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Samhain Shadow Work: Introspection and Self-Discovery for Witches

Last Updated: October 17, 2023

It’s a dark part of the year, and this is often where we find ourselves; on the precipice of change and insight, where our intuition is heightened, do we just go forward with looking at ourselves, and meet the witch within? Is it that easy?

It’s definitely the perfect time for some shadow work, and with Samhain just around the corner, it’s a season that supports introspection and self-discovery – especially as we enter a new witch’s year. Shadow work is a process of confronting and integrating parts of ourselves that are uncomfortable, are challenging, and not normally accepted by societal norms.

I wanted to explore the ways to initiate and connect with your witchery, and your shadow, as well as provide some tips & inspiration for celebrating Samhain in a way that feels natural to you and non performative (an issue a lot of “baby witches” have mentioned to me in the past). You could even work through this process with a partner, or your children, or your online community – it needn’t be a way to go through it all alone, and I’d prefer you to have a little support for your Shadow Work journey!

Witchcraft is completely transformative, and it’s benefits are overwhelming.

Table of Contents

Samhain Witches Initiation

If you’ve always been interested in witchcraft, or you’ve been reading and reading and reading about it all, consuming everything you can because it fascinates you… but you’ve never actually practised any witchcraft (that you can think of) consciously? Maybe now is time for your initiation.

An initiation is when you dedicate yourself to the path of witchcraft, and for many people this is a solo journey – but that’s not to say we can’t help other witches who are starting off. We could, if we were comfortable with it and had the resources, hold an “Initiation Ritual” in real life or online – even something basic like lighting a candle at the same time as others all over the world.

Witchcraft is not a religion, and on the site you’ll often see me compare it cooking; all chefs need training, and all cuisine is different – much like the many different paths of witchcraft.

It may be that you want to learn more about a certain path, like being a Lunar witch for example, so for Samhain I would ask you to think about taking some action towards being that Lunar witch.

So I mention before about a candle, or getting into it with an online community or what, but the best way to start witchcraft is to just start. Light that candle, and exclaim “This is what I am choosing for myself”. Research local moots or pagan events like Mind Body Spirit fairs. This may be your calling, if you have always been interested in witchcraft, it could be the start of something. It’s just like when we learn a new skill – being disciplined about it is key.

Your personal initiation doesn’t have to be religious, or it absolutely can be. It can be short and simple, or it can be an hours-long ritual. Here are two suggestions for you to integrate lovingly your witchcraft practice to “real life” status:

Simple Initiation with the Elements

Gather yourself a small candle, a ceramic oil burner, your favourite 100% pure essential oil blend, some of your favourite protective herbs, and a cozy place to sit outside where you will be undisturbed.

  1. Cleanse your space with stick of incense or using a crystal, like selenite. Wave it around your body a few times until you intuitively know it “feels” cleansed.
  2. Put your oil burner over the candle, put 3-5 drops of essential oil in it then hold it up high again so you can see how THAT is burning off now too.
  3. Meditate on the smells, and notice how you have a representation of the four major elements – fire, water, earth and air. Take note of which of these you are more drawn to, as if you’re exploring your path, this element can offer a suggestion of the things to try to work with.
  4. As you’re sat under the sky, and look around to see evidence of life everywhere, you’ll find a fifth element here as well, the ether which is spirit – this is your own personal power and something you can always utilise if you do not have any of your other elements to hand.
  5. When you’re ready, speak aloud (or whisper if you’re more comfortable) “Thank you to the elements, who are here to witness me start my path. My intention is clear, and my will is strong, and I am ready to learn more about myself through witchery and the magick that it contains. I am a witch. And so it is.”
  6. Feel free to sit for a while longer, or tidy up and leave. Just remember to blow out your candle, like blowing out a birthday wish, before you leave your space.

A Longer Initiation Ritual

This ritual takes around an hour, and if you’re going solo will be very ‘stream of consciousness’ which is not a bad thing at all. I’ve excluded the elements aspect from above, but if you wish to integrate it into here too that’s fine 🙂 I hope you have fun with it!

