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Money Problems Tarot Spread; Support, Guidance and Tips

Last Updated: September 9, 2023

Look I’m not gonna make this a place feel like somewhere else you should be ashamed of yourself; you obviously know something isn’t good when it comes to your relationship with money, and that’s why you’re here.

My plan then is to provide some tarot resources and a few witchy tips to encourage a better relationship with your cash. Whatever you try next, I hope it works out for you.

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Money Problems

When we have money problems it can be so easy to just want to hide away, or even run away from them, but that’s just not going to be magickally making that problem disappear. If you find that you are having money issues then there’s a tarot spread to help give some insight and guidance that’s more personalised to you below.

If you’ve simply overspent this month, I do offer a few witchcraft tips below as well as I have the Passive Income for Witches & Spiritual Folx that you can pick up pretty cheap that has ways you can start to make money either for free or from $10, which is usually pretty easy to find. These were all tried and tested by myself or my friends, so that I could see what pays best, and naturally they had to align with witchy values!

If you find that debt is impacting your mental health, here are some international charities and supportive resources to aid you further with it all:

Please do not suffer in silence. There are some amazing charities, supportive organisations and people out there to help you through this struggle.

make money spells work for you

Money Problems

Using tarot for all areas of our lives for guidance, including money, is of no surprise as a recommendation here at yet there are so many other ways you can audit your money spending in your life, such as with budgets (omg I also love a spreadsheet)

Other things you can try include:

  • Looking at what you’re spending unnecessarily especially when it comes to things like subscription services.
  • Separating your wants from needs (I’m definitely guilty of this).
  • Allocating yourself a certain amount each month or week to use for fun, care-free spending (this is something I recommend highly & do myself!).

Some journaling prompts include:

  1. What is my current relationship with money?
  2. What limiting beliefs and behaviours do I need to let go of?
  3. How can I make positive changes to increase my financial success?
  4. What habits, mindsets or behaviours do I need to form in order to make progress?
  5. How can I best take care of my money so that it takes care of me?

Why Use Tarot For Money And Finance Audits?

Tarot helps us understand and make decisions around the different areas of our lives. And money is no exception! Tarot can provide a great way for us to gain insight into how we are currently feeling about our finances, what steps we need to take in order to improve them, and how the different elements of our lives are influencing our financial health.

Using tarot to look at our money situation can help us gain clarity and perspective on the choices we make around spending, saving, investing, and more. It can be a great way to get an overall picture of where we are financially before diving into more detailed budgeting or finance management tasks.

Money Spell Jar; Manifest Small Amount Quickly Daily

A money spell jar is great for manifesting small amounts of money quickly and easily, but not necessarily there for the big purchases. It can be a nice energetic booster when you’ve got a lot of birthdays, vacations and holidays coming up. It’s a simple way to utilise smaller magick to create an abundance spell with items you can find around the home.

You will need:

  • A jar or container
  • A piece of paper
  • Pen or pencil
  • Coins (any kind)
  • Foil
  • Cinnamon (ground or broken up from little sticks)
  • A bay leaf or two

Start by writing down on your paper what you wish to manifest. It could be something like “I am now abundantly blessed with financial wealth” or it could be more specific such as “I now manifest $100 by the end of this week.” Get creative with your words!

Once you have written down your wish, put it into the jar. Then add in your coins and fold them up in foil. Add in a few bay leaves, and sprinkle cinnamon on top. As you are doing this, focus on the intention of manifesting money quickly and easily. Seal the lid of the jar and store it somewhere safe.

Each day, take the jar in your hands and focus on sending out good energy into the universe, visualising yourself already having money flowing quickly and easily. Whenever you need to add more coins to the jar, do so with gratitude for all that you already have and will receive.

This is a great way to manifest small amounts of money, but if we have a big debt to settle, it may be easier to look to ways to cut spending for a while.

Money Tarot Spell; Curbing Bad Habits

If you have noticed a few bad money habits that you would like to break, then this money tarot spell may be just what you need.

You will need:

  • A tarot deck (any kinda deck will do tbh)
  • Incense or some herbs of your intuitive choosing
  • Candles in the colours of green, red and black (or two of each)
  • A journal and pen

Start by lighting up your incense or herbs as well as the candles. Place them in a circle around you, as if you are protecting yourself from any negative energies that may be around. Close your eyes and take some deep breaths to centre yourself and get into a calm state.

Once you are ready, shuffle your tarot deck and pick out three cards. Place them in front of you in the shape of a triangle with the point towards you. Observe each card and take notes on what messages they may hold for you regarding your bad money habits. From this, make a plan to help yourself break these bad habits going forward.

When you have finished noting down everything, extinguish each candle one by one and thank the universe for giving you clarity and guidance. Allow yourself to indulge in your incense and herbs, resting your eyes for a few more moments before you open your eyes again.

Take your journal with you throughout this habit-curbing process; it will be a great reminder of what was revealed to you about your money habits during the tarot spread.

make a financial difference

Money Problems Tarot Spread - Card Layout and Questions to Ask

This tarot spread is perfect for anyone wanting to gain deep insight into their money issues, so they can begin to start taking steps towards a better financial future. Most importantly I have created this from a place of support, so that it’s constructive and doesn’t feel like a shameful bollocking which tbh is one of the reasons most folx keep quiet when they have a situation with their finances.

Find somewhere comfortable and quiet to sit or lay down, hold your deck in both hands and ask the universe to grant you clarity into what’s occurring with your finances. Shuffle your deck however feels most natural for you and get a notebook & pen handy to write down any insights or questions that come to you, I’ll always recommend having a Book of Intuitions for this or even maybe using a Tarot Journal.

