Hades in the Underworld

Messages From The Underworld; Recognizing the Signs Hades Is Calling You

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Hades is the Greek God King of the Underworld which gives him power and control over the souls who reside there. The concept of working with King Hades even now is controversial mostly because of the religious dogma attached to his name and the underworld, but in ancient Greece, the people were also hesitant to worship him because although death was honored and respected, it was also feared. A common belief among the ancient Greeks about the afterlife was that they would wander endlessly as a shade of their former lives unless they had done something heroic and Hades would be their host in the afterlife, responsible for keeping them in their place. 

Hades had very few temples (The Nekromanteion is dedicated to him and his queen Persephone) or specific festivals, and the followers he did have were connected to him through their grief and or abilities in necromancy. For the most part, people didn’t really engage with Hades unless they had a reason to and likewise, Hades doesn’t engage much with people unless he has a reason to. That being said, there are some subtle signs you can pay attention to if you want to find out if he is around.  This is by no means a comprehensive list, and every devotee is going to have their own interpretation of his signs and symbols.

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Evocative Signs From Hades

1.) Repressed Memories and Heightened Emotional or Physical Awareness

One of the first signs I feel when Hades is near is a heightened sense of emotional and physical awareness. Hades can activate clairsentient abilities or the psychic ability to feel. This can present as getting the shivers, feeling physically cold, or even becoming more empathic to your own emotions as well as those around you.

 Hades is seen as a cold and distant deity but in my experience, he communicates and works through the heart center which can unintentionally activate a lot of emotions and repressed memories can come to the surface. The underworld can represent the subconscious and the things we throw into that darkness to forget about because we are ashamed or guilty. Hades likes to bring those things back to you which can open up a lot of room for healing. 

2.)  Sacred Signs & Symbols

Hades is represented by several different symbols and animals and you can check out a larger list further down in this reading, but I find that his presence is most often accompanied by horses, especially black sable horses. 

This is supported by his mythology which states he drives a chariot pulled by four black sable horses. So seeing black horses, especially four of them, can be a huge sign that Hades has arrived in your space. He is also closely associated with dogs, screech owls, and serpents. 

Seeing these sacred signs in unusual or synchronistic ways is a strong clue that Hades is near you. 

3.) Finding Money or Winning Unexpected Money

When Hades is around, coins will be found. Hades is also a God of hidden wealth and his presence can be accompanied by generosity in the form of money. Getting lucky with the lottery, finding deals at the store, or being given expensive gifts randomly can be a sign from Hades too. 

4.) Hyperfixation on Death, After-Life, & Necromancy. 

Hades’ presence naturally brings forth inner thoughts about death and the afterlife. He not only influences these thoughts and feelings, but he also guides people through the depths of their grief and understanding until they come to their own epiphanies and realizations. 

Once you experience Hades in this way, you are forever changed, much like Persephone was, because once you form a relationship with the feelings of death you lose a part of your naivety and innocence. 

5.) Self-Isolation & Solitude

King Hades’ energy being near can also force people into retrospective hiding. Even introverts will find themselves being more introverted than normal. I find that solitary practitioners or those who keep their beliefs mostly private tend to gravitate towards or attract Hades. 

Mostly because working with him requires diving into the stillness of the deep waters in your own mind. The noise and distraction of other people make it harder to hear him so whether it’s instinctive, or a conscious choice, Hades devotees tend to self-isolate when he is around.

TIP:  Don’t sacrifice your support system to isolate, have a code word for your friends when he comes around so you can give everyone a heads up that you’ll be in hermit mode for a bit and they can still check in on you and also know that you haven’t abandoned them.

Hades reflecting

Sacred Signs & Symbols In Depth from Hades

Understanding Hades sacred signs and symbols as well as his historical influence is important to connecting with him on a deeper level and being able to distinguish his signs from another’s. Here is a brief list of some more of his symbols with an explanation for why they are sacred to him:

  • Horses / Chariot – His chariot is pulled by 4 black horses
  • Dogs – The gates of Hades are protected by a three headed dog, Cerberus
  • Keys – Represent the mysteries of the underworld and his authority over the containment of the dead and keeper of souls
  • Bident – Instead of a trident, like Poseidon, Hades is depicted with a Bident as a power of his authority and power over the underworld it is also said to represent his ability to control the spiritual and material worlds
  • Helm of Darkness / Cap of Invisibility – Gifted to him by the Cyclops, this hat allows Hades to become invisible.
  • Narcissus Flower – The only flower believed to bloom in the Underworld because of Persephone and is also associated with mourning and grief. 
  • Cypress – Often depicted at the entrance of the underworld, and planted near gravesites and cemetaries, the Cypress represents an eternal after-life. It is believed that souls of the dead would pass through the roots of a Cypress tree to enter the realm of Hades. Not the only tree associated with death, but Yew is very hard to work with unless it’s wood has been treated for safety.

