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Libra New Moon Rituals for Manifestation

Last Updated: September 19, 2023

The Libra New Moon is a such beautiful time for manifestation simply because of the openness that is created through balance and harmony. It’s a powerful time to bring to fruition what we have been planning in the shadows.

Libra is an air sign, requiring us to work with our minds and cultivate ideas into physical form. We can use this energy to create rituals of manifestation by following these steps:

  1. Visualize your desired outcome
  2. Identify the steps required to make it happen
  3. Speak your intentions out loud
  4. Create a physical representation of your intention
  5. Practice mindful relaxation
  6. Give thanks!

We can be creative in how we create our manifestation rituals, allowing us to tap into the energy of the Libra New Moon more deeply and effectively.

Here are three of the most popular styles of manifestation rituals you can expect from the Libra new moon; themes of others & partnerships, themes of beauty & glamour, and effortless ease.

Table of Contents

Manifesting a Soulmate for the Libra New Moon (friend, lover or pet, family)

Why you may want to manifest your soulmate may be because you feel lonely, or you have a desire for companionship or connection. This isn’t anything to be ashamed of or embarrassed. Who wouldn’t want to meet someone who was going to be a friend for life? Whatever your reason, this is your time to bring that special connection into your life during this Libra new moon energy.

Create a sacred space for yourself, and light the area with candles. Place items special to you that remind you of love, such as photos or cards, on your altar. Speak aloud your wish to be partnered and list all the qualities you would like in your partner. Visualize the kind of life you will have together.

Intent Wrap-Up: To attract a harmonious and balanced soulmate, whether it’s a friend, lover, family member, or pet, during the Libra New Moon.

What Witchy Stuff You’ll Need:

  • A white or pink candle (representing love and harmony)
  • A Libra zodiac symbol or image
  • A small mirror or reflective surface
  • Rose quartz crystals or a piece of rose quartz jewelry
  • Lavender incense or essential oil
  • A piece of paper and a pen
  • A small, empty box or container
  • A Libra-themed tarot card (e.g., Justice or the Two of Cups)
  • Comfy clothing


  1. Choose a quiet, serene space where you won’t be disturbed during the ritual.
  2. Set up your altar or sacred space with the white or pink candle at its center, surrounded by the Libra symbol or image, rose quartz crystals, and the mirror.
  3. Light the lavender incense and place it on your altar.
  4. Dress comfortably and take a few moments to ground yourself through deep breathing or meditation.

lavender incense

Manifestation Ritual:

  1. Stand before your altar, close your eyes, and take a few deep breaths. Visualize the Libra symbol glowing with a soft, pink light. Say: “I invoke the harmonious energies of Libra, the sign of balance and partnership, on this New Moon night. May these energies guide me in manifesting a soulmate who brings harmony and love into my life.”
  2. Light the white or pink candle, representing love and harmony. As it flickers, imagine the flame attracting the energies of a harmonious relationship into your life.
  3. Hold the small mirror in your hands and gaze into it. See your reflection and say: “Before I can welcome a soulmate into my life, I must first love and accept myself completely. I am deserving of love and harmony.”
  4. Take the piece of paper and pen and write down your specific intentions for the type of soulmate you wish to manifest. Be as detailed as possible, including qualities, characteristics, and the kind of relationship you desire.
  5. Hold the rose quartz crystals or jewelry in your hands and imagine them filling with the energy of love and harmony. Visualize this energy surrounding your written intentions. Place the rose quartz on top of your written intentions.
  6. Draw a Libra-themed tarot card from your deck and contemplate its message. How does it relate to your intention? Take note of any insights or guidance in your Book of Intuitions!
  7. Carefully fold the piece of paper with your intentions and the rose quartz inside. Place it in the small box or container, symbolizing your commitment to your goal.
  8. Blow out the candle and say: “As this candle’s flame extinguishes, my intention is set. I release it to the universe, trusting that it will manifest at the perfect time.”
  9. Spend a few moments meditating on the New Moon’s energy, imagining your intentions being released into the cosmos.
  10. Close the ritual by expressing gratitude to the Libra energies,the New Moon, the Universe, and to yourself for taking this powerful step. You may consider repeating this ritual over a few nights of the Libra New Moon or as often as you feel necessary until your manifesting has been successful.
  11. Open the box or container and release the folded paper and rose quartz. Place it on your altar or keep it in a special, sacred space. Trust that the universe will work on manifesting your intentions in alignment with divine timing.
  12. Over the coming days and weeks leading up to the next New Moon, recite daily affirmations related to your intention. For example: “I am open to receiving a harmonious soulmate who brings balance and love into my life.”

