"Resurrection Oracle" deck review

Last Updated: March 4, 2024

The “Resurrection Oracle” by Jena Dellagrottaglia is released April 2nd 2024. Focusing on some important milestones in life’s journey, this deck encourages you to intuitively face the emotions and the circumstances around the tiny moments of metamorphosis in our daily lives. Described as a deck to aid us during times of resurrection, this artwork can be used as a tool for daily inspiration and motivation.

Jena Dellagrottaglia (Human Spirit Oracle Deck and Healing Heart Oracle Deck) is a fantasy digital artist from New York, known for her unique illustrations inspired by the dark side of nature and digital art combinations. 

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the lament card

Guidebook: Over 100 pages including cleansing tips, card spreads and affirmations per card.

  • Artwork: By Jena who you can see their work over on Instagram
  • Inclusivity: Black, white, asian, native and folks from different ages all feature in the artwork, but I don’t recall seeing any Male/AMAB/Masc artwork in the cards.
  • Environmental Impact: TBC; Printed & Bound in China. (No charitable mentions) HOWEVER the deck does come with a free digital app, to encourage further practice.

resurrection oracle guidebook

Unique Deck Points

The gorgeous digital artwork combines nature and almost fairytale-esque designs with people in moments of metamorphosis. The deck focuses on the concept of rebuilding “after the event” and encourages us to embody changes, no matter how small or big it may seem, and the guidebook presents tips and advice for each card (such as not touching your head when you wake from dreams, and keeping a dream journal to help remember them). 

One unique aspect is the inclusion of various ethnicities in the artwork, representing a diverse range of individuals on their personal journeys.

gilded card side

The Downside of the Deck

This is not the type of deck that needs reversals, in my opinion. Yes, all life’s experiences provide shadow moments (in our selves or our environments) but these cards focus on bringing the light back in. Sooo I would suggest using them with a simple tarot spread or intuitively picking one for daily advice.

The combination of nature, fantasy and human elements creates a beautiful and magickal world that captures the imagination. Dellagrottaglia’s unique style and attention to detail make each card a work of art, making it not only a useful oracle deck but also a beautiful addition to any collection, I just hope there is a continuation of representation in future decks – including masculine presenting folk.

cardback illustration

My Favourite Card

“Joyful Moments”. The artwork is beautiful, the model on the card stunning, and the message behind it encourages us to wear our joy as a beauty method, to build on joy in our lives with those we adore. We are encouraged to laugh and find these happy moments, how the dopamine and oxytocin makes a massive difference to our well-being and holistic health.

Why I Love This Deck

This deck isn’t really telling you about your experiences, it’s sharing that experiences you grow through (willingly or not) is a reminder to feel what you need to feel, and that all of your experiences are validated, real, and that it’s for you to come to integrate into the rest of your life.

I feel that those who would love this deck are those who going through their own metamorphosis in life – whether newly single and finding yourself again, or someone who has just moved to a new city… this deck can aid with the journey to self-discovery. The artwork is beautiful and captivating, while the guidebook provides thoughtful insights and guidance. 

Overall, this deck serves as a reminder to embrace change and trust in the process of personal growth and transformation. It’s a great tool for self-reflection and inspiration over a season or over a day.

the arrival card

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I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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