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What is Chiron in Astrology - Meanings For The 12 Houses & Signs

Last Updated: February 1, 2024

Centaurs in astronomy typically exhibit the characteristics of both asteroids, planetoids and comets. They can range in size and shape, and can also have rings like our planets too.

The first centaur to be discovered in astronomy was #944 Hidalgo in 1920. However, they were not recognized as a distinct population until the discovery of #2060 Chiron in 1977. The largest confirmed centaur is #10199 Chariklo though, which at 260 km in diameter is as big as a mid-sized main-belt asteroid and discovered in 1997, which is known to have a system of rings.

In a brief mythology summary: Chariklo was married to the centaur Chiron, who was known as a teacher and healer. This connection between Chariklo (“the grace spinner” “nurse” “foster mother”) and Chiron can be seen in their similar roles. This makes it a lovely pairing of the two as key players for our astrological charts.

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Chiron’s orbit is unstable, leading some scientists to believe that it may have originated from the Kuiper Belt before being pulled into its current orbit by Neptune’s gravitational pull.

Red Centaurs and Grey Centaurs in astronomy were thought to refer to the color of their spectra, with red being associated with organic compounds and grey being typically associated with silicates. Chiron is classified as a “grey” centaur. We don’t have all the answers on this yet, but the different colors are more likely from a mix of radiation-reddening, collisions, sublimnation, temperature-induced, or composition gradient, and this is what Harvard are sharing.

Chiron’s surface appears to be covered in both water ice and “tholins”, which are complex organic molecules formed by solar radiation on the outer planets’ moons. The thing about tholins is that if left to organically produce more complex carbon chains, on and on, then in theory it can be a short step to providing life too. Think of it like an extra-terrestrial “clay”.

Chiron has been observed emitting gas and dust, leading some to consider it as a potential impact hazard for Earth in the future. In all the statistics you’ll see of all of the cosmic data out there, 6% of all near-Earth collisions have been centaurs, and that’s really significant, but there will be nothing in our lifetimes to suggest anything soon. December 2023’s report from NASA on Near Earth asteroids that passed closer than the moon counted 11 in a 30-day period, and there’s been 100 tonnes of dust and sandsized debris from it, so if you’ve not been impacted by that – you’ll see how statistics really don’t actually mean “fear”.

Chiron Type Comets include Oterma (name means “teacher” “friend” “confidence”), Tsuchinshan (mandarin for “purple mountain” symbolize the awe-inspiring aspects of life), Linear and Read. Much like Chiron set the precedent for centaurs in mythology, here they are doing so in astronomy.

asteroid comets known as centaurs

Who was Chiron? Pronunciation, Meaning in Astrology, Symbol

Chiron was a half-human half-horse creature named a centaur, most notably known as the foster father, friend and mentor of Achilles & Patroclus, Asclepius, Jason and Heracles.

He lived at Mount Pelion, near modern-day Volos in Thessaly.

Pronounced “kai-run”, Chiron has had his name in many forms: Kheiron, Cheiron, Philyrídēs, Bathymêta, Zamenḗs, and was described to be the wisest and just of all centaurs.

Chiron had been born to Philyra and Cronos, but in the form of a horse. He was abandoned for this reason, at birth. In some early sources from Homer’s Iliad through Pindar’s odes to Ovid and Apollodorus’ Library (Bibliotheke) with Hyginus’ Fabulae to Valerius Flaccus’ Argonautica reflected that Chiron’s mother was Eurynome or Nympha Amaltheia, whilst the name given for his father varied. I follow the Apollonius 3rd BCE authors account in my understanding, as it was one of the earliest and most comprehensive.

With his wife and partner Chariklo, he had daughters Ocyrhoe (who also was known as Melanippê), Endêis and son Karystos.

He understood the laws of nature and the manners of man, and was educated originally by Artemis and Apollo, combining nature, medicine, science, music and storytelling. He taught medicine and healing to Asclepius, the later deified God of Modern Medicine, and there are even medicinal folks today who claim to be descendants of Chiron, known as the Chironidae. He taught Achilles how to fight, and provided him with his weapon just as he had gifted the sword to his father Peleus (Chiron also aided Peleus into “catching” his wife Thetis). He taught Jason how to read the skies and stars, which is very important to navigation.