What you’ll need:

  • A garden sage or rosemary stick
  • A lighter
  • A lit white candle
  • An offering of food or drink (a little coffee & a biscuit is fine, a little wine or leftover food is also fine)
  • Pen & paper for journalling (which you can incorporate into your Book of Shadows at a later date if you wanted)
  1. Cleanse your chosen place, and wash yourself in the smoke too in the same way
  2. Connect with your personal power and your higher self; give yourself a little love to assist you in any areas where you feel you need it, or even just as general protection for the future.
  3. Sit down comfortably and take some time to think about how much witchcraft resonates with you already – whether it’s been 5 years of reading witchy books and blogs like this one, or just a few weeks of feeling drawn to it. It doesn’t matter, you’ve found your way here and that’s what counts.
  4. Take some time to think about how witchcraft has always been in your life – whether as an imaginary playmate, enjoying horoscopes regularly, the “superstitions” you embraced from your family, having prophetic dreams as a child, even seeing ghosts, having a “feeling” about something unrelated but being correct, aiding friends through difficult transitions in life around taboo subjects like death or shadow subjects, cooking mud potions as a kid to then becoming a cook who makes food for others with the intention to feel better, or visiting psychics when you were younger. (It’s very likely that you’ve always been a witch, before even knowing what witches were!) This is your opportunity to acknowledge it and welcome it back into your life.
  5. Take your pen & paper and write down all the things you think “being a witch” might entail for you – this’ll help you see how much of it you’re trying to control from your old life, and how much you can let go.
  6. Repeat aloud to yourself the things you are ready to let go of, such as “I release doubt” or “I am no longer afraid of my power”. Then say the sentence a few times in past tense, like “I was never afraid of my power”.
  7. Repeat your chosen sentences, but in present tense now. “I am confident in my power”, “My gifts are strong and useful”. Say each sentence at least three times before moving on to the next one.
  8. Take a drink of your chosen beverage while you focus on relaxation & gratitude for yourself, and then follow it up with a bite of your chosen food if that suits you better.
  9. Now, it’s up to you whether you want to end the ritual here, or thank any of your gods and goddesses for their presence and guidance before blowing out your candle. If you are alone, go for a walk afterwards or sit in nature while your energy recalibrates.

So there you have it – two simple ways to initiate yourself as a witch without calling in witchy religion aspects. I love to provide secular options here, but that doesn’t mean that if you’re a Christian Witch your god isn’t valid! What is most important here is that you have the best connection with your craft, and that includes making it as personable to you (without others input) as possible.

Connecting With Your Shadow For Samhain

Questions To Connect With Your Inner Witch

As I mentioned before, witches are very much about looking deep within ourselves and going on a transformative journey of self-discovery. It’s important to take some time to reflect and connect with your inner witch. Here are some questions you can ask yourself:

  1. What drew me to witchcraft?
  2. How have I always been connected to witchcraft, without even realizing it?
  3. What fears or doubts do I need to release in order to fully embrace my power as a witch?
  4. What aspects of witchcraft resonate with me the most?
  5. How can I incorporate my personal beliefs and values into my practice as a witch?
  6. Who do I look up to in the witch community, and why? How can I learn from them without losing sight of my own path?
  7. What intentions do I have for my journey aside from manifestations?
  8. How can I use witchcraft to heal and empower myself?
  9. What rituals or spells do I feel most drawn to?
  10. How can I create a safe and supportive space for my practice?

There is no right or wrong way to answer these questions. They are meant to help you connect with yourself and your inner witch, so be honest and open with yourself. Remember, the most important thing is to trust your intuition and do what feels right for you on your journey as a witch.

So whether you’re just starting out or have been practicing for years, take some time to reflect and connect with your inner witch – it will only deepen and strengthen your connection with the craft. Always remember that you are powerful and capable.