For this new moon believe that successful manifestation is faith, patience, and positive energy. Trust that the universe is working to align the perfect soulmate or harmonious relationship with your life, and remain open to the possibilities that may arise.

This ritual can be a beautiful way to connect with the energies of Libra, the New Moon, and the power of self-love as you work toward manifesting a soulmate companion or harmonious relationship that aligns with your desires and brings balance and beautiful joy into your life.

Keep a journal to document any signs, synchronicities, or progress related to your intention. This can help you stay connected to your goal and recognize the universe’s responses. Each day, express gratitude for the love and harmony already present in your life. 

using tarot journal

This will help raise your vibrational frequency and attract positive energies and then when the next Libra New Moon approaches, repeat this ritual, reviewing your intentions and adjusting them as needed. You can also add new details or desires to the manifestation if it’s not your time yet.

After the manifestation has occurred, or when you feel it is time to release the ritual, bury the folded paper and rose quartz in your garden or a natural setting to signify the completion of this magickal working.

Glamour Magick Manifestation for Libra New Moon

Above we are looking at how to manifest that person to just love in your life, right? But we can’t do that if we’re not in a good place with ourselves, too. What I suggest is doing a glamour magick manifestation for the Libra New Moon. Glamour is an old tradition of manifesting change through the use of appearance and attitude. 

It’s the way posture changes how you feel, and how looking up when you walk is massively different to when walking eyes to the floor. It’s not just making people fancy you; it’s a powerful form of self-love that can help you manifest love within yourself as well as with other people.

One way to start with glamour magick is through colour correspondences and our clothing options. To do this glamour magick ritual, start by placing your desired items on the altar. These could be items of clothing, jewelry, or makeup that make you feel beautiful and confident. As you prepare for the ritual, visualize your goal in full technicolor; think about how it will make you feel when it has all been achieved.

Once your altar is set up, take a few moments to ground yourself through deep breathing or meditation. As you inhale and exhale, visualize the New Moon’s pink light radiating around your body and filling you with self-love. 

Once you’re feeling centered, imagine yourself wearing the items on your altar and take a few moments to appreciate how beautiful they make you feel. Imagine yourself absolutely glittering with rose gold love, and know this energy will linger longer than the ritual, for days after.

Next, write down some affirmations that speak directly to manifesting love within yourself and with others. These could be something like “I am worthy of love and respect”, or “I attract people who appreciate me for who I am”. Read these affirmations aloud as you light a yellow or pink candle on your altar to signify the power of love manifesting through you.

pink candles

Finally, close out the ritual by thanking the New Moon for its guidance, and expressing gratitude for the love that is already present in your life. As you blow out the candle’s flame, imagine any blocks to self-love or relationship success dissipating into the ether with the smoke.

Manifesting Gifts, Attraction and Offerings Accepted for Libra New Moon

In the spirit of manifestation, it is important to remember that we must give in order to receive. For this reason, I suggest leaving gifts for the universe during this Libra New Moon. By offering something of value, you are showing gratitude and trust in the divine timing of the universe. This can be done through offerings such as flowers, incense, food items

Some other offerings that you may consider for this Libra New Moon are bay leaves, coins, and feathers. Bay leaves represent protection from negative energies while coins signify wishes and dreams coming true. Feathers represent an ability to fly high and manifest whatever your heart desires – a beautiful reminder of the power of manifesting during the Libra New Moon.

You may also want to try attraction rituals such as the use of crystals, scrying mirrors, affirmations and visualization. Crystals can be used to amplify energies in your environment and draw in love and positive energy. Scrying mirrors are tools that allow you to gaze into the past or future while invoking magickal insights and wisdom. Lastly, affirmation cards with messages of self-love and relationship success can be used to call in your desired partner.

These activities are powerful tools of manifestation that will help you align with the energies of the Libra New Moon and draw in positive energy into your life. Feel free to incorporate any or all of these rituals into your practice – it is up to you to decide how you create space for self-love.


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