How Astrology & Crystals can help your business or career

Last Updated: February 4, 2022

Divination can be used in many different ways for entrepreneurs, but the key is using the divinatory method that best fits what you need. When divining for business and using explorative questions, there are multiple methods you can use that will bring awareness and highlight key aspects for you.

Did you know utilising astrology in terms of business product launches can indicate the best time to launch or promote a product, or when to spend more time on strategy and development? There are certain times of the year I would avoid, such as during the Capricorn full moon or when Mercury is in retrograde to prevent miscommunication or burnout.

These are just examples of divination you can use to help your business plans flourish. When it comes to astrology, do you prefer the easier to understand zodiac signs, and what they symbolise to guide the direction for topics, themes, areas to work on in your business etc? Or do you prefer to work with moon phases, and honour your own energy too? 

I would look for days that the Sun is conjunct (working in union with) Jupiter for peak business success, or when Mercury flows nicely with planets whose correspondences work perfectly with what you have on offer. When you’re planning your promotions and content strategy, I’d heavily advise looking at daily transits and astrological aspects for that period.

It can be hard to provide exact and accurate information (such as when will I make my first million) but divinatory insight can certainly help you with prediction and forecasting. So divination is great for helping us to understand the ‘how’, the ‘why’ and the importance of what we are doing. It’s a fantastic tool to help you with marketing your messages, to see what type of energy to work with, even to describe the best people to support you during this process.

citrine crystals

Speaking of process, when you work on your content strategies for Social Media and the pieces you are creating, have you ever used Lithomancy to help you “theme” your content?

Lithomancy is divination using stones, and it works by focusing on the energy of a stone before divining into what it may mean. You can divine with stones, gems, crystals such as the ones below or whatever you have at home. 

It’s up to you how you interpret intuitively, but when utilising divination in this way you will combine both your love of pretty rocks (I just KNOW you hoard just like I do!) and creativity in a way that pays homage to your spirituality too.

  • Jasper = Grounding, peace, support
  • Carnelian = Movement, energy, focus
  • Quartz = Energy boost, clarity and information
  • Black Tourmaline = Structure, protection, absorbs negativity
  • Blue Lace Agate = Creativity, communication, stability
  • Amethyst = Spirituality, divination and psychic abilities
bismuth crystals

How I would use these as prompts would be like this; pick a crystal per day of the week you want to work on. Refer to each individual crystal’s correspondences to brainstorm some ideas around those themes. Wednesday brings us Carnelian? I’d post energy booster tips combatting that midweek sluggishness in IG stories, I’d share motivating quotes on Facebook groups where I am building authority, I’d use lots of orange & reds in my TikTok that day. Friday was Blue Lace Agate? I’d share behind the scenes creativity process on an IG live whilst engaging with my audience, I’d ensure that all my blog posts have been plagiarism checked & are ready to go live, I’d check my newsletter statistics and make a list of what to improve on for the next week, ready to pick up on the Monday. 

I let my intuition select a crystal without thinking too much about it, and then I’d brainstorm from there giving my headspace a bit of a break whilst enjoying how bloody gorgeous my crystals are. Noice!

I hope this article has been helpful to you as you can see divination is a powerful divinatory tool for entrepreneurs. It’s important to remember that divination isn’t a replacement for intuition, divination helps us to focus our energy and creativity during the planning stages with business or to help with problem solving if scenarios that come up. 


I love curating divination experiences for those invested in spiritual growth with secular honest vibes. I am that witch you come to for these honest, interesting and beneficial divination experiences!

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