Lilith in Exile

Serpent Hiss: Recognizing the Signs Lilith Is Calling You

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

The emancipator, the dark femme, the Goddess of expression – Lilith is the unique multifaceted representation of female power, and in her we can find strength, courage, and liberation. As an archetype for feminine energy, Lilith challenges societal conventions while allowing us to explore the unspoken depths of our psyches. She is a reminder that the feminine is not one-dimensional but complex and ever-evolving.

By embodying this complexity, Lilith encourages women to rise above social expectations and claim their own power. She is a voice for those who have traditionally been silenced, inspiring us to reclaim our authentic selves and speak up for ourselves. By honoring Lilith, we can become stronger, more expansive versions of ourselves and break through outdated limitations.

The Lilith myth is an essential part of feminist history. She symbolizes the many faces of female strength and resilience. Whilst we avoid peering into Judaic text here (as it is a closed practice) we can take what we know from the Sumerian history, and from that learn Lilith’s power. She is symbolic of the quest for self-expression, seeking a belonging with self, free will, and autonomy; values that many women are beginning to reclaim in modern times. Her story challenges us to look beyond traditional norms of femininity and encourages us to create a new narrative that celebrates our unique voice.

In these turbulent times, Lilith stands for what we may need in the days to come, and it’ll be of no surprise many of us find the pull to work with her.

For this piece, we are looking into the different ways that Lilith has reached out to her devotees and witches she calls in as companions, as well as the ways she has interacted with her followers through various rituals and offerings. I previously wrote about her for our Lilith Tarot Spread and ways to connect too. Here are the signs I’ve come across over social media, books and personal descriptions of people’s deity devotional practice associated with this goddess is reaching out.

Lilith in Exile
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Dark Rooms; Lilith Reaching Out Through Dreams

Lilith is a figure from different ancient mythology, and her symbolism can vary depending on the various cultural and esoteric interpretations. In various mythologies and belief systems, Lilith is often associated with themes of femininity, sensuality, independence, rebellion, and the shadow aspects of the psyche. If Lilith were trying to reach out to you in a dream, several symbols and signs may appear. It’s important to note that dream interpretation is subjective, and personal associations and experiences can influence the meaning of symbols. Here are some common symbols associated with Lilith in dreams:

  • Owls: Owls are often linked to Lilith as they are nocturnal creatures and symbolize wisdom, mystery, and feminine intuition. Seeing or hearing owls in your dream could be a sign of Lilith’s presence or influence.
  • Snakes: Snakes are a symbol of transformation, sexuality, and the hidden or subconscious aspects of the self. Lilith’s association with snakes represents her connection to the primal and instinctual aspects of femininity and sexuality.
  • Trees: Trees are usually a symbol of strength, wisdom, and growth. In dreams, trees may represent the potential for personal growth or liberation from oppressive systems (you’ve got strong roots, etc). Seeing a tree in your dream could be a sign that Lilith is trying to help you open up and express yourself more freely.
  • Exile: Lilith’s exile from the Hullupu tree is linked to the concept of forbidden knowledge, authorities ripping control away yet also freedom from external control. This may appear as exile to a desert or to a cave system. This may be how she is trying to communicate.
  • Dark or red colors: Lilith is often associated with the color black or dark red, representing her connection to the night, passion, and the shadow side of existence. These colors may appear prominently in your dream, indicating Lilith’s presence, and may even appear as blood. Remember that blood is sacred, and can indicate loss of power or loss of vitality, as well as loss of power and intense emotional pain.
  • Seductive or empowered women (Succubi): Dreaming of seductive, strong, or independent women could be a manifestation of Lilith’s energy. These dream figures may represent aspects of Lilith or embody the qualities she embodies. Alternatively, these may twist into imagery of succubi in your dreams – this does not necessarily mean however that Lilith is trying to cause you any harm, but more that someone is taking your power away from you in some capacity, and Lilith wants to step in as a support.
  • Moon imagery: Lilith is sometimes connected to lunar symbolism, particularly the dark or black moon. Dreaming of the moon, especially in its darker phases, could be a sign of Lilith’s presence or influence.

I have to mention here about sex dreams; it’s important to remember that dreams are highly personal, and their interpretation depends on an your experiences and beliefs. If you have a sex dream involving Lilith, it could reflect themes of sexuality, sensuality, power dynamics, or exploration of your own desires. It’s necessary to approach dream interpretation with a holistic perspective, considering the context of your dream and your own emotions and experiences.

The interpretation of dreams and any symbols is subjective, and it’s essential to trust your own intuition and personal associations when trying to understand their meaning, particularly in connection to a specific goddess-entity like Lilith.

