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Introducing The Mirror Tarot: A Twist on Tarot For Inner Reflection and Introspection

Last Updated: January 9, 2024

Welcome to The Mirror Tarot, a unique tarot experience that turns the tables on the traditional practice of divination. Here, the cards don’t just tell a story—they ask the questions that lead you to write your own.

Twisted away from seeking answers, you are prompted to ask yourself the critical questions that you might not have considered asking. It is an exercise in introspection, an invitation to a dialogue with your own soul. The “Mirror” practice of tarot is perfect for Shadow Work.

When the cards ask you about your fears, your hopes, and your truths, they are also guiding you towards your own solutions—solutions that have been waiting within you, perhaps unrecognized or unacknowledged. Tarot is your catalyst for change, a tool that does not predetermine your fate, but empowers you to shape it.

To help you experiment with this concept, I have prepared some questions for you already with the purpose to help you shape out the sort of things tarot ask you. These ones link up exactly to what the cards keywords, upright and reversed, but different decks artwork and symbolism will call to you in different ways, and it is best to work with your intuition than build on unnecessary self-doubt.

So, shuffle the deck, draw a card, and let the questions guide you to the answers that have been within you all along. It’s time to ask not what the tarot can reveal to you, but what you can discover about yourself or your situation through the tarot.

The Fool

  •  “What new experiences are you being called to explore with an open heart and mind?”
  •   “Where might you be acting recklessly or overlooking important details in your eagerness for the new?”

The Magician

  •  “Which of your talents are ready to be utilized, and how can you work towards the manifesting of your goals?”
  •   “In what areas of your life are you not living up to your full potential due to self-doubt or external distractions?”

The High Priestess

  •  “What hidden knowledge are you ready to uncover within yourself?”
  •   “Where are you ignoring your intuition and how can you tune in to your inner voice more closely?”

The Empress

  •  “How can you embrace a sense of abundance and nurture growth in your life?”
  •   “In what ways are you experiencing creative blocks or a disconnection from nature?”

The Emperor

  •  “What area of your life is calling for structure and authority?”
  •   “Where might an overly rigid approach be hindering your progress?”

The Hierophant

  • “In what ways can tradition and conventional beliefs support your journey?”
  • “How might conventional wisdom be limiting you, and where could you benefit from a more unconventional approach?”

The Lovers

  •  “What important relationship decision are you facing, and what values are guiding your choice?”
  •   “Where are you experiencing disharmony in your relationships, and what compromises are needed to restore a balance?”

The Chariot

  •  “What goals are you driving toward, and what can you do to maintain focus and momentum?”
  •   “Where in your life are you experiencing a lack of direction or control, and how can you regain your path?”


  •  “How can you use gentle fortitude and inner strength to overcome obstacles?”
  •   “Where might you be expressing anger or impatience rather than showing compassion?”

The Hermit

  •  “In what ways should you seek solitude to find the answers you’re looking for?”
  •   “Where might you be isolating yourself too much, and how can you seek meaningful connections?”

Wheel of Fortune

  •  “How can you be open to the cycles of change currently present in your life?”
  •   “Where are you resisting the natural flow of life’s events, and how can you let go of the need to control?”


  •  “What actions can you take to create balance and fairness in your current situation?”
  •   “Where might there be an imbalance or unfairness in your life that needs to be addressed?”

The Hanged Man

  •  “In what area of your life could a new perspective be beneficial?”
  •   “Where are you feeling stuck, and what can you release in order to move forward?”

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  •  “What transformation is taking place for you, signaling the end of one phase and the start of another?”
  •   “What are you holding onto that you need to let go of for your personal growth?”


  •  “How can you find a more balanced and moderate approach to your current circumstances?”
  •   “In what areas of your life is there excess or lack of harmony, and what adjustments can be made?”

The Devil

  •  “What dependencies or materialistic issues are you currently facing?”
  •   “Where might you be feeling trapped or restricted by your own choices, and how can you break free?”

The Tower

  •  “What structures in your life are breaking down, and how can this lead to greater self-awareness?”
  •   “Where are you experiencing denial or avoiding necessary change?”

The Star

  •  “Where can you find hope and inspiration in your current situation?”
  •   “In what ways might you be feeling disconnected from hope, and how can you regain faith?”

The Moon

  •  “What fears or illusions are you ready to confront in your journey toward clarity?”
  •   “Where are you allowing confusion or fear to prevent you from seeing the truth?”

The Sun

  •  “What aspects of your life are currently filled with joy and vitality?”
  •   “Where might you be overlooking the simple pleasures and positive aspects of your life?”


  •  “In what ways can you evaluate your past experiences to make a rebirth into a new phase?”
  •   “Where are you being too harsh in judging yourself or others, and how can you release old grievances?”

The World

  •  “How can you celebrate your accomplishments and the sense of completion you’ve achieved?”
  •   “Where might you be feeling incomplete, and what final steps are required to reach fulfillment?”

We love to use tarot for introspection, but from the Mirror viewpoint it asks us not just of our present situation but also our future self too. What do we want for ourselves? How can we build on where we are at now? 

Where can you provide grace and kindness for yourself to make that journey easier? There are so many ways you can look to the cards, and use them in a card a day practice, but building on the Mirror vantage point you’ll also be building on your relationship with self, once again using tarot as the method and not the answer. 

Until next time xox


I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

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