He is often portrayed as a wiser older man with long hair and beard, surrounded by symbols of healing such as a serpent-entwined staff. He was deeply important to the major known heroes, and his legacy goes on through their victories.

Whilst immortal, he was fatally wounded by Heracles – into agonising pain by the incurable wound of an arrow dipped in hydra blood, Heracles remembered that the titan Prometheus needed immortality to end his suffering, and Chiron would then be mortal if he gifted it, allowing him to die. The swap was made, and Chiron was gone. The Gods saw this, and put him up in the sky as the constellation Centaurus.

In astrology, Chiron is often referred to as the “wounded healer”, “teacher” or “maverick” and is associated with deep emotional wounds and healing abilities. It is also linked to mentorship and teaching. His astronomical symbol is that of a “key” shape, with a circle base and a K sticking out of it – this represents the key to unlocking our deepest wounds and discovering our true potential. Some also see it as a representation of Chiron’s own wound, with the K resembling the arrowhead that guided him to his end.

Chiron is often viewed as bridging the gap between the inner and outer planets in astrology, symbolizing a bridge between conscious and unconscious energies. This makes sense, considering it’s discovery placement near Uranus and Saturn; it is associated with integrating our past traumas with a mentoring structure that works for us, in an innovative way leading to healing and cultural change.

the education of achilles by james barry

How To Find Chiron In Your Natal Chart

To find Chiron in your natal chart, you will need to know your exact date of birth, place of birth and time of birth. This birth data being exact then leans into a more exact reading for yourself, but I understand it’s not always possible to have this information. All we can do is try our best with what we have in these circumstances.

Load up your birth data into a database system like (my fave) and under “Extended Chart Selection”. Scroll to subheading “Additional Objects” and select “Chiron” in the asteroids section (or type “2060” in the Manual Entry box), and then “Show Your Chart”.

You’ll find Chiron then in your chart as the “key” circle+K symbol as described above, or listed with your other placements below your visual chart representation.

what does your chiron placement mean

Chiron Calculator – Manual Check

If you aren’t sure of your birth time exactly, or don’t have the time for an indepth check, here’s a suggested list of GMT transits of the past 100 years and infront of us, showing all of Chiron’s transits and retrogrades:

