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Lilith Tarot Spread - Connecting with the dark goddess Lilith

Last Updated: February 11, 2023

Lilith is often portrayed as the dark devious feminine. Stories, myths, and archaeological evidence of her history come all the way from ancient Mesopotamia, also mentioned in both Abrahamic texts and the early bible.

You can always ask Lilith to aid you in enjoying your feminine aspects, even those demonized by the patriarchal society, and seek messages from her as your patron deity whenever she can help. Her messages for you can come through as a card-a-day pull, or from utilizing other divination methods like ceraunomancy or brontomancy, oenomancy or mirror scrying.

Lilith is the perfect goddess for aiding in expression, for assisting in building an assertive and confident life, and for being the advocate for all authenticity and justice.

In this article, we will discuss how to connect with Lilith using a tarot spread designed to help unlock insights from the shadows. We’ll also explore how to use Lilith’s energy in your tarot practice, including ideas for special asteroid astrology, oils, herbs, and drinks.

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Who is Lilith?

A 2500 B.C.E. cuneiform tablet reveals the legend of Inanna, Lilith, and the Hullupu tree. In Jewish texts such as the Book of Zohar, the Alphabet of Sirach, and the Babylonian Talmud, Lilith—who is described as Adam’s first wife—emerges as a seductive demoness after defying him and being forced to escape and leave.

Other later civilizations similarly associate Lilith with concepts of reproduction (she had 100s of thousands of children), miscarriage, sexual night terrors, and motifs of devastation and death. By using earlier entries that were appropriated from Judaism, Catholic Pope Innocent I in 405CE made the deliberate choice not to include Lilith in the Bible as we currently know it.

The Babylonian Talmud from the 5th Century C.E. is reported to describe Lilith in a wild woman archetype sense; rebellious to societal norms, dominant sexual and sensuality, and the Wild Woman archetype which really gained popularity with Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés in her 1992 book “Women Who Run With the Wolves”. You can also read more about what men thought of Lilith in “Midrashic Women: Formations of the Feminine in Rabbinic Literature.” by Judith Baskin.

“I am Lilith” by Melanie Dufty truly brings the emotion out for this incredible figure. It’s one of the books I will always recommend, and trust me when I say it gets to a point where you cannot “un-read” this book.

Who she is really to me, and to many witches, is the leader for female autonomy, the authentic passion seeker, and the advocate for equal rights across all domains.

She is our shadow personified, she is our darker desires weaponized, and she’s been here for us all along.

Lilith and Eve 1963 by Yuri Klapouh

Why Connect with Lilith?

When we are looking for rewilding guidance, there is no one better to lead the way. By understanding and embracing Lilith, we gain access to a wilder aspect of ourselves that can be greater than all the rules written by society. We become more honest, authentic, and powerful being equipped with her fierce energy.

We can discover within us an inner warrior and strength when facing challenges in our lives. Lilith is always there for us to lean on, even when we feel alone. She helps us to liberate our inner power and express ourselves without fear of judgement or criticism. Through Lilith, we can also learn about the importance of boundaries and how to speak up for ourselves in order to be respected.

Lilith is a reminder that not all women are docile, quiet, and sympathetic; she is a reminder that some of us can unleash our inner fire and use it as we see fit to bring positive change into the world. Connecting with her can help us to remember who we really are, and what strength and potential lies within us.

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Lilith Asteroid Astrology

There are many different Lilith aspects in a person’s natal chart, but as part of this Dark Feminine series I am specifically talking about the asteroid 1181. When it comes to interpreting this asteroid, we must keep in mind that Lilith is not always comfortable; she can be difficult at times because her energy often clashes with traditional values. Lilith as an asteroid in astrology symbolizes the fight for equality, symbolized by Angela Davis and the Judgment card in the “Tarot cards of Modern Goddesses” deck.

The placement of this asteroid in the birth chart helps us understand how we interact with our darker desires, power, and autonomy. Lilith reminds us to be honest with ourselves about our needs and desires, as well as our boundaries, and to speak up when it doesn’t match. With her energy in the chart we can gain insight into how we view our sexuality, relationships, and personal power or lack thereof. She also shows us where we need to break free from traditional roles so that we may fully step into our power.

Lilith asks us to be brave enough to explore who we are on the inside, and to find our true power so that we may live an authentic life.

Lilith as Judgment in the "Tarot Cards of Modern Goddesses" deck by Rockpool Publishing

Lilith's Correspondences

Epithets or Also Known by: Succubus, immigrant, demon. Seductress, wild woman, the first woman. Screech owl, Lamia, Adam’s Ex-Wife, Queen of Vampires, Mother of Demons. 

