future love tarot spread for relationships and soulmates

Future Love Tarot Spread

Last Updated: December 6, 2022

Looking for love can be a daunting task. It’s also exhausting! We all want to find our soulmate, but sometimes it feels like we’re searching for a needle in a haystack. If you’re feeling lost and don’t know where to turn, why not try a future love tarot spread? This tarot spread is designed specifically for those who are looking for their special someone, as well as to highlight areas where you want to love yourself more. It can help you find the clues you need to make the right decisions and move closer to finding your one true love.

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Why you can use tarot for finding love

When you’re single, you can use apps like Hinge or Tinder to help you find something fun for casual connections or Plenty of Fish (look how old I am?) was a great platform when it first came out. Those paid subscription services that help you filter out what you want and what you don’t want and narrow down the choices you have are fab but can be super time consuming.

Tarot works in a similar way, though it’s usually free and accessible to everyone, regardless of financial status or access to technology. Tarot is an hands-on divination practice that can be used to help you make decisions about future events, including love and romance. By using tarot cards, you can observe current patterns, understand your own behaviours, and specify what has been going on for you in terms of your love life.

Can tarot predict my soulmate?

Tarot can be used to give you a glimpse into your future based on current behaviours, and it can help you make decisions about what path to take in love. Tarot won’t tell you who your soulmate is definitively (“Her name is Sarah B from Bridgend, South Wales, and is a teacher, 66 years old and loves karate movies” is a terrible example), but it can give you a hint of future trends that may help guide you in the right direction.

Future Love Tarot Spread

The future love tarot spread is designed for those who are looking for their teammate. It’s a ten-card spread that looks at the future, your current state of mind, and how to move forward. It can help provide clarity on what kind of relationship you should be seeking, it can provide insight into the kind of person you should be looking for and how they might fit into your life.

To begin, shuffle your tarot deck and draw a card for each position in the yearly tarot draw as shown in the below layout.

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you. If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

Tarot Card #1: Where I am now?

The first card in the future love tarot spread focuses on your current situation and how you’re feeling in relation to love. This card can help you to understand what kind of relationship would be best for you right now. This could look like the Judgement card, which in a love reading would suggest a moment of clarity, a new perspective on your future and how you want to approach relationships, even maybe themes of wanting to spiritually connect with someone as to prevent boredom in your relationship.

Tarot card #2: Any challenges in your love life right now explained

The second card shares with you any challenges that might be blocking your path to finding love. It can help you to identify what kind of obstacles you may have to overcome in order to find the right person and relationship for you. This isn’t a “telling off” card, but one to give you awareness of mindsets, behaviours, traumas that trigger you that need support etc.

It’ll show you where you need to give yourself some self-love and exploration before jumping into a new relationship. This can show up like the 5 of Pentacles, which in a love reading can mean after spending a lot of money on yourself or your lifestyle it’s left with external worries or internal insecurities.

Tarot card #3: Self-love round up; where do I need acceptance and where do I need affection?

Similar to the second card, this third card will highlight areas that may need some nurturing, whatever the reason. It’s important to practice self-love and acceptance, especially when you’re single. This card will let you know where you need to put more focus into loving yourself and work on those areas that could be time-stealing from future love coming into your life. The Queen of Wands in this position could mean a strong independent woman who is confident, accomplished and motivated… but still needs to work with accepting her feminine side as well as allow herself to be taken care of too.

Tarot card #4: Experiences; what have you learnt up until now?

This fourth card shares with you what experiences have ultimately benefited you in the past for the future, and whilst they may not have felt positive at the time, there are unique lessons you’ve learned in your journey. This card could be the Ace of Swords, which in a love reading would suggest that you have been allowed to examine your thoughts and feelings more objectively.

Tarot card #5: Postponement; is there anything holding you back from relationships?

This fifth card is a little kiss and words of wisdom before we learn more about your future relationship(s); if anything is holding you back right now externally as well as internally this card will display it. It may be the reversed 3 of Cups, which would suggest you’ve been wallowing in self-pity or a lack of celebration for yourself, or that you’re not open to sharing your love with others. Use this card to decide what kind of future relationship you desire and the kind of partnership someone needs to offer that makes stepping into a relationship with love, trust and respect worth it. Grab a journal or diary, and explore the cards so far as themes for yourself.

Tarot card #6: Something to know about your future love as a person

This card will describe really specific attributes of the individual for future loving relationships, so whether it is positive or negative, these are things you won’t necessarily be able to change about the individual. But this card is highlighting specifically something about this person that’ll trigger the awareness within you to know they are there for you. This can look like 6 of Swords, which as a person describes someone who is a natural problem solver, logical thinker and future planner, as well as they’ve really been through it and have been working hard to come out the other side.

Tarot card #7: Something to know about how you meet or when that is

Most of the tarot cards have a specific timing associated with them, and this card is no different. It’s likely to be a future-looking card, if it’s not when you meet them it could be a suggestion of when the future love relationship will solidify or blossom fully, or even how it all comes about. An example would be The Star, which in future love readings describes restored hope, faith and clarity that when you’re in a “good place” after a trying period is likely when they’ll come along, or it may be the 2 of Wands, when you’ve made a decision to go travelling (and they’ve done the same from wherever they are in the world).

