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This is what your 9-to-5 should be, according to Tarot.

Last Updated: March 11, 2024

Discovering your professional path can be both exhilarating and daunting. Each tarot card in the Major Arcana serves as a mirror to the soul, reflecting innate strengths, challenges, and the latent potential that lies within, and this is why it’s such a great inspiration for your journey. We’re taking a playful plunge into tarot to reveal something totally fresh: your ultimate career match, based on your very own birthday tarot card.

That’s right, each card in the tarot deck resonates with specific themes and energies, and we’re here to connect those vibes to the job that’s just waiting for you to crush it. No crystal balls or fortune-telling here—just a fun, cosmically-aligned way to see how your personal strengths + the universe’s little nudges can point you toward the career you’re meant to thrive in.

So grab your favorite mocktail, get comfy, and let’s unveil the career destiny that your birthday tarot card has in store for you. Ready to find your professional soulcareer?

Let’s do this!

Before we start, calculate your birthday tarot card

To find your birth date Major Arcana card (also known as your Soul Card, or a Personality Card) add up all the dates to get to a single digit.

E.g. My birthday is 26th March 1989, so I add up 2 + 6 + 3 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 38. 3 + 8 = 11. This would be the Justice Major Arcana card, or if you add the 1+1 together it equals 2 (The High Priestess).

Once you have this card, see how these similarities align with who you are as an individual. You can see a full list of Major Arcana cards and their meanings here. If you do not relate at all to your card, read through some of the cards to find what most aligns with you.

The Fool

Represents someone adventurous, carefree, and willing to take risks. This personality type is often optimistic, open to new experiences, and enjoys living in the moment.

  • Adventurous Guide: Travel bloggers, adventure tour guides, or extreme sports instructors embody the Fool’s adventurous spirit.
  • Creative Innovator: Startup founders or creative professionals in fields like advertising or product design who thrive on risk and innovation.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Fool: improvisational actor or comedian, freelance artist or musician, outdoor adventure guide, startup entrepreneur, yoga instructor or meditation teacher, wildlife biologist or conservationist, event planner for unconventional experiences, social activist or humanitarian worker, and creative writer or poet.

The Magician

Symbolizes creativity, resourcefulness, and power. A person represented by this card would be highly skilled, charismatic, and able to manifest their desires through determination and intellect.

  • Charismatic Leader: Entrepreneurs, business owners, CEOs or motivational speakers who use their charisma and skills to manifest visions into reality.
  • Creative Professionals: Artists, musicians, or writers who use their creativity and resourcefulness to produce compelling works.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Magician: Public Speaker or Motivational Coach, Professional Magician or Illusionist, Inventor or Innovator, Artist or Writer, Psychologist or Life Coach, Management Consultant, Marketing Strategist, Film or Theater Director.

The High Priestess

Denotes intuition, mystery, and wisdom. This personality is often introspective, spiritually inclined, and possesses a deep understanding of the world and people around them.

  • Spiritual Guide: Psychics, spiritual advisors, or meditation instructors who guide others through intuition and wisdom.
  • Counselors: Therapists or life coaches specializing in deep introspective work and personal growth.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of High Priestess: Tarot Card Reader, Astrologer, Paranormal Investigator, Hypnotherapist, Clairvoyant, Medium, and Reiki Healer.

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The Empress

Embodies nurturing, abundance, and femininity. Such a person is caring, generous, and creative, often serving as a source of support and encouragement for others.

  • Caregiver: Nurses, midwives, or childcare workers who provide nurturing and support.
  • Creative Artist: Fashion designers, gardeners, or chefs who create beauty and abundance in their work, especially using nature as their muse.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Empress: Doula, Obstetrician, Pediatric Nurse, Fertility Specialist, Childcare Provider, Early Childhood Educator, Lactation Consultant, Family Therapist, and Social Worker.

The Emperor

Represents authority, structure, and control. This personality type is disciplined, ambitious, and has strong leadership qualities, often excelling in managerial, autonomous or administrative roles.

  • Corporate Executive: CEOs, managers, or military officers who embody authority and structure in leadership roles.
  • Entrepreneur: Business founders who build and control their enterprises with ambition and discipline.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Emperor: Police Officer, Judge, Military Officer, School Principal, Government Official, Corporate Executive, Manager, Politician, Dean of Students.

