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21 Best Beginner Crystals with Meanings - Witchcraft Basics

Last Updated: November 4, 2022

When you are first starting out with crystal magic, it is best to work with a few crystals that you are drawn to – don’t choose them just because people tell you that you need them, or because they are on sale. Something in you wants to work with it, so honor this. 

I talk a bit about lithomancy here on the website, but being called to use a type of crystal may increase your wellbeing and soothing a need that you have. Here is my definite list of the top 21 crystals to keep in your witchcraft arsenal as someone new to using them, as they can cover all topics, but you can also replace them or include with them river rocks, cute pebbles you find on nice walks, and even pretty seaglass you find by the ocean.

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21 Best Beginner Crystals + Meanings

Clear Quartz – also known as the master stone, as it can be used for any purpose including cleansing or charging.

Snow Quartz – a softer version of clear quartz properties, that can be used for nurturing, protection and accompanying other stones for boosting.

Selenite – mainly used for cleansing or charging, but is great for protection and filtering negative energy.

Moonstone – insight, intuition and clarity.

Black Tourmaline – protection and warding energy.

Black Obsidian – scrying, divination and darker elements of witchcraft.

Smokey Quartz – clearing and banishing negative energy.

Red Jasper – grounding, stability and healing.

Bloodstone – courage, strength and banishing.

Carnelian – energy boosts, motivation and confidence.

Tigers Eye – courage, strength and willpower.

Sunstone – happiness, success and manifestation.

Pyrite – prosperity, success and manifestation.

Rose Quartz – self-love, relationships and emotional healing.

Amethyst – sobriety, wisdom, and cleansing.

Lepidolite – wisdom, intelligence and balance.

Amazonite – clarity, communication and strength.

Jade – success, beauty and growth.

Green Aventurine – good luck, money drawing and abundance.

Azurite – creativity, enlightenment and clarity.

Blue Apatite – creativity, energy boosts and communication.

Crystal Shapes + Meanings

The amount of crystals out there to choose from can make your witchy practice a dragon’s den of shiny delights. This is further complicated when you realize that each crystal comes in a variety of shapes and sizes, which all hold different meanings. Here are some of the most popular crystal shapes and what they can be used for:

  • Tumblestones – for carrying around with you or keeping in your pocket, tumblestones are ideal for general crystal magic and their smooth shape means they are comfortable to hold.
  • Wands – wands can be used for energy work, such as moving or deflecting energy, or for crystal grids.
  • Points – points can be used to direct energy, or placed around the house to create a protective grid.
  • Towers – towers are ideal for creating a focal point in a room, or for use in crystal grids.
  • Eggs – eggs can be used for fertility magic, or for smooth energy flow.
  • Spheres – spheres can be used for scrying, or placed in the centre of a crystal grid.
  • Raw – raw crystals have not been shaped or polished in any way and are often used for energy work.
  • Shaped – shaped crystals have been cut and polished into any shape that they possibly could; note that some crystals are difficult to shape due to their fragility (such as albite) so if a listing claims to be a certain type, double check that’s possible first.
  • Double Point – a crystal with two points is said to be good for balance, and can be used for energy work or transmutation work.
  • Thumbstone – a thumbstone is a smooth, oval-shaped crystal that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand and can be used for crystal massage as well as aid anxiety and ease mental conflict by keeping your hands busy.
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Recommended Crystal Bundles for Beginners

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