You may even come across his epithets as signs too:

  • Plouton: This epithet emphasizes Hades’s role as the god of wealth and abundance. It is derived from the Greek word “ploutos,” which means wealth or riches. As Plouton, he is associated with the riches that come from the earth, such as precious metals and gemstones found in the underworld. This is where the Roman’s got “Pluton” from, the silvery-grey radioactive plutonium and the name of a significant-player dwarf planet in our solar system.
  • Aidoneus: This epithet is closely related to Hades’s role as the god of the Underworld realms. It is derived from the ancient Greek word “aidōnēios,” which means “unseen” or “invisible.” It emphasizes Hades’s connection to the realm of the dead, which is hidden from the living.
  • Clymenus: This epithet means “famous” or “renowned.” It highlights Hades’s importance and his prominent role as the ruler of the Underworld.
  • Chthonios: This epithet refers to Hades as the god of the underworld or the god of the earth. It comes from the Greek word “chthōn,” meaning earth or ground. It emphasizes his association with the subterranean realm. Other chthonic characters include Hekate, Gaia and Zeus.
  • Eubuleus: This epithet is derived from the Greek words “eu” (good) and “boulē” (counsel or plan). As Eubuleus, Hades is generally considered a wise and helpful god, capable of giving good counsel or guidance.
  • Polydegmon: This epithet means “receiver of many” or “host to many.” It highlights Hades’s role as the one who welcomes and receives the souls of the deceased in the Underworld.

Again, these are just some of his signs and symbols. Everyone’s experience and relationship with King Hades can and should be different just as everyone’s experience with death is and will be different.

Traits That Hades Favours In Devotees & Companions

Hades is associated with specific traits that he favors in his devotees and companions. While interpretations of his preferences may vary, the following traits are commonly associated with Hades:

  • Resilience and Inner Strength: As the ruler of the Underworld, Hades values inner strength and resilience. He favors individuals who can endure challenges and adversity with grace and fortitude. Those who possess the ability to confront their own fears and navigate difficult situations may resonate with Hades.
  • Depth and Introspection: Hades is often associated with the depths of the human psyche and the mysteries of the afterlife. He assists individuals who embrace introspection and are willing to explore their inner selves and confront their shadows. Those who seek self-awareness and inner transformation may find favor with Hades.
  • Respect for Boundaries: Hades is known for maintaining the boundaries between the realms of the living and the dead. He values individuals who understand and respect boundaries, both in the physical world and in interpersonal relationships. Those who are mindful of personal boundaries and the boundaries of others may be preferred by Hades.
  • Connection with the Ancestors: As a god associated with the afterlife, Hades favors individuals who honor and maintain a connection with their ancestors. Those who engage in ancestral veneration or seek wisdom from the wisdom of the past may find resonance with Hades.
  • Honesty and Integrity: Hades is a god of justice and truth. He stands by individuals who value honesty, integrity, and ethical behavior. Those who strive to be truthful in their actions and dealings may attract the attention of Hades.

In terms of the type of people Hades works with, he is often associated with those who are involved in activities related to death and the afterlife. This includes morticians, funeral directors, and others who care for the deceased or dying, even in spiritual work like death-doulas. He may also work with individuals who are interested in shadow work, death-related rituals, and underworld journeying in their spiritual practices.

Hades’s energy extends beyond the realm of death, and he may be approached and honored by individuals from various spiritual paths who connect with his wisdom and attributes.

It’s essential to approach Hades with respect and humility, understanding the significance of his role as the ruler of the Underworld. Building a relationship with Hades involves exploring themes of transformation, introspection, and the cycle of life and death in a way that aligns with his domain.

I hope this list makes sense of some signs you may be receiving from King Hades and always remember that you are empowered by your choices. May you find many blessings on your current path.

Until next time, Meta.Mystics x

King Hades in a forest

A Note From BackyardBanshee.com

For most people, it is the feeling of a sudden pull or interest in learning more about Hades. It’s really that simple – there’s no hidden agenda. So if that is what you are feeling intuitively called to explore whilst on your witchcraft journey, please do so (if you are open to it).

It’s important to remember that these are all just a few examples and that everyone’s experience is unique. Some people may not experience any of these signs, while others may have a completely different experience with them that we’ve not been able to list for you.

If you feel drawn to Hades or have any questions, it is recommended to do further research and learn more about them and then respectfully reach out if you feel comfortable, and ask permission with them to start a conversation, especially to see if a relationship is what you’d both like.

Consent and respect are two very important factors, always. If you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable, then it is not necessary, and this is something that just keeps your journey interesting, to say the least! Keep safe, and until next time xox

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