  • May 24, 1926 8:56 PM Chiron enters Taurus
  • Oct 20, 1926 2:53 AM Chiron Rx enters Aries
  • Mar 25, 1927 6:18 AM Chiron enters Taurus
  • June 6, 1933 10:23 PM Chiron enters Gemini
  • Dec 22, 1933 2:38 AM Chiron Rx enters Taurus
  • Mar 23, 1934 9:06 AM Chiron enters Gemini
  • Aug 27, 1937 1:19 PM Chiron enters Cancer
  • Nov 22, 1937 9:05 PM Chiron Rx enters Gemini
  • May 28, 1938 8:39 AM Chiron enters Cancer
  • Sep 29, 1940 11:44 PM Chiron enters Leo
  • Dec 27, 1940 12:59 AM Chiron Rx enters Cancer
  • June 16, 1941 2:34 PM Chiron enters Leo
  • July 26, 1943 6:42 PM Chiron enters Virgo
  • Nov 17, 1944 11:23 PM Chiron enters Libra
  • Mar 23, 1945 10:50 PM Chiron Rx enters Virgo
  • July 22, 1945 12:31 PM Chiron enters Libra
  • Nov 10, 1946 2:14 AM Chiron enters Scorpio
  • Nov 28, 1948 7:59 AM Chiron enters Sagittarius
  • Feb 8, 1951 8:26 PM Chiron enters Capricorn
  • June 18, 1951 9:13 AM Chiron Rx enters Sagittarius
  • Nov 8, 1951 11:22 AM Chiron enters Capricorn
  • Jan 27, 1955 11:28 AM Chiron enters Aquarius
  • Mar 26, 1960 8:39 AM Chiron enters Pisces
  • Aug 19, 1960 2:31 AM Chiron Rx enters Aquarius
  • Jan 20, 1961 8:50 PM Chiron enters Pisces
  • Apr 1, 1968 2:08 AM Chiron enters Aries
  • Oct 18, 1968 6:36 PM Chiron Rx enters Pisces
  • Jan 30, 1969 3:12 AM Chiron enters Aries
  • May 28, 1976 7:10 AM Chiron enters Taurus
  • Oct 13, 1976 6:46 PM Chiron Rx enters Aries
  • Mar 28, 1977 2:05 PM Chiron enters Taurus
  • June 21, 1983 9:54 AM Chiron enters Gemini
  • Nov 29, 1983 8:19 AM Chiron Rx enters Taurus
  • Apr 10, 1984 11:19 PM Chiron enters Gemini
  • June 21, 1988 5:40 AM Chiron enters Cancer
  • July 21, 1991 11:54 AM Chiron enters Leo
  • Sep 3, 1993 1:32 PM Chiron enters Virgo
  • Sep 9, 1995 10:28 AM Chiron enters Libra
  • Dec 29, 1996 6:16 AM Chiron enters Scorpio
  • Apr 4, 1997 11:50 AM Chiron Rx enters Libra
  • Sep 2, 1997 11:24 PM Chiron enters Scorpio
  • Jan 7, 1999 5:28 AM Chiron enters Sagittarius
  • June 1, 1999 5:52 AM Chiron Rx enters Scorpio
  • Sep 21, 1999 10:30 PM Chiron enters Sagittarius
  • Dec 11, 2001 6:04 PM Chiron enters Capricorn
  • Feb 21, 2005 12:33 PM Chiron enters Aquarius
  • July 31, 2005 11:48 PM Chiron Rx enters Capricorn
  • Dec 5, 2005 8:03 PM Chiron enters Aquarius
  • Apr 20, 2010 2:28 AM Chiron enters Pisces
  • July 20, 2010 5:46 AM Chiron Rx enters Aquarius
  • Feb 8, 2011 2:55 PM Chiron enters Pisces
  • Apr 17, 2018 4:09 AM Chiron enters Aries
  • Sep 25, 2018 8:12 PM Chiron Rx enters Pisces
  • Feb 18, 2019 4:07 AM Chiron enters Aries
  • Jun 19, 2026 5:17 PM Chiron enters Taurus
  • Sep 17, 2026 9:54 PM Chiron Rx enters Aries
  • Apr 14, 2027 10:56 AM Chiron enters Taurus
  • Jul 19, 2033 9:35 AM Chiron enters Gemini
  • Oct 23, 2033 6:21 PM Chiron Rx enters Taurus
  • May 5, 2034 5:50 PM Chiron enters Gemini
  • Jul 22, 2038 1:49 AM Chiron enters Cancer
  • Jan 8, 2039 12:06 PM Chiron Rx enters Gemini
  • Apr 26, 2039 2:26 AM Chiron enters Cancer
  • Aug 28, 2041 6:14 AM Chiron enters Leo
  • Feb 9, 2042 11:08 PM Chiron Rx enters Cancer
  • May 16, 2042 6:51 PM Chiron enters Leo
  • Oct 23, 2043 12:47 PM Chiron enters Virgo
  • Feb 10, 2044 3:54 AM Chiron Rx enters Leo
  • Jul 1, 2044 1:11 PM Chiron enters Virgo
  • Oct 24, 2045 4:53 PM Chiron enters Libra

Chiron Astrology – Chiron In The Houses And Signs

In astrology we will find many interpretations of Chiron, and that’s awesome to see these different perspectives come through. The more you read and learn, the better-rounded your astrology practice can be, and learning about your Chiron placement is no different.

The placement of Chiron in a person’s natal chart can reveal the area of their life where they may have experienced deep emotional wounds or trauma. It shows us where we overcompensate, where there has been trauma in our lived-experiences, and where our main triggers are in terms of spiritual wounds. This placement may just well show you where you have the most difficulties in your life, and it’s really telling. I’ve had people whose charts I’d read, complete strangers, in shock and in awe at the ability to “read” a person even if we have never met.