Tarot card #8: Something to know about your relationship together

This card will show the type of future relationship you will have together. It may be a soul mate, someone to share your future with or someone who can complement and complete you. I’m of the belief that everyone has multiple soulmates, that not one person can complete us, and I agree that we can fall in love multiple times in our lives, but this card will showcase more about your next relationship.

This could mean on a more physical level, but also look at what their values are, what future goals you both have and how to best express love for each other. This card will give you the overall picture of the future relationship, so it can be regarding specific situations or outcomes. It’s like an ‘overall’ picture that’ll offer inspiration, motivation and guidance for you.

Tarot card #9: Personal growth tips between now and then

The future is uncertain, and with love tarot readings you can expect your future to look different depending on the decisions and choices you make. This card will provide clarity for future growth in yourself as well as advice that’ll bring more meaning and depth to future relationships with others, but ultimately your relationship with yourself.

It could be a Major Arcana card such as The Hanged Man; a card about unique perspectives, trusting the process and universal wisdom, or it could be a more minor arcana card like the 4 of Pentacles which speaks to future stability, material security and financial freedom. Whichever way this card falls for you, it’s showing that future relationships are possible by making changes now and help to focus on yourself a bit first.

Tarot card #10: Tips to attract what you're after in a relationship

This card will represent future guidance for yourself in order to manifest the relationship of your future. It’s a combination of what you have already been doing, then building on those foundations and knowing when to take chances. This could be the 8 of Swords, which suggests future caution, being careful with words and taking a step back to reassess the situation if needed. Or it could be the 7 of Cups, which reflects future choices and the need for imagination; sometimes we have to use our intuition and personal magick in order to find love. It can also suggest the Chariot, a card of future movement, changes and shifts in life. It is a card that encourages bravery and courage to move forward no matter the outcome, trusting that future love will be found.

No matter what tarot cards come up for you when looking into future love relationships, know that it’s about taking every step with intention and being open to what comes next. Use this tarot spread to reflect on your future love, to focus on your personal growth in the meantime, and to make the necessary changes in order to attract your future love. Wishing you so much good luck for your loving endeavours!

Try this 10-card future love tarot reading with the below interactive tarot spread

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Devil card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Death card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
Temperance card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Empress card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Emperor card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Justice card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Tower card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Sun card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Lovers card

Custom illustration

Backyard Banshee Tarot Deck Back Card
The Wheel of Fortune card

Custom illustration

Shuffle the cards

What to do after this future love tarot reading

After you’ve finished a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do in order to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights you gained. Here are some suggestions:

Use a tarot journal to record your findings

Jotting down your thoughts in a tarot journal after reading can be helpful in a few ways. First, it can help you remember the details of your reading later on, such as how you felt at the moment and perhaps your first impressions of what a card meant. Second, it can provide a space for you to process the information you’ve received and explore what it means for you. Third, it can be a way to keep track of your progress over time as you revisit your journal entries and reflect on your journey.

Take a picture of the cards

If you want to remember the position of the cards and what they meant in relation to your questions, take a picture of the spread. This will help you look back on the reading later and review the insights you received. Sometimes, clarity is better acquired after you’ve stepped back from the situation for a little while and had some time to process it.

Some people create Instagram accounts or Pinterest accounts specifically for this, and if you use any of our spreads please tag us @backyardbanshee if you feel comfortable!

Take some time to meditate and reflect

Immediately after a tarot reading, it’s important to take some time to sit with the insights you’ve received. This can be done through proper meditation, visualisation, or simply taking some time to reflect on the reading. It can be helpful to think about what the messages from the cards mean for your life and how you can apply the advice that was given to you. That time can also be used to replenish your energy level and cleanse your tarot deck.

Get a second opinion from a close friend

If you have close friends who also happen to be tarot practitioners, it can be helpful to get their take on your reading. They may be able to offer additional insights or perspectives that you hadn’t considered before. This is also a good way to get feedback on your own interpretation of the cards.

Ensure to ask permission before just blindly sending your cards across in a message and saying “what does this mean to you?” as your friends may not have the energy or have a boundary with this sort of thing – manners cost nothing, and this is especially to note if they are a professional tarot reader who normally gets paid to interpret readings.

Layer your reading with more divination

Why not try adding astrology dice or a pendulum reading to your tarot session? Your intuition will guide you on how to best use these tools, but they can be helpful in providing more clarity around the messages from your tarot reading. We have lots of methods for you to utilise here on the website.

At the end of the day, tarot readings are meant to be a helpful tool, not a replacement for your own intuition. The best way to use tarot is to combine the insights you receive with your own understanding of the situation. Trust your gut and follow your heart—the answers you’re looking for will come.

I’m wishing you all the best on your journey! xxx


I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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