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Gaze of Artemis; Recognizing the Signs Artemis Is Calling You

Last Updated: September 21, 2023

Artemis is the Greek Goddess of the hunt and wilderness. She is the twin sister of Apollo, making her the daughter of Leto and Zeus. In ancient Greece, she was worshipped as a protector of women, children, and young animals. In modern times, many have come to associate her with the moon and female autonomy. Being a virgin goddess connected with the wilderness, Artemis challenges feminine conventions and societal norms. Although she can be selective in who she reaches out to, there are some signs that you can look  for to identify her presence in your life.

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Evocative Signs From Artemis

1.) Wanting To Be Alone In Nature and Escape Society

If you find yourself wanting to be alone in nature, which is typically out of character for you, this could be a sign that Artemis is calling out. It can also feel like an irresistable pull towards nature, and when you follow that pull you will find yourself disconnected from the weight of your responsibilities, and you will no longer want to wear the mask you created to fit in with society. Feeling called to walk on paths less traveled, being able to navigate easily without a map, and finding really neat secluded places in nature are all strong signs that Artemis is near and or guiding you.

2.) Heightened Physical Senses

It’s also common to experience heightened physical senses when connecting with Artemis. Your sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch can be extra-sensitive when she is around and because of this, it is quite easy to feel overwhelmed and uncomfortable if you’re not alone in nature or taking time to yourself away from other people. You might also find yourself drawn to wearing unrestrictive or loose clothing more than usual, getting irritated with people, and needing to be near running water like streams or in the shower more, especially if you can’t physically go outside into nature. 

3.)  Reduce, Reuse, & Recycle

Artemis seems to truly endorce the concept of reduce, reuse, and recycle. When her energy is present, you’ll feel called to doing more activist work in women’s & children’s rights, wildlife animals, and bringing awareness to climate change. You’ll also feel pulled to start using products that are second hand, reusable, animal-cruelty free and eco-friendly. She also inspires alot of trips to thrift stores or antique shops and if you follow the call to one of those places, you’ll usually find something you’ve been wanting for a long time. In my personal experience with Artemis, she loves scavanger hunts. Tell her what you’re looking to find and she will help you find it, sometimes you don’t even have to ask. 

4.) Sacred Signs & Animals

Developing a sudden interest in wolves, bears, deer, and other game-animals like elk or quail can be another sign that Artemis is wanting to connect with you. You might start randomly collecting bones (ethically and lawfully), be given gifts of, and or decorating your safe spaces with depictions of these animals. You could even have weird dreams or encounters with them. According to mythology Artemis is accompanied by 7 hunting dogs that were gifted to her from the god Pan, so having puppy fever for hunting dog breeds like hounds, retrievers, beagles, or spaniels can be a sign that she is coming into your practice. I’ve also noticed that many devotees will experience odd interactions with non-aggressive bees when she is around.  

5.) The Moon & Feminine Cycles

Artemis is often represented with the moon in some way because of her association with women and childbirth. Although she is a virgin goddess, according to her origin myth, Artemis assisted her mother in the birth of her own twin brother, Apollo, when she was less than a day old. We often see the moon as an image that evokes mystery, divine feminine energy, and cyclical change. Artemis embodies this too, especially if you look to her own history from childhood to youth and the stories of her non-traditional feminine roles. If you’re noticing the moon more often, and feeling the urge to learn about it’s phases and cycles, this could be a sign that Artemis is reaching out to you. Experiencing any of the aforementioned signs while reaching a developmental milestone such as the last night before marriage or the birth of a new baby, can also be an especially clear indication that Artemis is present. 

6.) Sense of Justice & Need for Truth

Lastly, Artemis’s presence is also accompanied by a profound sense of justice and brutal truth. It’s especially important to be true to yourself if you want to work with her. Artemis can, without intentionally starting to, call out a lot of bullshit in your life and as a result, you will start enforcing more boundaries with other people. Her influence in your life will challenge your people-pleasing habits and rip them apart until you know your own worth.

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Sacred Signs & Symbols In Depth from Artemis

Deciphering Artemis’s messages and symbols is one of the first steps to being able to identify if she is appearing in your life. Take a look at some of her associations and you might uncover other signs that she has appeared for you in the past also. 

    • Dogs, Especially Hunting Dogs – According to mythology, Artemis was gifted 7 huntings dogs from the God Pan. 
    • Amaranth – The red amaranth flower represents the tale of a hunter named Amaranthus who was revived by Artemis into a flower after he had been drowned. 
    • Walnut – The walnut is sacred to Artemis because statues carved from the wood of walnut trees were dedicated to her in Laconia. 
    • Cypress – The Cypress tree is connected to the story of Artemis and Apollo’s birth making it sacred to them both. 
    • Wolf – It is believed that to escape and hide from the wrath of Hera, Apollo’s mother Leto disguised herself as a she wolf and so Artemis and Apollo are both associated with the protection and strength of the wolf. 
    • Bow & Arrow – Like her twin Apollo, Artemis carries a bow and arrow but her’s is depicted as silver. 
    • Quiver – Artemis is often depicted equipped with a quiver along side her bow and arrow, a bag or sack for carrying her items in. 
    • Buzzard / Hawk – The hawk also sometimes called a Buzzard, is associated with Artemis, Apollo, & Hermes.
    • Tarot – In tarot, you’ll find her in Strength, The Moon and Temperance so if these cards appear for you often and repeatedly, almost to a card stalker level, then it may be Artemis reaching out.