Meeting our inner witch can be an intimidating experience, especially for those who are newer to their path or unsure of where to go, but by learning more about ourselves and connecting with our inner power, we can fully embrace who we are as witches. Celebrate your individuality and create your own unique path in the craft – that is what makes it truly magickal.


Problem Solving In Our Modern Witch Practice

There are a lot of issues in life. And this is also the same for a witchcraft practice too. We’re not all able to travel to visit a witch shop regularly, or attend classes on the craft. Often we just have to make do with what we can figure out ourselves, and put up with issues from our past that seem like they are holding us back somehow. Look into the variety of options to you, such as utilising the internet and blogs like this one, or signing up for newsletters where you can get seasonal witchy updates. Get stuck in at your local library, as a place great for free resources and calm, and may even have books available to buy.

Many of us lead busy lives with work, school and other responsibilities taking up most of our time. This can make it challenging to find time for our witchcraft practice. To combat this, try incorporating small rituals or practices into your daily routine. For example, you can set intentions for the day while taking a shower or do a quick meditation before bed. It’s also important to make time for self-care and prioritize your spiritual well-being.

Additionally, not everyone has access to certain tools or ingredients needed for spells and rituals. In these situations, look to alternates – you don’t have to have a specific crystal if you’ve found a cool rock nearby that feels like it could do the same job.

The biggest problem I reckon in modern witchcraft is the “witch wound”. This term was coined due to the fear and stigma of witchcraft. It wasn’t all that long ago that witches, either real or falsely accused, were dragged into the community’s gatherings, bound, tortured and then executed so horrendously and in a very public way. This has left a deep wound within our collective subconscious, even if we aren’t aware of it.

This witch wound can manifest in various ways in our practice – from feeling like an imposter or not being taken seriously, to facing discrimination or judgment from others for practicing witchcraft. If you’ve ever downplayed your abilities, or chose to keep them completely secret, it’s likely due to a fear of persecution, ridicule and worse. The witch wound can also show up as doubts and fears about our power, or feeling disconnected from our craft.

So how do we heal the witch wound? The first step is to acknowledge its existence and address any fears, doubts, or self-limiting beliefs that may have been influenced by it. This could involve working with an energy healer, practicing self-care and self-love techniques, and connecting with other likeminded witches who can offer support and understanding when it comes to “coming out of the broom closet”. And that’s not to say you HAVE to be an out witch, you are fully in your rights to practice in the safety and security of solitude.

You could also work with a therapist, especially one who is trained in trauma support or for those who support when “coming out”, to help you process any past traumas or societal conditioning that may be holding you back in your practice. It’s also important to educate yourself on the history of witchcraft and how it has been misrepresented and demonized throughout the ages. Remember that midwives, doctors, medicine women and anyone “other” were persecuted as witches, even if they just wanted to help others.

Another slow way to heal the witch wound is by reclaiming our power as witches and celebrating our diversity. Embrace your unique path, beliefs, and abilities. Remember that there is no one “right” way to practice witchcraft – it is a personal and individual journey. And always honor and respect the craft, and that includes other witches’ practices no matter what it looks like to yours.

Most importantly, and if I can say anything regarding healing any witch wound especially through shadow work, trust in yourself and your power. You are a bloomin’ powerful witch, regardless of any outside influences or doubts that may try to hold you back.

Augury Bird Divination

Alternates To Death and Decay; Attachments, Situations, Old Patterns Shadow Work

Samhain is a period of time where we look to release and let go, just as nature retreats and prepares for the colder months. While death and decay are often associated with this time of year, it’s important to remember that there are alternate ways to release and transform.

One way is through releasing attachments, whether they be physical items or emotional ties. This can involve decluttering your space, donating unused items, or letting go of toxic relationships. Unfollow anything that isn’t aligned with future intentions and what really is best for you (whilst keeping you safe and free from any harm).

Another method is through releasing old patterns, habits, and limiting beliefs. This can be done through shadow work – diving deep into the subconscious to explore and heal any wounds or traumas that may be holding us back. By acknowledging and releasing these patterns, we can make space for growth and change in our lives.