To begin, shuffle your deck and draw a card for each position as shown in the layout below

Finally, take some time to reflect on the questions that each card position represents and what message the tarot cards in that position might be trying to tell you.

If you’re just starting to learn tarot, or if you’re still getting to know your deck, you may find my in-depth articles on the meanings of every tarot card helpful.

money problems tarot spread

Card One: Things Are Not Good. What Do I Need To Do Right Now?

This card will be the brutal honest friend advice you need to hear, and it may not be so comfortable or delivered with grace, but this type of clarity is what it is. It’ll provide you with a “priority solution” you need to focus on right now. This may show up like the Empress who would suggest getting creative with making money, or it could be a more metaphysical card like the Hermit which implies taking time out to study your options and take those first steps by yourself.

Card Two: Habit Breaking Is Hard, Please Give Me Some Advice?

It’s hard to make positive changes in our lives but this card will offer the advice needed to help you stick with it. This could be a card like Temperance which suggests being patient and doing things in moderation, or The Sun which encourages taking risks and letting go of your fear of failure because success will follow from the hard work.

Card Three: What’s A Quick Way To Make Cash?

The third card of this tarot spread will provide a solution to the money problems you are having. This could be something like The Chariot which is all about taking action and getting things done quickly potentially involving cars or travel, or it could even be The Magician who suggests using your skills and talents to get ahead and sharing a masterclass or workshop with your everyday tool. No matter what cards show up in this spread, they will always offer a solution that is both realistic and achievable.

Card Four: What’s A Quick Way To Save Cash?

This card will be the one to help you take action with your spending habits. It may be something like Death which suggests letting go of old patterns and creating space for new ones (potentially even sell your preloved items), or it could even be The Star which encourages you to look at each purchase from a different perspective in order to make better decisions that save money long-term.

Card Five: How Do I Manage My Debts Better?

The fifth card of this tarot spread will give insight into how to manage any debts that you may have. This could be a card like The Hierophant which suggests seeking guidance from an expert or councellor, or it could even be The Hanged Man which encourages patience and taking a step back in order to see the bigger picture.

Card Six: What Is My Financial Priority Right Now?

The penultimate card of this spread will provide the most important insight into what your financial priority should be. This could be something like The Lovers which encourages finding balance between spending and saving especially with help from a partner, or it could even be Judgement which suggests switching up or improving your current situation to reach your goals.

Card Seven: Money Luck – Final Support?

This final card of the tarot spread will be your support system, providing a positive message about any money luck coming your way. This could be something like The Fool which suggests taking risks and trusting that everything will work out in the end, or it could even be The Wheel of Fortune which encourages you to look at money as a cycle instead of an ending point.

Money problems can feel overwhelming, but this tarot spread will help to provide clarity and direction into the solutions available to you. You don’t need to do it alone, seek out advice from friends and family who can help support you on your journey towards financial freedom. No matter how difficult the situation may seem, it’s important to remind yourself that money issues can always be improved upon. Be mindful of where you are now and where you want to be, and make sure that all your decisions are in line with achieving those goals! Good luck lovely, and until next time xox

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The Magician card

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The World card

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The Tower card

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The Star card

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The Justice card

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Shuffle the cards

What to do after this tarot reading

Always remember to take the time to listen and be still so that you can get their answers with clarity. 

After you’ve finished a tarot reading, there are a few things you can do in order to reflect on the experience and integrate the insights you gained. Here are some suggestions:

Use a tarot journal to record your findings

Jotting down your thoughts in a tarot journal after reading can be helpful in a few ways. First, it can help you remember the details of your reading later on, such as how you felt at the moment and perhaps your first impressions of what a card meant. 

Second, it can provide a space for you to process the information you’ve received and explore what it means for you. Third, it can be a way to keep track of your progress over time as you revisit your journal entries and reflect on your journey.

Take a picture of the cards

If you want to remember the position of the cards and what they meant in relation to your questions, take a picture of the spread. This will help you look back on the reading later and review the insights you received. Sometimes, clarity is better acquired after you’ve stepped back from the situation for a little while and had some time to process it.

Some people create Instagram accounts or Pinterest accounts specifically for this, and if you use any of our spreads please tag us @backyardbanshee if you feel comfortable!

Take some time to meditate and reflect

Immediately after a tarot reading, it’s important to take some time to sit with the insights you’ve received. This can be done through proper meditation, visualisation, or simply taking some time to reflect on the reading. 

It can be helpful to think about what the messages from the cards mean for your life and how you can apply the advice that was given to you. That time can also be used to replenish your energy level and cleanse your tarot deck.

Get a second opinion from a close friend

If you have close friends who also happen to be tarot practitioners, it can be helpful to get their take on your reading. They may be able to offer additional insights or perspectives that you hadn’t considered before. This is also a good way to get feedback on your own interpretation of the cards.

Ensure to ask permission before just blindly sending your cards across in a message and saying “what does this mean to you?” as your friends may not have the energy or have a boundary with this sort of thing – manners cost nothing, and this is especially to note if they are a professional tarot reader who normally gets paid to interpret readings.

Do the same reading a few weeks later

This is a great way to check in on your progress and see how far you’ve come. It can also be helpful in understanding the cyclical nature of our lives and how our current situation is likely to change over time.

At the end of the day, tarot readings are meant to be a helpful tool, not a replacement for your own intuition. The best way to use tarot is to combine the insights you receive with your own understanding of the situation. Trust your gut and follow your heart—the answers you’re looking for will come.

It is my hope that these tarot spreads on my website help you with clarity and articulate whatever is going on. Let me know what you think of this tarot spread in the comments below and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to me.

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