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The Trickster's Call: Recognizing the Signs Loki Is Calling You

Last Updated: September 11, 2023

Now, I know what you’re thinking…but no. We are not here to discuss the ever-phenomenal Tom Hiddleston, whom I’m sure is who comes to mind first when you hear the name ‘Loki’, but we are in fact here to discuss the Norse deity, the trickster god.

So, moving Marvel aside, the Norse deity is all about bringing the tricks and the chaos, they absolutely revel in it. This isn’t to say Loki is all evil, but they definitely aren’t what you’d typically call a ‘good egg’ either. Fundamentally, Loki does what Loki wants. I guess…in superhero terms…yes, yes, I know I said we’d move away from Marvel but stay with me here…but Loki, the Norse deity, we could label as an anti-hero. Now that you understand the sort of ‘vibe’ Loki goes about his time with, they’ll be a little bit easier to understand when it comes to “oh, but…Loki isn’t being straightforward with me, why?” Remember: anti-hero.

Frolicking in the chaos, getting up to mischief simply because the mood hits, and I mean if you read back through texts, scripts, and stories about Loki, there are multiple occasions where they did offer a helping hand to other Gods, known as the Æsir and Vanir, and Giants, known as the Jötnar (singular is Jötunn), but…in all honesty, this was usually because helping them at that moment was more advantageous to Loki, rather than Loki being willing to help out of the goodness of their heart, and so on! But that’s just one side of the coin, what I’d say what they’re ‘most known for’, but Loki is also known for having various traits such as enthusiasm, passion, and opportunism.

Take the Elder Futhark rune Kaunaz (Kenzaz) as an example, this rune is typically associated to Loki due to the rune’s nature to have two opposing sides of its own coin, one good, one not so good. This perfectly represents Loki’s traits when it comes to their personality and actions. I think we’ve painted a decent enough picture there, they’re complex! So, let’s move on, shall we?

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Evocative Signs From Loki

Spiders and webs.

Yeah, this one definitely doesn’t always go down too well with people. But it’s become clear now that Loki is a fan of sending spiders your way if they’re trying to connect with you – but it’s not uncommon for you to have recurring dreams about spiders if you aren’t necessarily coming across them when you’re conscious.

Loki is linked to spiders, and their webs, as some of their symbols are the likes of webs and knots, as well as tangles. But whether this is strictly to do with Loki crafting fishing nets in some early Norse stories, or due to their ‘web’ of stories and wit that they would ‘spin’ to get out of situations, or simply because they had their mouth sewn shut (we’ll discuss this later), or perhaps all of those reasons, but it’s up for debate. 

If you start to come across these more so in your daily life, or if they are a recurring element in your dreams, that could be Loki reaching out to you. So, apologies if you’re not a fan of spiders especially! The God of mischief won’t shy away from sending an 8-legged critter your way.


There was once a time when Loki was thought to have originally been a fire god before becoming more heavily associated with all things mischief, this has been linked back to their origins with regards to the literal translations of Loki’s parent’s names, and how Loki themselves came to be, but there is still the debate of whether this is accurate or whether Loki was being confused with Logi (literally meaning ‘fire’). There are arguments for both sides of the story so it can still be considered one of Loki’s signs. 

Perhaps one that isn’t the most considered in modern times. It’s really up to you if you want to explore this option more (it makes for some good reading, I won’t lie), but others that have worked/do work with Loki have recounted fire being a part of their practice and worship with him. But this could mean noticing flames/fire in places you wouldn’t have really paid attention to before, perhaps candles now stand out a lot more than they ever used to? Perhaps fire could be coming up as a recurring theme in your dreams, or even your daydreaming, or are you noticing things outside in nature? 

This could be anything from campfires to, unfortunately, more natural fires in the area. But if a fire is a theme that keeps cropping up more so than normal, this is still thought to be one of Loki’s signs. 