Natal Chiron can also indicate the greatest strength we have in spiritual healing. This makes sense though, doesn’t it? If we know of an area where we struggle, and work with it instead of overcompensating or avoiding it, then we have the wisdom to heal it and move on. To share this knowledge and wisdom, to share our stories, makes a great strength in your character. It may be the story someone hears that absolutely changes their lives.

Chiron’s placement in an astrological sign to me reveals the style and personality of the “wound”, and by looking to what house it is in is “how we navigate”, whether to our detriment or as a prescription.

chiron in the houses

Chiron In The First House

This placement deffo suggests a childhood/early life restriction that has put you on a journey of self-discovery, whether it’s from a “fighting to be noticed” starting point or “retreat to transmute thoughts of defeat”. What can help you find yourself will be a really strong passion, or even a vocation that provides a positive trajectory for your life.

Chiron In The Second House

This placement implies that if you have your physical needs met, then everything else is “just gravy”. You may have a tendency for stubbornness in your own listening capabilities; a dismissive attitude to others opinions doesn’t leave much room for growth and connection. What may help with that is showing, mentoring, teaching others how you mastered your self-confidence and self-worth, and be open to fluidity on opinions to “heal” this element of you.

Chiron In The Third House

When Chiron is in the Third it kinda indicates either parents or siblings, someone incredibly close to you in your upbringing, impacting the way you communicate as they may (unintentionally or intentionally) been super critical of who you are and how you express yourself, and this sucks.

This can make you too shy to speak in some surroundings or even you need extra time to express your thoughts/communication. How we combat this now is to not be hampered by technicalities, and admitting mistakes when we make them – through this, we grow and we move forward.

Chiron In The Fourth House

Also known as “the black sheep” placement, Chiron in the 4th House suggests an insecure early family life and that even now some feelings of abandonment persist with you. You’re likely to have a lot of time for other people, a lot of empathy, and care deeply because of this.

Being “the black sheep” is your strength here – being different makes you a powerhouse, and you thrive better in environments that don’t necessarily promote this “status quo” mentality. You have a lot of love, to offer and deservedly so, especially for yourself.

Chiron In The Fifth House

Do you get “deflated” quite quickly? This placement is deffo about taking the attention from your creativity, and that’s not going to do you any good. What you need is healthy boundaries with others without cutting them off completely. That way, if folks tell you that you can’t do something, knowing full well that you can, it doesn’t have the impact on you that it used to.

Chiron In The Sixth House

This is very much a “health” placement – either you’re obsessed with it, or have unfortunately been impacted by ill health or accidents that continue to show up today in some small way. The key to this placement is realizing that your body changes every day, that days are long, and instead of constantly thinking in the desperate “now”, you need to give yourself room for progress and growth. It’s also about working with your medical professional team to meet your goals together, so the burden is less for you to carry.

Chiron In The Seventh House

This placement shows us our relationships as a means for enabling healing. Did your parents split up, or were they distant from each other emotionally? It’s important to understand here that if we are still holding on to this belief that we can’t have long-lasting relationships, we’ll just keep recreating the same cycle over and over again.

If you’re someone who is “always single”, then it’s likely that your parents never demonstrated what a good healthy relationship looks like, so why would you know any better?

Another key here with this placement is learning how to communicate effectively for yourself, and finding a balance for yourself too – you’re an individual, just because you have a partner it doesn’t mean you are one person.

Chiron In The Eighth House

An empathic, psychic placement, with an ability for overwhelm due to it. Is it that you get a lot of folks trauma dumping on you? And with Chiron in the 8th, not only are rebirths and actual births a big theme for you, but deaths too.

Death being a natural part of life’s cycle, albeit a really hard one, you may find yourself bombarded with other people’s deaths and the grieving process. Being an “all-or-nothing” individual, balance is key for you here; don’t overdo it in some areas to neglect other areas.

