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What Tarot Card Represents Taurus & Why?

Last Updated: July 28, 2023

Tarot and astrology, two revered and powerful systems of divination, have long been used to provide insights, guidance, and self-reflection. The connection between these two systems lies in their shared use of symbols, elements, and archetypes that mirror the broader human experience.

At first glance, Tarot and astrology may seem unrelated, but in reality, each of the 12 zodiac signs has a corresponding Tarot card from the Major Arcana, and a few from the Minor Arcana which embodies the essence of that sign’s energy and personality traits. By exploring the Tarot card that represents a specific zodiac sign, we can better understand the characteristics, strengths, and weaknesses of that sign and its role in our lives.

In this article, we will delve into the Tarot card that represents Taurus, the second sign of the zodiac, and examine the intricate connection between some of the tarot cards card and the astrological energy of Taurus.

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Understanding the Taurus sign

Before I dive into the associated tarot cards, it’s important that we first touch upon the essence of the Taurus sign. The tarot card’s connection to this sign is closely related to these fundamental characteristics, so let’s begin with a quick overview of the Taurus sign.

  • Dates: April 20th – May 20th
  • Element: Earth
  • Key personality traits: Reliable, Persistent, Loyal, Appreciative of beauty and comfort
  • Strengths: Patient, determined, stable, and practical
  • Weaknesses: Stubborn, resistant to change, possessive, and materialistic
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Symbolism: The Bull
  • Constellation: Taurus, containing Hyades (spring rain and dawn rising) and Pleiades (seven sisters, creating rituals) indicating it’s time to sow our seeds (foundations) and start farming (stability) 
  • Associations: Strength, endurance, and connection to nature
  • Position in the zodiac wheel: Second sign

The Empress - sensuality, comfort, and material abundance

Both the Empress card and Taurus are ruled by the planet Venus and are the strongest connection between the tarot and astrological Taurus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, pleasure, and values. This shared planetary influence highlights the appreciation for beauty, harmony, and sensuality found in both the Empress card and Taurus individuals.

The Empress represents abundance, growth, and the creative force of nature, which aligns with Taurus’ grounded and stable energy.

The Empress is often associated with sensuality, comfort, and material abundance, which are traits commonly found in Taureans. Taurus natives have a strong desire for stability and security, and they appreciate the finer things in life.

The Empress represents the divine feminine, embodying nurturing, caring, and compassionate energy. Taurus, being ruled by Venus, also carries a strong connection to the feminine and receptive qualities of the universe, further strengthening the bond between the card and the sign.

  • Upright Keywords: Abundance, creation, divine feminine power, nurturing
  • Reverse Keywords: Overbearingness, smothering, insecurity, instability
  • Tarot timing: April 21st to May 20th
  • Jungian archetype: Light aspect: The Queen, The Mother, The Goddess / Shadow aspect: The Martyr, The Hedonist
  • Ruling planet: Venus
empress tarot card 3

The Hierophant - trustworthiness, patience, practicality, loyalty

The Hierophant card connects with our pragmatic Taurus due to a combination of deeply shared themes, values, and symbolism. For example, they have this common appreciation for structure and adherence to tradition.

The Hierophant represents spiritual guidance and the importance of following established rules and structures. Taureans value stability and are known for their preference for routine and familiarity.

Taurus is an Earth sign, which connects it to the grounded and practical energy of the Hierophant. Taurus is known for its persistence and patience, which are reflected in the Hierophant’s role as a spiritual guide, eternal student and teacher.

If you have someone in your life that you are close to, you will most definitely see some of these personality traits in them: trustworthy, patient, practical, loyal, stable, reluctant to change, find comfort in routines, enjoy sharing knowledge, down to earth, strong curiosity, and more.

  • Upright Keywords: Tradition, knowledge, education, institutions
  • Reverse Keywords: Unconventionality, rebellion, lazy effort, innovation, ignorance
  • Tarot timing: August 23rd to September 21st
  • Jungian archetype: Light aspect: The Teacher, the Virgin / Shadow aspect: The Oppressor, The Engineer
  • Ruling planet: Venus

Wheel of Fortune - fortune, success, and abundance

The Wheel of Fortune card is often associated with the Taurus zodiac sign because the card’s illustration depicts a bull on the bottom left. In terms of the relationship between the two, the Wheel of Fortune card can be seen as a symbol of fortune, success, and abundance. Taurus individuals are often hardworking and persistent, and the Wheel of Fortune card suggests that their efforts can be rewarded with success and good fortune. 