Loki’s symbol consists of 2 snakes that have twisted around each other to create an S shape and are biting one another’s tails, so it isn’t a surprise that serpents in general are one of their symbols. It’s also common knowledge that one of Loki’s children, birthed by the mother of monsters herself Angrboða, was Jörmungandr. Jörmungandr is known as the world serpent, or Midgard serpent, and is said to be large enough that it encircles the Earth entirely and keeps a hold of its own tail, it was said that the day it stopped biting its tail, it would be catastrophic with that bringing on the start of Ragnarok. 

Transformational Changes

Loki is known for being the god to change and adapt as necessary if the circumstance called for it, they are quite literally known to be a shapeshifter! With Loki’s identity also being gender-fluid in Norse mythology, Loki is not fixed to one identity, they change throughout many Norse stories from male to female, to even horse (oh yes, I’m serious) and various other animals. 

If you find yourself to be going through some big transformations in your own personal life, no matter how big or small, this could be a sign of Loki’s impact in your life. But Loki can make us face harsh truths, so the changes might not always come easy – just as a heads up!

Sudden draw or obsession with Loki and Norse mythology.

It probably goes without saying that if you’ve felt tugged towards Loki and/or Norse mythology, there could absolutely be a reason for that! Especially if the interest either arises out of nowhere, or you perhaps had the interest before but you finding yourself deep diving a lot more all of a sudden, feeling more gripped and wanting to learn and gain more knowledge. The sudden desire to jump into it all could signify Loki’s presence and influence! 

Hel, Goddess of the underworld, and Fenrir.

Another of Loki’s children, birthed by Angrboða, is said to be Hel (from the Prose Edda, Poetic Edda and Heimskrilinga), but she is most commonly known as the ruler of the underworld, mostly known as Niflheim, appointed by Odin himself. 

Hel’s symbolism can not only tie in with Loki based on her being a child of theirs, but her own personal symbolism is that of accepting death as a natural part of cycles throughout life. Everything comes to an end eventually. And this perfectly ties in with Loki’s transformational aspects so don’t be surprised if you find the two going hand in hand, or there perhaps being a focus on more of the necessary endings of cycles in your life – ‘death’ doesn’t always mean physically, after all. 

Fenrir who also was birthed by Angrboða is depicted as an incredibly large wolf, one that is actually recounted as growing so large it eventually managed to break free from its bonds and was the one to kill Odin; but that can be a story for another time. So, depictions of wolves could be a link back to Fenrir, and thus back to Loki, especially if they’re going hand in hand with other signs and synchronicities. 

Whether this means crossing paths with wolves randomly out and about, especially if you live in an area with a wolf population, but it could also mean coming across images, sounds, discussions, etc, about wolves on TV, the radio, social media, etc. 


Soooooo if you’re unfamiliar with the story of Loki giving birth to a horse, this one will probably give you a chuckle! So yeah, fun fact: Loki slept with a horse and gave birth to the steed Sleipnir and then proceeded to gift the horse to Odin. Loki essentially needed to lure the horse Svaðilfari away from helping build the walls around Asgard, so Loki shapeshifted into a horse, proceeded to trick Svaðilfari into moving, and then the two of them mated. 

Low and behold Loki’s horse child. So, yes! The famous Sleipnir is something we can absolutely consider to be a sign of Loki seeing as they quite literally gave birth to the creature. Norse mythology, eh; it’s a whirlwind but we love it! 

The Snaptun Stone.

This makes an interesting read if you’ve never looked into it! The Snaptun Stone was carved roughly around 1000 CE and is believed to be one of the rare depictions we have of Loki. This is due to the carving portraying stitched-together lips – which is a fate Loki faces at some stage due to losing a bet with a dwarf.

Loki had wagered his head under the condition that the dwarf cannot do anything to his neck, and basic biology dictates that it’s impossible to decapitate someone without affecting their neck, so said dwarf stitched Loki’s lips together in annoyance.


Signs that might be coming through in your practice

Kaunaz Rune

This elder Futhark rune is commonly associated with Loki, and labelled as ‘Loki’s rune’ more so than any of the other runes, so if you work with runes in your divination practice directly, or perhaps watch a lot of divination readings on social media (ones that use runes), then the presence of this rune for you could be signifying the presence of Loki, or perhaps the chance that they are trying to connect with you. Kaunaz is the rune of knowledge, illumination, transformation, new beliefs, inspiration, and fire.  