  • Rider Waite Smith tarot cards you’d associate with Lilith include: Queen of Wands, Judgment, The Devil, Strength.
  • Items or times you’d associate with Lilith include: Mirrors, Gardens, Trees, Fire, Wood, Dark Moon, New Moon, Scorpio season, Solstices/Equinoxes, Menstrual blood, Orgasms, Graveyard dirt, and the colours red and black.
  • Animals you’d associate with Lilith include: Owls, Snakes, Black Cats, Bats, Dogs.
  • Food you’d associate with Lilith include: Apples, Rich Food, Sweet Cakes, Red Wine.
  • Herbs, plants and oils you’d associate with Lilith include: Roses, Lillies, Peonies, Sandalwood, Frankincense, Musk
  • Crystals you’d associate with Lilith include: Black Moonstone, Obsidian, Garnet, Carnelian
  • Similar Goddesses, Deities or Divine: The Morrighan, Medusa, Ouranos, Artemis, Rhiannon, Oya, Brigantia, Kali, Baubo, Cathobodua, Prometheus.

Lilith Divination Oil

A divination oil is a great way to connect with Lilith and attune yourself to her energies. You can use the oil to anoint yourself, your deck, your candle, your spellwork, or whatever feels right to you. It can help you connect with them when you are trying to face difficult decisions and receive insight from multiple realms. As with all essential oils during pregnancy and breastfeeding, check with your medical professional team for advice. To make a Lilith divination oil, you will need:

  • 3 drops of Frankincense essential oil
  • 2 drops of Myrrh essential oil
  • 2 drops of Echinacea essential oil
  • 1 drop of Black Pepper essential oil
  • Per 10ml of Carrier Oil Base (can be avocado for sensual purposes, sweet almond or jojoba for hypoallergenic)
  • Sprinkle of Black Peppercorns
  • Sprinkle of Rose thorns
  • Small black tourmaline chips

In a sealed container (like a perfume rollerball) this should last up to 6 months. Creating with the Equinox energy or with a dark moon phase would be great magickal timing, sure, but you can make this whenever you’re ready or feeling called to.

Lilith-themed drink: "The Advocate"

I once read a brutal quote that went along the lines of “only those women with stories to tell drink whiskey” and it was an instant “4Q” from me. Even Haruki Murakami said “Whiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it’s time to drink.”

Whiskey does not make a woman more interesting. She is interesting, regardless of how she looks or what she drinks. Lilith would certainly not tolerate being described in such a way, and neither should you.

If you wanted to create something in her honor, I suggest The Advocate. Hibiscus is known for it’s sexual connotations as well as honey, which is a delight to bring into your own sexual practice if you’re not vegan. Take back the patriarchal whiskey, and don’t let idiots fill your ears with misogynistic comments. Lemon is cleansing, and I’d advise edible flowers like rose petals for self-love or pansies for persistence/endurance to decorate.

You will need:

  • 2 oz good whiskey or honey bourbon
  • 1 oz hibiscus syrup
  • 1 oz fresh lemon juice
  • 1 oz water
  • Edible flowers (optional)
  • Ice & shaker
  1. Combine whiskey, hibiscus syrup, lemon juice, and water in a cocktail shaker.
  2. Fill the shaker with ice and shake well for about 15 seconds.
  3. Strain the mixture into a rocks glass filled with ice.
  4. Garnish with edible flowers, if desired.
  5. Serve and enjoy your Lilith-inspired cocktail!

Note: To make hibiscus syrup, simply boil 1 cup of hibiscus flowers with 1 cup of sugar and 1 cup of water until the sugar has dissolved. Strain the mixture and let it cool before using.

Lilith tarot spread layout & questions to ask

This tarot spread is designed to help you connect with the dark goddess Lilith, and to tap into the energy from either themselves as a deity, the asteroid energy or from the archetype personality. It can be used to find answers in the shadows or to transition through a difficult time. 

Lilith can show you what blocks may cause harm in your life, and how to navigate challenges with an “I’m not taking this lying down” confidence. At the end of your spread, share your gratitude with this energy.

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position in the yearly tarot draw as shown in the below layout.

Place a Lilith card in the centre to focus on their energy: (Queen of Wands/Strength/Judgment/The Devil).

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

*Any affiliate purchases through this program won’t impact you financially and we support these sellers in an unbiased way.*

Lilith Tarot Spread

Tarot card #1: In what ways can I become more independent and liberated for my greater good?

Channeling Lilithian energy, this card will show you suggestions on how to create more autonomy in your life. Here, you’ll get a sense of what needs to change in order to make sure your own needs are met and boundaries aren’t crossed. This may look like embracing your own power and taking action to assert yourself, with The Magician reaffirming your creativity and magick. Or it may be the reversed 5 of Swords, showing you to not let arguments or negativity hold you back.

Tarot card #2: With Lilith's help, how can I work with any repression and blocks?

This card will reveal your greatest insecurities, the ones that often keep us from living our truth and worst-case scenarios for situations. Are there habits or thoughts which hinder your progress? This may come through as the 9 of Wands reversed, suggesting that even when we’re scared, we can still push through. Or perhaps it’s The Moon reversed to warn you of being overly passive and allowing drama or manipulation to take hold instead of taking the wheel.

Tarot card #3: How can I accept feeling more empowered within my sexuality, my sensuality, and connect with my body here in this realm?

This fierce card placement will suggest ways to accept feelings and connection with your whole self, shadow and all. Here, you’ll sense what parts of yourself need to be embraced in order to feel completely alive and free. This may show up as The Lovers reversed, reminding us that we must first love ourselves before expecting others to do the same. Alternatively, it could come through as the 5 of Pentacles, showcasing the importance of self-care to our physical body and it’s needs, as emotionally draining as a process as that can be – it’s a very necessary one.

