, which meant that the people who lived in those areas were able to have a much better quality of life.

This is likely as to where we get our correspondences of luck and prosperity for Sirius from.

8/8 Numerology, Astrology and Tarot

With anything Lions Gate, you’ll notice on Instagram or TikTok people posting “It’s 8/8!” and the numbers everywhere. 8’s in China for example as associated with luck and good fortune simply because of how it’s sounding.

8 Numerology

Eight’s in numerology are for a balanced flow, a sign of strength and positivity, and a symbol that knows they can overcome any tough challenges. The infinity symmetrical flow of 8 is a number that speaks so much about ambition and perseverance.

8 in Tarot

In tarot, we can look at Leo as Strength, the eighth card in the Major Arcana, and it’s counterpart Aquarius as The Star. Strength shares with us the wisdom of revering that which is gentle and kind, embodying mercy and grace while The Star speaks to us about looking further and never giving up on our dreams.

The 8 of Wands is a card for speed – it’s all about moving quickly and not wasting time in getting things done – something we need to remember during this time. The 8 of Pentacles is a card for mastering a skill, showing that if we put in the time and effort, then we can achieve our goals. We’ve got the 8 of Swords which is all about getting out of our own heads and being brave in the face of fear, as well as the 8 of Cups which speaks to us about moving on from something that no longer serves us.

These are important themes in our life for the Lion’s Gate Portal.

Lions Gate Astrology

Astrologically, August 8th marks a moment of harmony between Sun-ruled Leo and Uranus- ruled Aquarius, which are both fixed signs – so it’s all about staying strong in your beliefs but also being open to collaboration. It’s about knowing when to remain strong in your convictions and also when it’s time to be flexible and open for the good of others. Leo is about standing tall with pride and Aquarius is all about being able to let go of the need for control so collectively you can move forward. This is an interesting balance to strike.

See this as an opportunity for us to step into our power, believe in who we are, but also recognize the importance of collaboration with others and the wider community or collective.

We could also link it with the eighth house, associated with Scorpio (a sign of passion and transformation). This makes perfect sense when you look at why the Lions Gate Portal is so important – activating our inner power to create a life we love with a passion that sets our souls on fire.

How to manifest on the Lions Gate portal?

So I’ve talked a lot about “creating a life we love” but there’s never really any direction for this sort of thing. When I describe below a few different ways to try this out for yourself, I encourage you to think about your preferences, think about your intention for yourself in depth, and to work within the framework that works best for you:

  • Scripting
  • 5x5x5 Intentional Writing
  • Mind mapping
  • Candle Magick
  • Visualising Manifestation, Creative Journaling & Visions Boards
  • Pillow Methods
  • Astrology Study (for personal transits vs personal natal points)
  • Meditation
  • Invoking the Netjeru for aid
  • Lions Gate Tarot Spread