The number 3

Loki has a pattern of 3’s when it comes to aspects of their life. For example, 3 children with Angrboða, Hel, Fenrir, and Jörmungandr. Loki and their children are recounted as being the cause of Ragnarok, which speaks of 3 winters in a row heralding the start of it, but also the stories tell of the binds holding Fenrir had to be tied three times in order to have a knot strong enough to hold her. Noticing patterns of 3 in your practice, or even just the number 3 itself cropping up, can be symbolic of Loki. 


Going back to divination, if you use tarot cards within your practice then it’s typically thought that the likes of The Fool, The Magician, The Tower, and The Devil major arcana cards can be linked back to Loki. Of course, all these cards have various meanings and it’s advisable to read more surrounding these cards if you’re curious and desire to learn more, especially if you’re either looking to reach out to Loki via tarot cards or if you think that perhaps they’ve been sending you messages via the cards already in an attempt to reach out. Happy reading!

 Out in nature

If you do any sort of witchcraft outdoors, or incorporate a level of nature into what your personal practice is all about, then the appearance of more spiders, webs, snakes, fires, and even the common heather plant are all signs of Loki. 

But this can be both outside in nature, as well as something as simple as noticing more heather plants cropping up if you’re visiting the garden centre or plant stores, where you may be specifically looking for things for your craft – you may notice certain things catching your eye that you hadn’t before, or there now seems to be an abundance of! Noticing more of the above things, or noticing that there’s an excessive amount in comparison to normal, can all be signs.

What To Do If You Know Loki is Reaching Out

It probably isn’t a surprise when I say this: Loki likes to be honoured and worshipped. Set up an altar in their honour, and host a mini-party for them (this can just be between yourself and Loki). You could also look to work on your personal life and address anything that you’ve been suppressing so you can become your next best self. 

Loki responds well to those that take to working on themselves and really exploring their identity. If you’re unsure of how to go about this then you could do something as simple as sorting out your personal space (room or house) and really assessing what serves you, does everything around you make your personality shine? Is your personal space a true reflection of you, or do you need to do some inner exploring to work that part out? 

Anything that has you working on your identity, really finding out who you are, and honouring that is something Loki will appreciate. Loki will want you to realise you don’t have to fit any label or stereotypes, further your understanding of things that call for a progressive future – such as learning terminology you are unfamiliar with, e.g gender-fluid, familiarising yourself with the different pronouns and the importance of respecting them, looking into the LGBTQ+ community history and being openly aware of the endless struggles faced even today as this is definitely one way to respect Loki’s sexuality, and so on!

Understanding Loki’s Vibe

With anything, this can absolutely differ from person to person. For example, my interactions with Loki and recognising their presence so far has consisted of a very bold, confident, and almost ‘child-like’ energy. And by child-like, I’m meaning along the likes of jokes, trickery, pranks, that sort of very mischievous vibe. 

But there are others that work with Loki that have recounted Loki’s presence to them as being more subtle, slightly cold, or more serious in tone. So, this is something to keep in mind if you are picking up on a presence, it may not be in a way that you expect or it could be completely opposite to what you’ve read – which is why it’s always important to look for as many signs and symbols as you can to really solidify if it truly is Loki presenting themselves to you. 

But remember, everyone’s experience will be different!

Be Mindful: Remember Loki is the God of Mischief

It’s wise that you always remember that Loki has an affinity for pranks, mischief, and all things chaos. If this is a deity you wish to reach out to and potentially work with, don’t try and fool the fooler. Whilst Loki isn’t inherently evil, it’s best not to ‘poke the bear’. 

Loki enjoys fun but remember the type of persona you are dealing with. With that being said, when it comes to Loki delivering their messages to you, they can still go about it in a rather prank-like manner. For example, you could experience a few days or weeks where nothing goes your way, your time is full of things just going wrong with plenty of minor inconveniences, but in the end, you come to be better off for it. 

