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Blowing Cinnamon; The Monthly Witchy Way To Invite In Money, Success & Luck

Last Updated: September 25, 2023

Welcome witches to our piece on the powerful, magickal AF tradition of blowing cinnamon into your house doorway at the beginning of each month. It makes me laugh because it usually comes with zero context? 

Like… is that it? This simple yet effective ritual has been practiced by many different cultures and it is believed to bring in abundance, prosperity, and good luck, so it’s my aim today to share wtf is it all about, and why you should take a minute every month to pop a little extra luck & magick into your weeks ahead!

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Cinnamon Correspondences and Spiritual Benefits

When we see Cinnamon, it’s usually in it’s stick form. This is because it is bark from a specific evergreen tree, that is peeled from the tree and left to dry organically in the Sun, curling it and giving it that specific stick shape. You can also buy it in a ground format, and it works just as well (if not even better) for your first of the month rituals!

Let’s get into Cinnamon (Cinnamomum verum) as a spice for all the good stuff. It is ruled by the planet Mars, the element of Fire, the colours red gold and brown, associated with Aries and deities like Apollo, Jupiter, Thor, Oya, Ra, and Athena.

Magickally, Cinnamon is used for protection in terms of energetic cleansing due to it’s antibacterial properties, but also money, success, healing, love, and purification. It’s known amongst my fellow witches to enhance their psychic abilities and guard against negative energy (we always pop it in our coffees or our teas).

Plus it smells incredible! It’s got such an autumnal vibe to it for me, but I know it makes others think of winter, so it’s perfect for seasonal witch holidays too.

15 Benefits of Cinnamon:

  1. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Boosts brain function and memory
  3. Regulates blood sugar levels
  4. Helps fight off infections and illnesses
  5. Acts as a natural pain reliever
  6. Reduces the risk of heart disease
  7. Aids in digestion and relieves bloating
  8. Contains cancer-fighting properties
  9. Supports healthy skin and hair
  10. Promotes weight loss and metabolism boost
  11. Improves blood circulation
  12. Strengthens the immune system
  13. Reduces menstrual pain and cramps
  14. Contains anti-aging properties
  15. Enhances mood and fights depression

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Blowing Cinnamon In History and Origins

Ancient Egyptians offer us a lot in magick, and whilst Cinnamon as an incense ingredient from their kyphi recipes is key to most modern magick involving money spells and protection, it’s believed by the Encyclopaedia Britannica that cinnamon originates from the bushy evergreen trees of the laurel family (Lauraceae) native to the Malabar Coast of India, Sri Lanka (Ceylon) Bangladesh and Myanmar (Burma). It was imported to Egypt approx 2000BCE but then trade routes were kept secret so that supplies could be maintained without sabotage or piracy. The Egyptians were the first documented folks to use it for magickal purposes.

We can find cinnamon cassia in a poem by Sappho (700BCE) and Herodotus wrote that cinnamon (along with Myrrh and Labdanum) grew in a space protected by “winged serpents”. When Emperor Nero’s wife Poppaea “Ollia” Sabina died in 65CE, he burned a years worth of a city supply of cinnamon for her funeral. From Pliny the Elder mentioning it as a flavouring for wine, to modern-day Christmas Markets where you get sticks in your gluhwein for celebrations, cinnamon is featured heavily throughout history with so many favour and as a symbol of value.

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Blowing Cinnamon In Your Doorway

Blowing Cinnamon in your doorway at the start of the month or on a new moon may be a superstition to some but it’s something I love to do. The colour red is often linked with money and prosperity, and so when we blow cinnamon in the doorway, it symbolises that you are inviting abundance into your home.

Plus, the sweet smell of cinnamon lingers creating a warm, inviting atmosphere. This is a great one to try because you don’t need to live in a house; you can be in a trailer or an apartment or even a tent! It’s about inviting this energy to where you are, as opposed to a fixed location.

All you need is some ground cinnamon, dress in something red, and your front door and back door. You stand in front of it, with the door open and look at the cinnamon in your palms. Visualise what you would like to manifest in the upcoming month. It can be anything from financial success, love and relationships, health or career goals. It can be something as simple as your next bill being paid without debt. Take a deep breath and blow the cinnamon into your doorway while keeping your intention in mind.

You can also use this ritual as a form of protection by visualising the cinnamon forming a protective barrier around your home, keeping out any negative energy for you and your loved ones.

And no, I don’t hoover it up afterwards!

Blowing Cinnamon Into Your House

Homes are always associated with hearths, and that warmth, that’s why I love the symbolism of Cinnamon and what it represents. What you’re essentially doing is welcoming prosperity into your home, in a warm and loving manner. If you have a hearth (or fire place), then use this as an opportunity to light some candles there, heat up some mulled wine or cider with cinnamon sticks even.