Valuing stability and security, and seeking to create a comfortable and secure environment for themselves and their loved ones is a trademarked behaviour from Taureans. The key message from the Wheel of Fortune is that everything is cyclical: that life is full of unexpected changes, and that even the most secure and stable situations can be subject to change. 

This message contrasts with the very nature of the Taurus sign but perhaps it also holds the key for Taureans to find the right balance: By embracing the cycles of life and remaining.

  • Upright Keywords: Good luck, fate/destiny, fortune, change, karma
  • Reverse Keywords: Disruption, bad luck, disorder, unwelcome change, setbacks
  • Tarot timing: Thursday
  • Jungian archetype: Light aspect: The Engineer, The Fates, The Unseen / Shadow aspect: The Creator
  • Ruling planet: Jupiter

5 of Pentacles - materiality, stability, and the potential for hardship

The link between the Five of Pentacles and the Taurus zodiac sign is rooted in their shared themes of materiality, stability, and the potential for hardship. The card serves as a reminder of the importance of perseverance and resilience in the face of life’s challenges, which are important qualities associated with the Taurus sign.

The Five of Pentacles often represents a period of financial hardship, loss, or scarcity. This connection highlights the challenges that may arise in our material lives, which can be a test of character and values, both essential aspects of the Taurus sign. Taurus is a fixed sign, meaning it represents stability, persistence, and resistance to change.

  • Upright Keywords: loss, worry, poverty, crisis, limitation, isolation, hopelessness, and risk.
  • Reverse Keywords: ear of losing a job, depression, paying debts, positive change, and improvement.
  • Ruling planet: Mercury
  • Key dates: April 21st to April 30th
five of pentacles 5

6 of Pentacles - balance of giving and receiving

The 6 of Pentacles is a card that often appears in tarot readings related to money and financial stability. Taureans are known for their love of luxury and material possessions, and the energy of the 6 of Pentacles is not too far off this. This card represents a balance of giving and receiving, which is important in maintaining financial security. 

The 6 of Pentacles reminds us that while it’s okay to indulge in the finer things in life, it’s equally important to be generous and share our wealth with others. The Moon in Taurus ruling this card only reinforces the idea of nurturing and caring for those around us. If you had this card appear in a reading, it would absolutely be a positive sign that financial abundance is on its way and suggests the importance of being charitable and giving back to those in need.

  • Upright keywords: Generosity, balance, and sharing resources
  • Reversed keywords: debt, inadequate self-care, inequality
  • Ruling planet: Venus & The Moon
  • Key dates: May 1st to May 10th

7 of Pentacles - determination and perseverance

The 7 of Pentacles is a card that often appears in tarot readings related to hard work and financial patience. Taurus is known for its determination and perseverance, and the energy of the 7 of Pentacles definitely aligns with these traits. 

This card represents a time of reflection and evaluation, where one takes stock of their hard work, takes a detailed look into how it’s been going, and determines if they are on the right track towards achieving their financial goals. 

Financial success takes time and effort, but the rewards are worth it in the end, the 7 of Pentacles reminds us. Saturn in Taurus ruling this card only reinforces the idea of discipline and long-term planning. 

Having the 7 of Pentacles appearing in a reading would be a positive sign that your hard work is paying off, but it also suggests the importance of staying focused and dedicated to achieving financial stability. So don’t get excited and splurge on little luxuries yet!

  • Upright keywords: reaping what you sow, reflection, taking stock
  • Reversed keywords: wasted energy, evaluation, walking awaY
  • Ruling planet: Venus and Saturn
  • Key dates: May 11th to May 20th

Page of Pentacles - young and curious energy, eager to learn

Taurus is known for its practicality and groundedness, and the energy of the Page of Pentacles aligns with these traits. This card represents a young and curious energy, eager to learn and explore new opportunities in the realm of finances and material possessions. 