Chiron In The Ninth House

Chiron in the 9th is a reminder that being the eternal student of life should be a joy, and not bring extra unnecessary pressures and stresses. Strong beliefs need to find the right channel to provide balance to your life, and it is okay to let go of those that no longer serve you. Sometimes, what others believe may not be 100% right and it’s fine to leave the situation – again, this placement reminds us to find our balance.

Chiron In The Tenth House

If you’ve felt a lot of rejection in your childhood, Chiron in the 10th presents a strong desire to “prove” your self-worth, and feeds into a need for status. How you can work in this space is by accepting who you are as an individual, you don’t need to constantly “prove” yourself. Instead, find a career that aligns with your values and allows you to express your uniqueness without conforming. Don’t feel that you have to constantly improve the lives of those around you if it is to your own detriment.

Chiron In The Eleventh House

Chiron in the 11th may indicate an alienation from your peers, from friendships, and feeling like an outsider in large groups. Do you notice feelings of discomfort around your people? Please know that you have a great capacity for leadership, because you recognise more than most that we are connected to everyone and everything. Find what your “special thing” in this life is for you, and work with this.

Chiron In The Twelfth House

Chiron in the 12th is big introvert energy. Don’t shut yourself off from others, especially if you need help. You’re probably familiar with psychic ability and strong emotional intelligence, so know that you can help others if you utilise these gifts, but maintain strong boundaries when utilising them.

chiron in the zodiac astrological signs

Chiron In Aries

This is a placement where there are often feelings of scattered identity. Like who am I? What does it mean to be me? How can I express myself in the way I want to in this world? This wound is of self-discovery, and how to be a confident individual.

For this, finding your own voice is important, because it’s okay to be different from others – there isn’t just one way of being, and you have so much value. You are exactly who you need to be in the world, don’t ever let anyone tell you differently.

Chiron In Taurus

Here lies another placement that can present with long-standing feelings of worthlessness. You may have felt that you never got enough of something growing up, that you had gone without and that may have been material yes but also physical, spiritual and emotional.

Underfilled and undernourished. This natal placement reminds you to focus on your own personal desires, and not feel ashamed for speaking up. Your sense of self-worth will come from within, so don’t seek it from others.

As a transit, I’d have to say what’s most important to tackle is looking beyond quick fixes for your inner needs, such as shopping when we feel like crap, or dieting because we don’t like our bodies. What you could try instead would be to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself, nurturing all your needs.

Chiron In Gemini

Chiron in Gemini can show us wounds surrounding our ability to communicate effectively. This may come from being silenced, not feeling heard or understood by those around us growing up. It wouldn’t surprise me if you moved around a lot as a kid, or you struggled with languages.

It’s important for those with this placement to find their voice and express themselves creatively, whether through art, music or writing. Don’t be afraid to speak up and share your thoughts and ideas, as they are valuable and deserve to be heard. Chiron in Gemini is a reminder that there are many ways to communicate. You should take some time and list the things you are very knowledgeable about.

This will give you more confidence. You should spend time researching. You could practice speaking or writing in order to communicate your ideas. Chiron’s gift here should be used to broaden your horizons in ways you didn’t think was possible.

Chiron In Cancer

Cancer is a sign known for its emotional depth and sensitivity, so having Chiron in this placement can heighten these qualities. Your deep wound or trauma was caused by a familial wound and dates back to your early years. It usually belongs to the mother, although it can sometimes belong to the father.

Feeling mistreated, neglected, abandoned, and undernourished is the main hurt. Many people have deep-rooted emotions of alienation and loneliness, which are typically the result of inadequate nurturing throughout childhood.

This wound manifests itself in several ways, such as the desire to be in relationships with unachievable individuals (which exacerbates feelings of unlovability) or the inability to be open and communicative in relationships due to fear of losing the nurturing that was never provided from a younger age.

Additionally, you could notice that you overindulge in providing care for other people—almost as if you’re overcompensating—and that you constantly seek out emotional affirmation and attention. There is a persistent sense of emptiness, and the painful breakups that result from relationships that ultimately fail owing to a lack of transparency and communication are incredibly life-altering. You can feel as though you’ve lost a piece of yourself and are at a loss on what to do in the world.