8 Ways To Harness The Energy Of The Lions Gate Portal

  1. Artistic Expression: Embrace your inner artist! Grab some paints, pencils, or any artistic medium you love and channel the Lions Gate energy into your creations. Journaling, vision boards, even painting your manifestation results! Let the energy flow through you as you express yourself on canvas, paper, or any medium of your choice. Your art will be infused with this potent energy, and it might even surprise you with its depth and meaning.
  2. Dance and Movement: Movement is a fantastic way to connect with cosmic energy, and movement in Leo season is a perfect form of expression. Put on your favorite music and let your body move freely. Whether it’s graceful dance or wild and spontaneous movement, allow the Lions Gate energy to guide your motions, expressing your inner feelings and emotions through your body.
  3. Nature Connection: Spend time in nature during the Lions Gate Portal. Find a serene spot, like a forest, beach, or park, and connect with the natural world. Feel the energy of the earth beneath your feet and the breeze on your skin. Look at your collective and the community around you. This connection will help ground and balance you while aligning with the cosmic energy, and you can see how it impacts others too.
  4. Writing Letters to Yourself: Write a series of heartfelt letters to yourself, addressing different aspects of your life. Pour your emotions and intentions into these letters, expressing gratitude for the positive aspects and setting intentions for what you wish to improve. The act of writing and infusing your intentions with the Lions Gate energy will be a powerful ritual of self-empowerment, and we love to heal our inner child wherever we can.
  5. Crystal Cleansing: If you have crystals, now is the perfect time to cleanse and charge them with Lions Gate energy. You can place them under the moonlight overnight or even out in the sun (if they are sunlight-safe crystals). As you cleanse them, set the intention for the crystals to amplify the energy in your surroundings. I’d recommend Sunstone and any tektite crystals you have.
  6. Acts of Kindness: Spread the Lions Gate love by performing acts of kindness. It could be as simple as helping a stranger, complimenting someone sincerely, or volunteering for a cause you care about. Your genuine acts of kindness will radiate positivity and contribute to the collective uplifting of energies during this special period.
  7. Visualization and Affirmations: We don’t always have a ton of energy, so visualization and affirmations are powerful tools to harness the Lions Gate energy. Create vivid mental images of your dreams and desires coming to fruition, and note them into your Book of Intuitions. Affirm positive statements with passion and belief, aligning your energy with the limitless possibilities of our universe.
  8. Sunrise and Sunset Rituals: Something as simple as Lion’s Mane tea or strong morning coffee with the energies of the sun during this potent time can be great for your practice. Greet the sunrise with gratitude and set your intentions for the day, invoking the powerful energy of the Lions Gate Portal. In the evening, bid farewell to the sun with a sense of accomplishment and take a moment to reflect on your achievements. Look for Sirius every chance you get.

Lions Gate Portal Abundance Ritual

Items needed:

  • Green candle
  • Small piece of paper with an “8” on one side and your written abundance requests on the other
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Dandelion petals
  • Cinnamon (ground or in stick form)
  • Small mirror
  • 8pm on the 8th August


  1. Find a quiet and sacred space where you won’t be disturbed during the ritual.
  2. Gather your spell items and place them on a clean altar or a special surface.
  3. Stand in the center of your space and take a few deep breaths to center yourself. Visualize a protective circle of white or golden light forming around you, creating a sacred space for your ritual.

Lighting the Green Candle:

  1. Light the green candle and say: “With this flame, I ignite the energy of abundance and prosperity within me and all around me.” Feel free to dress this candle if you wish to anoint it, or put sigils onto it.
  2. Hold the clear quartz crystal in your hands and close your eyes. Visualize the crystal glowing with bright, radiant light.
  3. Say: “I charge this crystal with the powerful energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal, amplifying my intentions for abundance and prosperity.”
  4. Take the small piece of paper and read the written abundance requests out loud, infusing each word with emotion and conviction.
  5. Then, flip the paper to the side with the number “8” and say: “As the number eight represents infinite abundance and endless possibilities, I call upon this cosmic energy to manifest my desires.”
  6. Fold the paper and wrap it around the clear quartz crystal, securing them together.
  7. Sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon over the charm, symbolizing the spice of life and the sweetness of abundance.
  8. Hold the dandelion petals in your hand and envision each petal representing a seed of abundance ready to take root and grow.
  9. Blow the petals into the air, visualizing your intentions being released into the universe to blossom and bear fruit.
  10. Hold the small mirror in your hands, gazing into your reflection, and say: “As above, so below. I am a powerful creator, and abundance flows through me effortlessly.”
  11. Express gratitude to the universe and any spiritual beings you invoked during the ritual.
  12. Slowly close the circle by visualizing the protective light shrinking back into your body, sealing your intentions.
  13. Keep the abundance charm with you, either in a special pouch or on your altar, as a reminder of your intentions.
  14. As you go about your days, maintain a positive mindset, knowing that the universe is supporting you in manifesting abundance.

Your intentions combined with the magickal energy of the Lion’s Gate Portal hold tremendous power. May this ritual bless you with overflowing abundance and open doors to endless opportunities! Embrace the magick within you and watch as miracles unfold. And so it is my lovelies!🌟🔮


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these genuine, interesting and beneficial divination experiences! You can always book a session with me directly to discover yourself 🙂

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