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"Oracle Card Companion" Book Review

Last Updated: August 8, 2023

The “Oracle Card Companion” is out in the UK for October 2023. This guidebook is how to use oracle cards, any deck that you like, to create fun ways to get to know the deck, to decode messages deeper, and to use it for spells and rituals as well as spreads + general guidance.

Victoria writes that she would love this book to help spiritual folks using oracle cards in a more confident, fun experience that deepens your intuition, and even aid in healing and clarifying your spiritual journeys. This book covers troubleshooting readings, learning how to use and interpret spreads, and to even make use of your new deck in spells or rituals towards manifestation, lightwork or shadow work practices.

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Table of Contents

What's In The Book?

Recommended?: Sure! It’s a great book for those really into cartomancy practices.

Content: 200+ pages of supportive guidance on oracle decks, how to use them and interpret them in your own style, as well as a 40-day “become an oracle” challenge, shadow work, symbolism guide, Clair-development, card spreads, spells, meditations and more.

Artwork: Clean modern and minimalistic. Photography is credited to Leah Ladson

Inclusivity: N/a 

Environmental Impact: TBC; Printed & Bound in China. 

Unique Book Points: This book is generally aimed at someone who hasn’t owned an oracle deck before (or owned one long enough to work with it in depth), but guides with a lot of terms most folks have heard of before, like “shadow work” and “developing the clairs”. It helps to bridge the gap between no experience and tarot readings.

Overall, I think “Oracle Card Companion” is a great way for anyone new to oracle cards, as well as those with some knowledge, looking for further guidance on how to use their deck in rituals and spells. With helpful tips, guides and interesting challenges, this book makes it possible to really get creative (such as with crystal grids) and really build on your divination practice. This is a perfect gift, for example, to your friend who said she was “always curious about that but never got into it” and so grab them a deck & this book, and they’re set up for some exploration without judgment!

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The Downside of the Book

There was one bit in the book where it said “always focus on wishing the best for your querent” in reference to reading for another person. I’ve also been reading for other people for a few years, and I didn’t love this – if I paid for genuine advice from a card reading, I think it’d warrant an honest response whatever the cards read from someone who really knew what they were talking about, without forcing to have the best possible outcome. I wouldn’t want to pull the Tower, 3 of Swords and The Devil (I’m using tarot as a reference, but the same can be said for any deck really if you pull difficult themes) and then have someone tell me to simply embrace all that’s good coming my way – I’d want someone who’d level with me, to be truthful that it looks like challenges ahead, and how each of those cards symbolise certain topics, so to spend a little time thinking (as the querent) how I want to approach them. Also, if your querent was a dickhead, you do not need to send them “love and light”; “off you fuck” energy is perfect currency to give to those who dish it out. You can just as easily say no to a reading, and that be a full sentence.

My Favourite Chapter

I loved the bit about “emotional healing” within the Oracle Healing chapter. You have a tendency to notice the tone difference between Lenormand (the mystic aunty), Tarot (the brutally honest older sister) and Angel cards (the naively pious/indoctrinated youth tone). Oracle cards are all of this, and more: every tarot deck is an oracle deck, but not all oracle decks are tarot. Oracle cards can therefore have any theme or tone; I’ve got them from business support through to divine feminine love + healing. I’ve got them for deity archetype work, and I’ve got them for psychological shadow work. There are decks that would make my inner teen sob, and there are decks for connecting me astrological with the universe. I absolutely turn to oracle cards for layers to my readings, whether in private or with clients, and the comfort they can offer (regardless of theme or distinct tone) can really change your spiritual experience.

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Why I Loved This Book

There is nothing that Victoria hasn’t covered for beginners. I love her approach to the card-reading basics. It’s got plenty of space for you to write about your own journey and learning throughout too, which is nice, and there are card pull ideas basically on every single page – perfect, because sometimes we just don’t want to overthink it or are unsure what to ask.

I feel that those who would love this book are those who want to go more in-depth with card readings, and those who are starting out as well. It’s great for anyone wishing to understand the nuances of oracle cards and all they have to offer. Even if you feel like a veteran reader, this book is still fun and informative; I always love new perspectives to keep things fresh. Also I love card spreads, whether for tarot or oracle, and thing book has them in chunks!

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Thank you for reading my review! Until next time xox


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