To receive the love, affection, and appreciation you didn’t receive enough of when you were younger, you can behave quite differently around family members. More self-acceptance, self-love, and practice not overcompensating to fit in with others’ circles are exactly what you need. “Not everyone deserves a seat at your table” is a saying that, in this instance, is VERY accurate. You must fill this void or hole within yourself with self-improvement, love, and care.

Be proud of your own accomplishments. If you could have a conversation with your younger self, what would you say? Individuals who successfully heal this wound—which takes time, but is well worth the effort—tend to be the most devoted, compassionate individuals in the world.

Chiron In Leo

People with Chiron in Leo believe their gifts have gone unnoticed. You could feel uncomfortable or untalented, or you might feel that you never had the chance to shine. It’s possible that they were suppressed as children or were pressured to perform by their family, which is why they struggle to show their own abilities.

You possess the ability to inspire others to express their own creativity. Chiron in Leo people need to rediscover their creative side and connect with their inner child in order to help get beyond these emotions. Playing creatively with your own kids or enrolling in an engaging programme might be beneficial. It’s the untapped promise, just under the surface.

Chiron In Virgo

With Chiron in Virgo, which modern astrologer’s say actually rule this sign, you likely have a wound that involves precision, perfectionism, or the need for control. You may have felt like you needed to be perfect in order to be loved and accepted growing up.

This can lead to feelings of constant self-criticism and a fear of failure. A reminder hun that it’s okay to make mistakes and not everything has to be perfect. Positively, there is mutual understanding between Virgo and Chiron. It’s possible that you could heal not just others but even yourselves.

Engaging in volunteer work or employment in the medical field might assist you in cultivating a practical healing strategy and transitioning to a holistic approach, enabling you to treat the full individual.

Chiron In Libra

Chiron in Libra asks us to look at our relationships and partnerships for balance. It’s not codependency, it’s interdependence and finding the middle ground between taking care of ourselves and caring for others.

With this placement, you may have experienced a traumatic or unbalanced relationship dynamic in your childhood. This could lead to seeking out partners who are not good for us, or feeling like we always need to be in a relationship to feel complete.

Learning how to establish boundaries, communicate effectively, and assert ourselves in relationships is key to healing this wound. Additionally, finding balance in all areas of our lives and not relying on others for our self-worth can also be a part of the healing process.

Chiron In Scorpio

Scorpio is known for its intensity, depth, and passion, so having Chiron in this placement can magnify those qualities even more. The wound here is often related to power dynamics and control, whether it was experienced in childhood or later on in life. It can manifest as a fear of intimacy, vulnerability, and losing control.

This placement asks us to confront our deepest wounds and traumas, which can be a difficult but necessary process for healing. By facing these fears head-on and learning to trust others, we can heal and transform into more resilient individuals. Areas like grief and financial stress are where Chiron in Scorpio folks are masters.

Chiron In Sagittarius

Chiron in Sagittarius’ wound is often related to belief systems and ideology. People with Chiron in Sagittarius are indicative of a break with traditions or spiritual teachings that may cause pain. Life may seem like one long continuous spiritual crisis.

You may decide that atheism or fundamentalism is what is right for them. Two different extremes. You may have grown up feeling like your beliefs and values were not respected or valued by those around you. This could manifest as a lack of confidence in expressing yourself or even exploring different philosophies and perspectives.

The key to healing this wound is through expanding your worldview and learning to integrate new experiences from different cultures and travel. This allows you to form your own beliefs and values that align with your true self.

Chiron In Capricorn

People with Chiron in Capricorn may have experienced a lack of stability or structure growing up, which has resulted in feelings of unworthiness and fear of failure. You may feel like you constantly need to prove yourself, that you’ve been ignored and disregarded – and this can then look like workaholic behaviour.

How to combat all this would be to build a strong foundation and feel secure in one’s abilities. You may need to learn how to balance work and play, and recognize that self-worth is not solely based on career success. Embracing your family roots and traditions can also bring healing, as well as learning to value yourself for who you are rather than what you achieve.