  • Start by opening all the windows in your home to allow any stagnant energy to escape.
  • Ground yourself and meditate in front of your hearth or lighted candles. Imagine a warm, golden light glowing from within you.
  • Take a Cinnamon stick (or ground cinnamon if that’s what you have) and walk around the outside perimeter of your house, starting at the front door. As you walk, imagine the cinnamon stick spreading golden light and positive energy throughout your home.
  • When you feel ready, blow the cinnamon into your house to seal in all that positive. You can choose to make a statement of intent right now, or you can just stick with your visualisation if you only have the time.
  • Once you have completed a full circle around the outside of your home, stand in front of the hearth or candles again. Take some deep breaths and visualize your home filled with warmth, love, and prosperity.

Blowing Cinnamon + First Of The Month

This is similar to the previous ritual, but instead of doing it on a new moon or at random times, we set a specific date. The first of the month is always a great time for fresh starts and new beginnings. And what better way to welcome in all that positivity than with cinnamon?

  • On the morning of the first of the month, open all your windows and let the fresh air come in.
  • Brew a cup of cinnamon tea to sip on while you perform this ritual. Add a slice of fresh orange, or some fresh grated ginger into this for bonus prosperity purposes.
  • Start at your front door and work your way clockwise around your home, blowing cinnamon into each room. Take deep breaths and visualise golden light filling each room with positivity and abundance.
  • When you reach back to your front door, close it behind you. Take a moment to appreciate the energy you have invited into your home, and enjoy that cup of cinnamon tea.
  • Burn some more incense or diffuse some essential oils with cinnamon throughout your home for an extra boost of prosperity energy.

Whether you believe in the magickal properties of Cinnamon or not, there is no denying its rich history and symbolism in many cultures, so if you have specific ancestral connections with a culture then why not research what it means for your background?

Blowing Cinnamon + New Moon Cycles

For those who follow lunar cycles and perform rituals on the new moon, incorporating cinnamon into your ritual can bring added benefits. The new moon is a time for setting intentions and manifesting goals, so blowing cinnamon in your doorway, onto your altar or out to the universe during this time can amplify these intentions and attract abundance into your life.

Here’s a simple ritual to try:

  1. Gather your supplies: ground cinnamon, red candle, paper and pen.
  2. Light a red candle on your altar or sacred space.
  3. Write down your intentions for the month on the paper using the cinnamon with the ink.
  4. Hold the paper in front of you and visualize your intentions coming to life.
  5. Take a deep breath and blow the cinnamon onto your intentions, infusing them with positive energy.
  6. Place the paper under your candle, letting it burn and release the energy into the universe.
  7. Close your ritual with a gratitude meditation or prayer.

What Do I Say When Blowing Cinnamon Into My Home?

With your cinnamon in hand, stand in front of your front door and say a simple incantation such as:

“As I blow this cinnamon into my home, I invite abundance here to roam.

May success, luck, and prosperity flow, and good fortune find me wherever I go.”

You could try affirmations like: “I’m excited for all the luck that is headed my way” or “I am open to receiving abundance and prosperity in my life”. The key is to believing that what you are saying will manifest when you speak it. That’s why we do this ritual with a positive mindset and an open heart, and minimize doubt wherever we can.

You can also create your own personalized incantation or simply state your intentions as you blow, and even though I’m not religious I personally mention “with harm to none, and coming to me from only positive places” to feel a little extra safety and reassurance in the practice of pragmatic witchery.

What If I Missed The First Of The Month?

Don’t worry if you missed the first of the month! You can still incorporate cinnamon blowing into your new moon or full moon rituals, or choose a specific day each month that holds significance for you. The most important thing is to keep your intentions clear and focused as you blow the cinnamon, inviting abundance and success into your life.

You could also make bigger plans for the following month, and just try to minimize worry about finances and luck in the interim with different spells. Why not create a spell jar, or work with other herbs & spices in the meantime?

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What If I Am Allergic to Cinnamon, or I Have Pets?

If you have allergies or pets in the house, you may want to skip this practice or find an alternative method of inviting abundance into your space. Some suggestions could be drawing a cinnamon stick, sprinkling cinnamon powder on a candle and lighting it when no one is home, or even simply visualizing the energy of cinnamon flowing through your home. According to PetMD, it’s not toxic to cats and dogs, but if you are ever unsure then speak with your medical professional team who can offer you

Does Cinnamon Clean The Air, like Sage?

Cinnamon does not have the same cleansing properties as common sage, but it does have its own unique benefits for purifying and scenting the air. Cinnamon contains a compound called cinnamaldehyde which has antibacterial, antiviral, and antifungal properties. This means that when cinnamon is burned or diffused into the air, it can help to eliminate harmful bacteria and viruses while also reducing mould and mildew. Additionally, the warm, comforting scent of cinnamon can help to eliminate odours and create a cozy atmosphere in your home.