The Hierophant

Symbolizes tradition, conformity, and education. People represented by this card often value societal norms, are highly knowledgeable, and may be involved in educational or spiritual institutions.

  • Educator: Teachers, professors, or spiritual leaders who impart knowledge and uphold traditions.
  • Cultural Custodian: Museum curators or historians who preserve and teach cultural heritage.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Hierophant: Marriage Counselor, Clergy Member, Academic Advisor, Religious Studies Scholar, Spiritual Director, Educational Consultant, Life Coach, Mentor, and Theologian.

The Lovers

Indicates harmony, relationships, and choices. This personality type values connections with others is often romantic and passionate and faces life’s choices with heart and intuition.

  • Relationship Counselor: Therapists or counsellors specializing in relationships and personal connections.
  • Diplomat: Professionals in diplomacy or negotiation who balance multiple perspectives and values.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Lovers: Relationship Coach, Marriage Therapist, Career Counselor, Decision Analyst, Matchmaker, Human Resources Specialist, Mediator, Partnership Manager, Love and Relationships Blogger, Event Planner.

The Chariot

Represents willpower, victory, and determination. Individuals resonating with this card are goal-oriented, driven, and often succeed in overcoming obstacles through sheer will.

  • Project Manager: Individuals who drive projects to completion against all odds, embodying determination and focus.
  • Athlete: Competitive athletes or coaches who strive for victory through discipline and willpower.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Chariot: Motivational Speaker, Entrepreneur, Life Coach, Adventure Guide, Project Manager, Personal Trainer, Sales Executive, Military Strategist, and Expedition Leader.

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The Hermit

Symbolizes introspection, solitude, and guidance. This personality is contemplative, seeks deeper truths, and often serves as a wise advisor or mentor to others.

  • Spiritual Advisor: Mentors, life coaches, or spiritual guides who offer wisdom and guidance.
  • Researcher: Scientists or scholars dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge and introspection.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Hermit: Meditation Instructor, Philosopher, Writer, Retreat Coordinator, Psychotherapist, Librarian, Research Scientist, Yoga Teacher.

The Wheel of Fortune

Denotes change, cycles, and fate. People associated with this card are adaptable, accept life’s ups and downs, and often have a philosophical outlook on life’s changing fortunes.

  • Risk Manager: Financial analysts or strategists who navigate and adapt to changing markets.
  • Life Coach: Coaches who help clients navigate life’s ups and downs, emphasizing adaptability and resilience.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Wheel of Fortune: Project Manager, Change Management Consultant, Crisis Manager, Business Continuity Manager, Entrepreneur, and HR Specialist in Organizational Development.


Represents fairness, truth, and law. This personality type values honesty, seeks balance and equity in all things, and is often involved in legal or diplomatic fields.

  • Legal Professional: Lawyers, judges, or mediators who uphold fairness and truth in the legal system.
  • Ethics Officer: Professionals who ensure ethical practices in businesses or organizations.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of Justice: Compliance Officer, Legal Administrator, Human Resources Manager, Police Officer, Paralegal, Arbitrator, Corporate Governance Advisor, and Policy Analyst.

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The Hanged Man

Symbolizes surrender, new perspectives, and sacrifice. Individuals like this often embrace unconventional paths, are reflective, and may sacrifice their own needs for the greater good.

  • Innovative Thinker: Researchers or artists who approach problems from unique perspectives, often leading to breakthroughs.
  • Volunteer Coordinator: Individuals leading non-profit initiatives, often sacrificing personal gains for a greater cause.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Hanged Man tarot card: Social Worker, Psychotherapist, Counselor, Non-Profit Organization Director, Peace Corps Volunteer, Spiritual Guide, and Environmental Activist.


While it may sound ominous, it represents transformation, endings, and new beginnings. This personality type embraces change, is resilient in the face of loss, and often undergoes significant personal transformations.

  • Change Management Consultant: Professionals who guide organizations through major transitions or transformations.
  • Psychotherapist: Therapists specializing in helping individuals through significant personal changes or loss.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Death tarot card: Hospice Nurse, Shadow Work Therapist, Grief Counselor, Palliative Care Specialist, Organizational Development Specialist, Career Coach, Life Transition Coach, and Divorce Attorney.


Indicates balance, moderation, and patience. Such individuals are diplomatic, seek harmony in all aspects of life, and are adept at finding middle ground in conflicts.