When it comes to Taurus, the Page of Pentacles reminds us that being open to learning new skills and exploring new opportunities is essential for financial success. The messaging energy of the Page ruling this card suggests the importance of clear and direct communication when it comes to financial matters. 

If we were having a reading together and then this card would appear, it can be a positive sign that new opportunities and financial growth are on the horizon, but it also reminds us to remain curious and open-minded in our approach to achieving financial stability.

  • Upright keywords: Trust, prosperity, and practicality.
  • Reversed keywords: Stalling, suspicion, and insecurity.
  • Ruling planet: Mercury in Taurus
Page of Pentacles tarot card

Knight of Pentacles - analysing and using data to make informed decisions

Imagine four knights on their horses at the start of a race. The Knight of Wands dashes off cheekily before the pistol announces the race starts. The Knight of Swords angrily awaits the pistol and speeds off behind. Those two start to argue mid-course, get distracted by an altercation, and leave the finish line open for the two other knights. 

The Knight of Cups is too busy daydreaming to notice the race has even started. The patient Knight of Pentacles takes in everything around them and uses their analysis of when to move to take the lead and win the race.

We’ve talked before about patience and determination relating to the Taureans, but analysing and data consumption to make informed decisions are definitely a trait. 

The time taken is usually well spent, but be wary of zero movements and standing still. This type of stability wouldn’t be good for you long term – you need to start your race to finish it.

  • Upright keywords: Stability, responsibility, persistence, hardworking, patience, control, loyalty.
  • Reversed keywords: Stubbornness, delay, slowness, irresponsibility, complacency, and pessimism. 
  • Other planet associations: Mercury and Mars.

King of Pentacles - hard work, discipline, and practicality

Having the King of Pentacles appearing in a reading can be a positive sign that financial success is within reach, but it also reminds us to take a mature and responsible approach to manage our wealth. The card of big payoffs and big investments, this home-y card shows us the success of our patience and goals, whether that’s our businesses thriving or if we have finally bought the home we needed.

In astrology, Taurus is known for its practicality and love of material possessions and stability, so the energy of the King of Pentacles aligns with these traits perfectly. This card represents a wise and wealthy energy, someone who has achieved financial success through hard work, discipline, and practicality. It’s “father figure” energy, in a grounded and “Speaking from experience” point of view.

We get reminded that financial stability is achieved through careful planning and disciplined action. The earthly-father energy ruling this card suggests the importance of responsibility and leadership when it comes to financial matters.

  • Upright keywords: Success, empire, goals, stability, father figure, and wealth.
  • Reversed keywords: Instability, gambling, failure, unsuccessful, and greed.
  • Other sign associations: Virgo, Capricorn
  • Other planet associations: Jupiter, Saturn
King of Pentacles tarot card

A word on the decan wheel

If you are interested in delving deeper into the connections between astrology and tarot, you should look into the decan wheel. Each of the 12 zodiac signs is divided into three decans, making a total of 36 decans in the entire zodiac. Each decan spans 10 degrees of the zodiac wheel, and the entire zodiac covers 360 degrees.

Decans are used in astrology to provide a more detailed and nuanced interpretation of a person’s birth chart. They can reveal additional layers of a person’s personality and potential influences on their life, as each decan is governed by a specific planet and shares characteristics with its associated zodiac sign.

In the context of Tarot, decans can also be connected to the Minor Arcana cards. The 36 numbered cards of the Minor Arcana, from Ace (1) to 10 of each suit (Wands, Cups, Swords, and Pentacles), can be associated with the 36 decans of the zodiac. 

As a tarot practitioner, using the decan wheel helped me gain a more in-depth understanding of a client’s situation, challenges, and opportunities, and incorporate astrological influences into their Tarot readings.

Are you a Taurus yourself? Which cards do you relate to most? Most elements of these cards can give you a great description of Taurus traits, and you may find more as you bexplre your tarot journey further. Let us know in the comments below! Until next time xox


I have been passionate about reading divination for more than 15 years. This gives me a unique perspective when it comes to creating fun, supportive and creative tarot spreads. I hope they help you find the clarity and insight you are looking for.

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