Tarot card #4: To work with you Lilith, shall I right now focus more on creativity, or my sexuality, shadow work, or on societal change?

This card will present a possible path to creating changes in your life and the world around you. It will give clarity on which of these aspects need more attention right now, as this is what Lilith energy often brings forth. This could be The Star, advising us to use our creative power to manifest our dreams, or it could be a tame Temperance, suggesting moderation and a balanced approach to achieving your goals. Alternatively, it may be The Wheel of Fortune to help you start taking responsibility for the changes you want to see in the world. Societal change may show up as Cups, shadow work as Swords, creative endeavours as Wands, and the physical sexuality representation as Pentacles.

The additional two cards not necessary if you're short on time, but either side of two and four can be for:

Optional card 5. What or how shall I embrace the darker & subconscious aspects of myself to transmute into power?

This card will provide insight into how to work with your shadow sides and use them to your advantage. This could be The Emperor, representing the need for you to step into a place of strength and leadership in order for transformation to take place, and it doesn’t matter what others think of you or your power, you are the only one in charge of you. Or it may be The Hermit reversed, asking that you make time for self-reflection and go within to find the answers you seek. Either way, this card will provide powerful suggestions on how to make sure that your own needs are prioritized and met. Remember, Lilith is a powerful energy of transformation and liberation, so be open to any wisdom that comes through during your tarot reading! Have fun with it and let go of any expectations.

Optional card 6. With an oppressive society and my place in it, how can you, Lilith, aid me in emancipation?

For this card, you’ll want to look for advice on how to break free from societal norms and take back your power. Here, the reversed 5 of Cups may show up as a reminder that it’s ok to mourn what was lost and move forward into something new. Or perhaps it will be The Tower which shows that chaos can bring about a liberating force and that you must take the initiative to create change within yourself. Alternatively, it may be The Hanged Man reversed as an indication to stop resisting and allow yourself to be transformed on all levels – physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional. Trust that Lilith will guide you through this journey towards emancipation!

Try this 4-card Lilith tarot reading below

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Devil card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
Judgement card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The World card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Magician card

Custom Illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Death card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Emperor card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Lovers card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Sun card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The High-Priestess card

Custom Illustration

Shuffle the cards

What to do after this Lilith tarot reading

After you’ve finished a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do in order to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights you gained. Here are some suggestions:

Use a tarot journal to record your findings

Jotting down your thoughts in a tarot journal after reading can be helpful in a few ways. First, it can help you remember the details of your reading later on, such as how you felt at the moment and perhaps your first impressions of what a card meant. Second, it can provide a space for you to process the information you’ve received and explore what it means for you. Third, it can be a way to keep track of your progress over time as you revisit your journal entries and reflect on your journey.

Take a picture of the cards

If you want to remember the position of the cards and what they meant in relation to your questions, take a picture of the spread. This will help you look back on the reading later and review the insights you received. Sometimes, clarity is better acquired after you’ve stepped back from the situation for a little while and had some time to process it.

Some people create Instagram accounts or Pinterest accounts specifically for this, and if you use any of our spreads please tag us @backyardbanshee if you feel comfortable!

Take some time to meditate and reflect

Immediately after a tarot reading, it’s important to take some time to sit with the insights you’ve received. This can be done through proper meditation, visualisation, or simply taking some time to reflect on the reading. It can be helpful to think about what the messages from the cards mean for your life and how you can apply the advice that was given to you. That time can also be used to replenish your energy level and cleanse your tarot deck.

Get a second opinion from a close friend

If you have close friends who also happen to be tarot practitioners, it can be helpful to get their take on your reading. They may be able to offer additional insights or perspectives that you hadn’t considered before. This is also a good way to get feedback on your own interpretation of the cards.

Ensure to ask permission before just blindly sending your cards across in a message and saying “what does this mean to you?” as your friends may not have the energy or have a boundary with this sort of thing – manners cost nothing, and this is especially to note if they are a professional tarot reader who normally gets paid to interpret readings.

Layer your reading with more divination

Why not try adding astrology dice or a pendulum reading to your tarot session? Your intuition will guide you on how to best use these tools, but they can be helpful in providing more clarity around the messages from your tarot reading. We have lots of methods for you to utilise here on the website.

Do the same reading a month later

This is a great way to check in on your progress and see how far you’ve come. It can also be helpful in understanding the cyclical nature of our lives and how our current situation is likely to change over time. This can be especially useful if you’re struggling with a decision or trying to figure out which path to take as to offer suggestions, provide perspective and encourage your confidence to move forward.

At the end of the day, tarot readings are meant to be a helpful tool, not a replacement for your own intuition. The best way to use tarot is to combine the insights you receive with your own understanding of the situation. Trust your gut and follow your heart—the answers you’re looking for will come.

It is my hope that these tarot spreads on my website help you with clarity and articulate whatever is going on. Let me know what you think of this tarot spread in the comments below and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

Lilith correspondences and lilith tarot spread

I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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