What To Do If You Know Artemis' Reaching Out

1.) Find a nature spot you can escape to whenever you feel her calling out.

Many people will rush to set up an altar for the deities that reach out to them, but for Artemis, nature is her temple. If you can find a safe space in nature, away from people and distractions, you don’t need an altar. 

2.) Make a conscious effort to reduce, reuse, and recycle.

In my personal experience, Artemis doesn’t have a lot of patience for willful ignorance. If you’re aware of an issue but not working to actively find a solution, Artemis will get annoyed. If you notice that she is reaching out to you, and you want to work with her, start by working on breaking bad cycles or habits that are impacting other people and the planet.

3.) Learn about local wildlife laws and protocols.

Building a relationship with a deity isn’t a one-way street and respecting Artemis has to include respecting nature; you’ll also have to respect it. Start looking into what plants and animals are around you, learn about them, educate others about them, and be ethical when scavenging or interacting with wildlife. 

Artemis is an incredibly powerful Goddess to work with and she will challenge you in the best ways. If you want to work with her, you’re going to have to take a lot of accountability for your actions and establish your own self-worth. Keep in mind that everyone is going to have different experiences and opinions when working with any deity. These are just some of the ways she has reached out to me and other devotees. If you’re not experiencing these signs but you feel like she is around then trust your instincts. 

Also keep in mind that you don’t have to be chosen to work with Artemis. There are many ways to respectfully approach the gods if you wish to learn more about them. Be open, sincere, and always keep yourself grounded and protected. 

Traits That Artemis Favours In Devotees & Companions

Artemis is associated with specific traits that she favors in her devotees and companions. While interpretations of her preferences may vary, the following traits are commonly associated with Artemis:

  • Self-Sufficiency: Artemis values independence and self-reliance. She favors individuals who are self-sufficient, capable of taking care of themselves, and unafraid to explore and thrive in their own unique paths. Those who embrace their individuality and are comfortable being self-reliant may resonate with Artemis.
  • Love for Nature and the Wild: As a goddess of the wilderness, Artemis appreciates individuals who have a deep connection with nature. She favors those who are passionate about the outdoors, animals, and environmental conservation. Hunters, hikers, environmentalists, and those who actively engage with and protect the natural world may find favor with Artemis.
  • Resilience: Artemis is often associated with strength, both physical and emotional. She favors individuals who possess inner strength, resilience, and the ability to endure challenges. Those who can overcome adversity, maintain their resolve, and exhibit unwavering determination may attract the attention of Artemis.
  • Protectiveness: Artemis has a nurturing and protective aspect to her nature. She favors individuals who display compassion and care for others, particularly for women, children, and vulnerable beings. Those who are dedicated to advocating for and protecting the well-being of others may resonate with Artemis.
  • Adventurous and Explorative: Artemis is associated with the pursuit of adventure and exploration. She favors individuals who have a thirst for discovery, whether it be through physical journeys, intellectual pursuits, or spiritual quests. Those who are curious, open-minded, and eager to expand their horizons may find themselves drawn to Artemis.

In terms of the type of people Artemis works with, she is often associated with hunters, archers, and those who engage in outdoor activities. She may also work closely with midwives, healers, and women involved in childbirth and women’s health. She is known to be a guardian and guide to young maidens, and those going through transitions in their lives.

Artemis’s energy transcends cultural boundaries, and she may be approached and honored by individuals from various spiritual paths who connect with her essence. Personal experiences and interpretations may vary, and it is important to approach Artemis with respect, sincerity, and a genuine desire to connect with her energy and ideals. Building a relationship with Artemis involves embracing the traits she values, and engaging with the natural world and the wild in a way that aligns with her domain.

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A Note From

For most people, it is the feeling of a sudden pull or interest in learning more about Artemis. It’s really that simple – there’s no hidden agenda. So if that is what you are feeling intuitively called to explore whilst on your witchcraft journey, please do so (if you are open to it).

It’s important to remember that these are all just a few examples and that everyone’s experience is unique. Some people may not experience any of these signs, while others may have a completely different experience with them that we’ve not been able to list for you.

If you feel drawn to Artemis or have any questions, it is recommended to do further research and learn more about them and then respectfully reach out if you feel comfortable, and ask permission with them to start a conversation, especially to see if a relationship is what you’d both like.

Consent and respect are two very important factors, always. If you don’t want to or feel uncomfortable, then it is not necessary, and this is something that just keeps your journey interesting, to say the least! Keep safe, and until next time xox

Written by Meta Mystic's Paige

Paige is a developing psychic medium and the owner of a small online business called MetaMystics. She currently offers spiritual guidance, tarot readings, lessons, and deity identifications. Her main deity guide is Apollon, and she works with Aphrodite, Ares, and Hekate. Paige prefers to just worship Artemis for now and believes they will be working together privately in the future, but for now, her focus is primarily on her work with Apollo. Together they are writing books and inspiring the world. And here are a few book recommendations she has given to learn about the deities she works with.

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