Deja Vu; What Synchronicities Repeat With Lilith

Synchronicities, as coined by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung, refer to meaningful coincidences that occur in our lives. If Lilith is trying to send you signs or establish a connection, you might experience synchronicities that relate to her themes and symbolism. Here are some potential situations that could occur:

  • Encountering owls: You might come across owls or owl-related imagery in unexpected places or situations. This could manifest as seeing owl motifs on clothing, spotting owl statues or pictures, or encountering owls in the wild. These encounters could be synchronistic signs of Lilith’s presence.
  • Serpent symbolism: You may notice an increased presence of snakes or serpent imagery in your life. This could include seeing snake patterns in art, finding snake-themed jewelry, or encountering real-life snakes in unusual circumstances. These occurrences may indicate a connection to Lilith’s energy.
  • Feminine empowerment: Synchronicities related to feminine empowerment could arise. You might find yourself drawn to books, movies, or events that celebrate strong, independent women or emphasize themes of female rebellion and empowerment. These synchronicities could be Lilith’s way of encouraging you to explore and embrace your own feminine power.
  • Lunar symbolism: You may notice an increased awareness of lunar cycles and symbolism in your life. This could manifest as coincidentally stumbling upon books or articles about lunar mythology, feeling a stronger connection to the moon, or experiencing synchronicities related to the moon’s phases. These synchronicities could be an invitation from Lilith to explore her lunar associations.
  • Shadow work and self-discovery: Synchronicities may arise that prompt you to delve into shadow work and explore the hidden or repressed aspects of yourself. This could include encountering relevant books, workshops, or individuals who inspire self-reflection and encourage embracing your shadow self. These could all be a sign that Lilith is guiding you towards personal growth and empowerment.

Remain open and attentive to the signs and synchronicities that resonate with you personally. Ultimately, your own intuition and experiences will play a significant role in recognizing and interpreting the synchronicities associated with Lilith’s connection.

Snakes On The Ground; What Symbols Are Associated With Lilith

If Lilith were attempting to reach out to you, you might encounter various symbols or symbolism associated with her presence. Here are some potential symbols or symbolism that could manifest:

  • Ravens: Ravens can be seen as messengers of Lilith, representing mystery, magic, and transformation. Encountering ravens, either in dreams or in waking life, could signify Lilith’s presence and her connection to the realms of the occult and hidden knowledge.
  • Fire: Fire symbolizes passion, vitality, and the transformative power of destruction and rebirth. Lilith’s association with fire represents her fierce and untamed nature. You may notice an increased affinity for fire-related imagery or experience synchronicities involving fire, such as frequent encounters with flames or candles.
  • Night-blooming flowers: Night-blooming flowers, such as moonflowers or night-blooming jasmine, represent Lilith’s association with the night and her allure. These flowers often release their intoxicating fragrance during the nighttime, symbolizing sensuality, mystery, and the hidden aspects of femininity.
  • Seductive dance or movement: Lilith is known for her seductive and captivating nature. If she is reaching out to you, you might have dreams or encounters involving seductive dances or mesmerizing movements. This symbolism emphasizes Lilith’s allure, her ability to tap into desire and sensuality, and her invitation to embrace your own inner power and passion.
  • Sexual and sensual themes: Lilith is often associated with sexuality and sensuality. You might have dreams or encounters that involve explicit or symbolic sexual content, reflecting Lilith’s energy and influence.
  • Tarot cards stalking readings: If you find any of these following cards showing up for you repeatedly, it may be Lilith sending a message – Queen of Wands, Judgment, Strength and The Devil.
  • Shadow work: Lilith embodies the shadow aspects of the psyche. You might experience encounters or synchronicities related to shadow work, such as opportunities for self-reflection, facing repressed emotions, or exploring your own hidden desires and fears.

Personal interpretation and intuition play a vital role in understanding symbolism, as we all come from different backgrounds and cultures therefore things hold specific meanings to us that don’t necessarily correlate with our neighbours. The symbols provided here are meant to inspire your own reflections and insights as you explore your connection to Lilith.