You could be dismissed for the promotion at work to only then be offered a better position, you could have vehicle troubles that then result in you getting a newer and better one, and there could be drama within your friendship group that results in you moving on from toxic individuals. 

These are just examples of ‘everyday’ issues that can occur and whilst the end result does benefit you, going through it can be an inconvenience. But that’s just how Loki can present things to you sometimes.

Traits That Loki Favours In Devotees & Companions

Passion and drive, inc stubbornness

Loki loves attention. Loki isn’t really one for the mediocre, they have a strong passion for the mischief they get up to, and their desire to live their life as they see fit is what drives them. This is equally a trait Loki likes to see in others! To be someone that fiercely loves their interests and hobbies, to feel that burning drive inside of yourself to fully embrace that of what you truly love, to not do things by half. 

But this can also include being very stubborn! That could simply come from passionately adoring a new interest of yours, but perhaps it relies on you learning a set of skills in order to master it as a hobby, Loki appreciates those that don’t fall at the first hurdle of trying, Loki wants to see your stubbornness shine as you tell yourself you will push onwards with this new interest of yours, you will improve, you will get better, you won’t let the need to learn something new defeat you. 

The fact that learning something new can be really self-gratifying too always helps, but it can also bring you plenty of attention from those around you praising you, and Loki will enjoy you embracing the praise – seeing as they themselves as one for adoring the attention. Loki favours those that are bold and unapologetic about what holds their minds and hearts!


Loki is all about being able to resolve their own issues, you only need to look at stories of their mischief and wit to see they know how to handle themselves. They push on with their own independence a lot of the time, and Loki is appreciative of those that don’t shy away into the background and constantly want reassurance and help from others. Loki likes a doer because they themselves are a doer. 

What Loki wants, Loki goes after, and this sort of trait is highly respected. Loki will favour those that don’t doubt their next action on the path to obtaining what they’re after in that stage of their life, no matter how big or small. Don’t get me wrong; you’re allowed to hesitate and think things through, but Loki likes those that take the plunge. No risk, no reward.

Hunger for life

Much like the go-getter point above, Loki can have a shine for those that want to grab life by the horns and do what they can do be living their life to the fullest with going after what they want and what’s in their best interests. 

Much like how in Norse mythology, Loki is can be seen to be acting in ways in their own self-interest, they aren’t one you’d consider to be a people pleaser and putting themselves second (or even last) when it comes to the pecking order. Loki will favour those that know their worth and won’t settle for anything less than what they deserve.

Child-like playfulness

Whilst the God of Mischief can be serious, they much more fit the persona of being chaotic, a ball of mischievous energy, with much more of a prank like nature. Think cheeky chappie walking around with a confident little smirk on their face as opposed to a stoic authority figure. Loki will naturally appreciate those that are child-like at heart, or those that at least let their inner child come out to play frequently.

Of course, this isn’t to say you can’t reach out to Loki if you don’t fit the above description(s), so please don’t let that deter you. For example, if you do fall more into the shyer/less assertive category, Loki will still appreciate you showing them a lot of devotion in your practice, Loki loves the attention after all, they’ll love the commitment either way. And if you’re feeling the pull, and you’re almost certain it must be Loki reaching out to you, then they’re there for a reason!

A Note From BackyardBanshee.com

For most people, it is the feeling of a sudden pull or interest in learning more about Loki. It’s really that simple – there’s no hidden agenda. So if that is what you are feeling intuitively called to explore whilst on your witchcraft journey, please do so (if you are open to it).

It’s important to remember that these are all just a few examples and that everyone’s experience is unique. Some people may not experience any of these signs, while others may have a completely different experience with them that we’ve not been able to list for you.

If you feel drawn to Loki or have any questions, it is recommended to do further research and learn more about them and then respectfully reach out if you feel comfortable, and ask permission with them to start a conversation, especially to see if a relationship is what you’d both like.

Consent and respect are two very important factors, always. If you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable, then it is not necessary, and this is something that just keeps your journey interesting, to say the least!

Keep safe and until next time xox


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