Chiron In Aquarius

Aquarians are known for their eccentricity and uniqueness, so it’s no surprise that those with Chiron in Aquarius may feel like they don’t fit in or struggle to find a sense of belonging. This could stem from feeling rejected by peers or society growing up, leading to feelings of isolation and detachment.

Healing comes through embodying your own quirks and individuality, by celebrating the expression of individuality, and by engaging with people whose interests and viewpoints are outside of your own.

Chiron In Pisces

Those with Chiron in Pisces are perpetually in crisis. Nothing minor ever affects this combination; this is a catastrophe of a global magnitude. This mixture in a person could be driven crazy by spiritual or theological problems. You might be susceptible to drug abuse or despair. You could think your trust in the cosmos has faded. Even if there is no justification for your feelings, you could feel guilty. You could also quite often pretend to be the victim.

You make an effort to assist individuals in need since you do have an instinctive capacity to draw those who are struggling. You require more clarification than most. Life might appear cruel when betrayal and disillusionment occur. You have to understand that things do occasionally have a purpose?

By looking into your issues with a pragmatic attitude, people could discover more depth and kinship with you. Something positive about this placement is the pride you feel when you have used your gifts to help others, and the impact you have is certainly noteworthy.

Chiron Aspects

For any planet and how they aspect Chiron can display crazy different tendencies, so i’ve broken it down a little for you here:

  • In Opposition it’s a metaphorical tug of war between these energies, and can feel like you’re caught in the middle of the two variances
  • In Conjunction with Chiron would suggest an emphasis on this energy combination in your chart
  • Square to Chiron suggests tension and blocks related to the energies involved
  • Trine aspect shows a harmonious blending of these two energies, helping them work together more easily
  • Sextile is similar to trine, but may require some conscious effort to make use of this energy combination effectively
  • Quindecile shows a preoccupation with this energy combination, potentially leading to an obsessive or compulsive focus on it
  • Quincunx or Inconjunct suggests that these energies may need some adjustments in order to work together harmoniously. These aspects often involve making sacrifices and compromising in order to find balance (the most challenging I’ve come across for this would be an unsurprising Mars Qx Chiron haha!).

Chiron in Retrograde

When Chiron goes retrograde, we absolutely have to fill our own cup first. This is where we acknowledge there are genuine problems in our lives, and that avoidance will be our downfall. The key for this timing is that for ourselves to “go direct” then we must work on fixing our crumbling foundations, for how else are we to aid and support others in their healing?

Chiron retrograde in our natal charts provide us with the notion that if you don’t take Chiron’s lessons to heart, you can unwittingly do harm to someone else the way you were harmed (look to the sign and house to see the description in more depth). Chiron in Aries for example would suggest from someone’s natal chart that they’ve struggled with identity throughout their life, but with a natal retrograde Chiron in Aries it may show that you’ve struggled with self-awareness of identity insecurities. Chiron in Gemini natal folks may have struggled with communication, language, and being heard, whereas a Retrograde Chiron in Gemini may indicate an unawareness of your own ability to communicate, and think that everyone else is the problem (or you feel alienated from everyone else speaking their own language, if that makes sense).

By creating space for yourself during a Chiron retrograde transit, you highlight that you are not your pain or your wounds or your traumas, but you are an alchemical healer who knows not only how to respond to your pains, but to later turn them into your strengths too. The retrograde are usually a multi-month process, giving you time to work through and get help where you need it.

The next dates that Chiron is retrograde are as follows:

  • July 26th to December 29th 2024 (Aries)
  • July 30th 2025 to January 2nd 2026 (Aries)
  • August 3rd 2026 to January 6th 2027 (Taurus to Aries)
  • August 8th 2027 to January 10th 2028 (Taurus)

We have some time before the next retrograde happens, but it’s always a good idea to be aware of the energies at play and how they may affect us. It’s also important to remember that retrogrades are not necessarily negative, but rather a time for introspection and reflection. Take this time to focus on your own healing journey and address any deep emotional wounds that may have been suppressed. So, use this opportunity to utilise shadow work, to grow, and evolve into a stronger version of yourself.

So now you know that Chiron is more than just a mythical figure or a bit of space rock – Chiron lessons really pack a horsekick. Until next time xox

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