Hands On Your Hips; What Physical Sensations Are Associated With Lilith

When Lilith is reaching out to an individual, there may be certain physical sensations or tangible offerings associated with her presence. These can serve as indicators that it is indeed Lilith attempting to connect. Here are some possibilities:

  • Sensations of heat or warmth: You may feel a sudden surge of heat or warmth in your body, particularly in specific areas like the chest or abdomen. This can be a sign of Lilith’s fiery and passionate energy making itself known.
  • A tingling or electric sensation: You might experience tingling sensations or a subtle electric current running through your body, especially in the presence of symbols or imagery associated with Lilith. This can be a tangible indication of her presence and attempt to establish a connection.
  • Intense and vivid dreams: Lilith may communicate through vivid and memorable dreams. These dreams might feature symbolic elements related to her themes and presence, such as owls, serpents, dark colors, or empowered feminine figures. Pay attention to the emotional intensity and clarity of these dreams, as they could be a sign of Lilith’s attempt to communicate.
  • Offerings related to feminine empowerment: Lilith may provide tangible offerings that symbolize feminine power and rebellion. These could be objects, books, or even encounters with influential women who inspire strength and independence. Keep an eye out for such synchronistic gifts or encounters in your life.
  • Sensuality and heightened sexual energy: As Lilith is associated with sexuality and sensuality, you may experience an increase in sexual energy or desire when she is reaching out to you. This can manifest as heightened arousal, vivid fantasies, or a greater exploration of your own desires.

It’s important to note that these physical sensations and offerings are subjective and can vary from person to person – these are to summarize the types of tangible representations from her to you. To determine if it is indeed Lilitu trying to get in touch with you, pay attention to the patterns, repetitions, and emotional resonance of these experiences. Trust your intuition and inner knowing to recognize and interpret her presence in your own unique way.

Traits That Lilith Favours In Devotees & Companions

Lilith is often associated with favoring certain traits in her devotees and companions. However, it’s important to note that individual relationships with deities or mythical figures can vary, and personal preferences may differ. Me saying that though, some traits that are commonly associated with Lilith and may be favored in her devotees and companions include:

  • Autonomous: Lilith values independence and the ability to stand strong on one’s own. Devotees who embrace their own autonomy, assertiveness, and self-reliance may resonate with her energy.
  • Courage: Lilith embodies strength and courage, and she may favor devotees who are brave enough to face their fears, challenge societal norms, and assert themselves in their lives despite the challenges this may bring.
  • Sexuality and Sensuality: Lilith is often associated with sexuality, sensuality, and the exploration of desire. Devotees who have a healthy and empowered relationship with their own sexuality may be favored by Lilith.
  • Creative Expression: Lilith encourages creative expression in various forms. Artists, writers, musicians, or individuals who engage in any creative pursuit that allows them to express their innermost thoughts and emotions may find resonance with Lilith.
  • Embracing the Shadow Self: Lilith is connected to the shadow aspects of the psyche and encourages exploration and acceptance of the darker and hidden parts of oneself. Devotees who are willing to engage in shadow work, self-reflection, and delve into the depths of their own psyche may align with Lilith’s energy.

When it comes to any job roles or hobbies, it’s good to note that Lilith is not limited to specific professions or activities. Her energy can genuinely be found across various domains. However, occupations or hobbies that involve themes of sexuality, personal empowerment, creative expression, or rebellion against societal norms may resonate with Lilith’s energy. Examples could include sex educators, artists, writers, advocates for gender equality, activists, or individuals engaged in alternative or unconventional lifestyles.

The connection between Lilith and her devotees or companions is deeply personal, and the traits and interests that she favors can differ from person to person. It is essential to explore and interpret your own relationship with Lilith based on your unique experiences and personal journey.

An Invitation To Work With Lilith

When it comes to working with Lilith, unless you are Jewish then stay away from those Abrahamic texts. We do have the Infernals, and Sumerians, to thank for alternate depictions in terms of history, so if you feel called to explore more of her through research they may be better options for you.

Generally speaking when there is a pull or call to work with a particular deity, regardless of pantheon or ancestry, you’re going to pay attention. It may be worth looking to see if your own cultural history has a variant to understand the context of your connection.

If Lilith is calling, she is looking to connect on an intimate level with you and invite you to explore her themes in a more personal way. She desires that those who work with her embrace their autonomy, sexuality, creative expression, and courage to stand against patriarchal norms. Through this form of sacred partnership, she offers guidance and encouragement to come into right relationship with yourself and the world around you.

Lilith does not have any specific expectations, instead, she is offering an invitation for you to explore her presence in your life and how it may influence your journey. If you feel called, take some time to reflect on what aspects of Lilith speak to you and see if there are ways that you can work with her themes in your life. Whether it’s through sex, meditation, creative expression or exploration of the shadow self, allow yourself to be open to the potential growth and insight that working with Lilith can provide.

No matter where you are in your journey, if Lilith is guiding you then trust that she will support you along the way.

If you notice the signs, but you are not ready to work with her, then this is also fine. Respect and boundaries are a necessary part of any relationship, and if you do not feel comfortable or ready to explore a relationship with Lilith, it’s best to honor your feelings.

Take things slow and at your own pace, and when the time is right you can decide what sort of connection you want to have with her energy. Ultimately, if she is calling then trust that the invitation will remain open whenever you are in your journey.

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