If you are looking for natural ways to purify the air in your home, some other options include:

  • Using essential oils like eucalyptus, tea tree, or peppermint in a diffuser or air purifier.
  • Keeping indoor plants that have air-purifying properties, such as spider plants, snake plants, and peace lilies.
  • Using natural cleaning products that do not contain harsh chemicals.
  • Opening windows and doors to let in fresh air regularly.
  • Use cinnamon sticks on your house plants to deter flies and fungus
  • Use cinnamon powder on your plant leaves if you notice mildew/mould settling in, just make sure to wipe clean and wet the leaves first so that the ground cinnamon can stick to it

Washing Hands With Cinnamon Ritual

Cinnamon is a powerful ingredient in spells and magick, known for its ability to attract abundance, prosperity, and success. It can be used in various ways such as burning it as incense, sprinkling it around your home or adding it to charm bags or spell jars. One unique way to incorporate cinnamon into your witchy routine is by using it in a ritual when washing your hands.

To perform this ritual, you only need ground cinnamon and some hand soap. As you wash your hands, visualize all negative energy, obstacles, and blockages being washed away with the soap suds. Then sprinkle a pinch of cinnamon onto your palms and rub them together, visualizing the sweet and spicy scent of cinnamon filling your hands with abundance and prosperity. As you lightly rinse your hands, imagine all that is good and positive being attracted to you as the water washes away any negativity. Give thanks and share intention with the universe as you normally would!

This ritual can be performed whenever you feel like you need a boost of luck and positive energy. It’s also a great way to start your month if you don’t want to blow in ground cinnamon through doorways and windows.

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How To Customize Your Blowing Cinnamon Ritual

Some of us don’t want a quick and easy spell. Some of us like grandeur, and personalisation, and… well, “the more you put into it, the more you get out of it” may be your manifesto! I didn’t want to leave you without a little inspiration to tickle your creativity here, so here are some ideas for customizing your ritual:

Cinnamon + Herb/Spice/Plant combinations

Combine these when blowing on the first, either grind them up or brew them into a special incense blend!

  • Cinnamon + Bay Leaves (success and victory)
  • Cinnamon + Basil (prosperity and abundance)
  • Cinnamon + Cloves (luck, protection, and prosperity)
  • Cinnamon + Rosemary (cleansing and purification)
  • Cinnamon + Nutmeg (prosperity and good luck)

Timing combinations:

  • New moon: Set intentions for the upcoming month, focusing on new beginnings and growth.
  • Full moon: Amplify your intentions and manifest abundance in all areas of your life.
  • On a Friday (ruled by Venus): Focus on love, beauty, and harmony in relationships or attracting material possessions.
  • On a Thursday (ruled by Jupiter): Focus on abundance, success, and good fortune in career and business.

Blowing Cinnamon Intentional Affirmations:

Repeat an affirmation or mantra while blowing the cinnamon, such as “I am open to receiving abundance and prosperity,” or “I attract success and good luck into my life.” You could also use affirmations specific to your goals or intentions, such as “I am financially stable and secure,” or “I am surrounded by love and positivity.”

Incorporating these elements into your blowing cinnamon ritual can make it even more powerful and personal.

Places/Spaces other than Home:

  • Your Shop or Business: Much like blowing through your doorway at home, this one is more geared towards the Bosswitches who are looking to give their businesses a boost. While holding the cinnamon, visualize yourself being surrounded by abundance and prosperity as you take inventory of your accomplishments with this space.
  • Place of education or study: Whether it’s a classroom, library, or your personal study space, use this ritual to attract success and good luck in your academic pursuits.
  • Your Car: For those who spend a lot of time on the road, blowing cinnamon into your car can help invite abundance and prosperity into your work commute or travels. Visualize yourself arriving safely at your destinations and attracting financial success through any adventures you get started on.
  • Place of worship: If you have a special place of worship, such as a temple or church, visit during a quiet time and perform the ritual there. Connect with your spiritual beliefs and ask for blessings on your intentions.

The important aspect of any spell or ritual is your intention and focus. So even if you don’t have all the ingredients or can’t perform it in a specific place, as long as your intention is clear and your focus is strong, the ritual will still be effective. Happy manifesting! End of document

As with any spiritual practices, it’s important to always do what feels right for you and respects the beliefs of others. Use these suggestions as inspiration, and if you plan to consume cinnamon check that you’re not allergic beforehand (and speak with a medical professional if you are pregnant or highly sensitive) and always use it in moderation.

The power is within you, and rituals are just tools to help guide and amplify your intentions. Happy manifesting lovely witches!


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