  • Diplomat: Professionals in international relations or conflict resolution who balance diverse interests to maintain peace.
  • Wellness Coach: Health or life coaches who emphasize balance, moderation, and holistic well-being.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of Temperance: Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Sobriety Coach/Sponsor, Mediator, Yoga Instructor, Environmental Scientist, Human Resources Specialist, and Substance Abuse Counselor.

The Devil

Represents materialism, temptation, and bondage. A person represented by this card might struggle with addiction or material desires, often feeling trapped in a situation due to unhealthy attachments or habits.

  • Addiction Counselor: Specialists who help individuals overcome dependencies and break free from unhealthy patterns.
  • Crisis Manager: Professionals adept at navigating and resolving high-stakes or binding situations.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Devil: Debt Advisor, Rehabilitation Specialist, Compliance Officer, Forensic Accountant, Risk Manager, Business Lawyer, Bankruptcy Lawyer, and Consumer Rights Advocate.

The Tower

Symbolizes sudden change, upheaval, and chaos. This personality type might experience frequent and dramatic life changes, often leading to a complete transformation of their worldview or circumstances.

  • Emergency Services Worker: First responders or disaster relief workers who deal with sudden upheavals and crises.
  • Transformation Coach: Life coaches focused on helping individuals rebuild after major life changes.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Tower: Crisis Counselor, Structural Engineer (specializing in disaster-resistant designs), Insurance Adjuster, Demolition Expert, Bankruptcy Attorney, Disaster Recovery Specialist, and Trauma Therapist.

The Star

Denotes hope, inspiration, and serenity. Individuals resonating with this card are optimistic, often providing inspiration and comfort to others, and have a deep sense of faith and connection to the universe.

  • Inspirational Speaker: Individuals who uplift and inspire others through their words and actions.
  • Healer: Holistic health practitioners or therapists who promote healing and hope.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Star: Astronomer, Environmental Conservationist, Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach, Tarot Reader, Astrologist, Community Outreach Coordinator, and Yoga Instructor.

The Moon

Represents illusion, intuition, and the unconscious. This personality type might be deeply introspective, often dealing with confusion or uncertainty, but also possesses a strong intuition and understanding of the deeper aspects of life.

  • Creative Writer: Authors or artists who explore and express the depths of the human psyche and emotion.
  • Psychic Medium: Individuals who delve into the unconscious, offering insights and guidance based on intuition.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Moon: Mental Health Counselor, Dream Analyst, Film Director, Musician, Art Therapist, Hypnotherapist, and Mystery Novelist.

The Sun

Symbolizes joy, success, and vitality. A person associated with this card is typically cheerful, full of energy, and enjoys success and popularity. They often bring light and positivity to the lives of others.

  • Motivational Coach: Coaches or speakers who inspire positivity and personal growth.
  • Entertainer: Performers or artists who bring joy and light to audiences, embodying the Sun’s radiant energy.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The Sun: Pediatrician, Event Planner, Solar Energy Consultant, Landscape Architect, Kindergarten Teacher, Travel Guide, and Fitness Trainer.


Indicates evaluation, rebirth, and inner calling. This personality type often experiences moments of profound self-realization or awakening, leading to significant life changes. They are introspective and seek higher truths.

  • Life Transition Coach: Professionals who assist individuals in navigating significant life changes or awakenings.
  • Spiritual Healer: Practitioners focused on holistic and spiritual healing, guiding others towards inner truth.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of Judgement: Career Counselor, Clergy Member, Humanitarian Aid Worker, Personal Development Trainer, Psychotherapist specializing in existential crises, Ethics Consultant, and Rehabilitation Specialist.

The World

Represents completion, accomplishment, and travel. Individuals represented by this card are worldly, have a sense of accomplishment and fulfillment, and often experience a strong connection with different cultures or enjoy travelling.

  • Travel Guide: Experts who lead cultural tours, sharing knowledge and experiences of different places.
  • Global Consultant: Business or environmental consultants who work across cultures, contributing to global projects and understanding.
  • Other Job roles that match the themes of The World: Diplomat, International Sales Manager, Cultural Ambassador, World History Teacher, Airline Pilot, Anthropologist, and International NGO Worker.

I have been reading Tarot for more than 15 years. I have always enjoyed using my intuition to provide clarity and insights to others. Tarot is one of my favorite forms of divination, and I love sharing that passion with like-minded folks.

Continue your tarot journey ✨

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