Additionally, we can also let go of situations or circumstances that no longer serve us at this time. This can be something from “to do lists” that never get done, to going to places due to other peoples expectations when in reality it causes you discomfort or psychological harm. By letting go of these situations, we can make room for new beginnings and opportunities to enter our lives.

Death and decay are natural parts of the cycle of life, but it doesn’t have to be the only way to release and transform. Look into alternate methods of letting go, transforming, and manifesting as you embark on your journey as a witch.

15+ Samhain Rituals

Witches love to utilise rituals as a process and structure for their magick, to ensure that the energy of intention is concentrated, focused and directed in a way that is going to benefit the outcome. When we look to practice rituals for Samhain, there are so many ways and reasons we can do so, and this includes for manifestation, for abundance, for releasing and letting go, as well as just to connect with our deities and ancestors.

With witchcraft being a personal practice and there is no right or wrong way to do rituals, as long as it feels authentic and meaningful to you. Whatever your intention, I have some inspiration for different types of Samhain rituals that can get you excited to connect with your magick!

Solitary Ritual for Samhain

It’s not unusual to find yourself alone as a witch, without a coven or group, and it can be by choice or by lack of opportunities to connect nearby. I’m using the option of “choice” here, as some folks like to keep elements of their practice private, and so with that in mind I have written the below for you.

Samhain offers you the chance to connect with your inner witch, and after trying some of the journaling or shadow work above, cleanse your energy and your space in your chosen method.

Gather yourself a hot cup of coffee, with a tiny sprinkling of salt, and your favourite black crystal (I love tourmaline). Set an energetic boundary around you, either casting a circle or using visualisation – whatever your chosen method is, make sure you find yourself in the centre comfortably with the black coffee.

Take a few minutes to inhale the protective and energizing scent of the coffee, and envision it carrying through your body to all of your arms, hands, fingers, through your torso, your lungs, your vessels, your legs, your feet – right through to the tips of your toes. After you feel this sensation deeply, with some intention set in mind about what you are looking for in terms of protection and focus, drink the coffee and allow it to further wash over yourself energetically.

Speak aloud your connection to your dark. “I am making space for habits that suit me better. I am fostering love for who I was, for who I am, and for who I am growing to be. I am making space for the beauty of my dark. As I will it, so it is.”

You can now use your black coffee as a place to scry for divination, whether for insight into yourself or receive messages from the spirit worlds. You can dive into some gentle candle magick practices by lighting a black or white candle, and focus on your intention within that realm. You can also pull out a tarot deck, focusing on cards such as Death, The Tower, or any other card you feel connected to at this time. Allow yourself to connect with your shadow. For those who use Glamour magick, maybe you could use the time of your coffee to look into more Lilithian aesthetics for yourself, or apply lovingly body lotion to yourself whilst chanting self-care affirmations.

Once you have finished with your ritual, close your space in your chosen method and enjoy the feeling of connection with yourself.

Coven Ritual for Samhain

If you have the opportunity to gather with other witches during Samhain, whether in person or virtually, it can be a powerful experience.

Gather in a circle, use candles or crystals to mark each person’s place. Begin by casting a circle with your coven, and call upon the elements and deities that you work with if you choose. Each person can take turns sharing their intentions for the ritual, whether it be for releasing and letting go or manifesting abundant psychic energy.

As a group, you can perform a release ritual by writing down what you wish to let go of on a piece of paper, and burning it in a cauldron or fire. Or for working on your clair skills, you could have a guided meditation to connect with your ancestors and receive messages from them.

There are also many group spellwork rituals that can be done, such as creating a “feast for the dead” by placing food and drink offerings on an altar or in nature to honor and remember those who have passed on. You can also create a protection spell for the upcoming winter season, utilizing herbs, crystals, and incantations.

You can also incorporate divination into the ritual by reading tarot cards for each other or performing scrying as a group. And don’t forget to honor your ancestors and deities with offerings and gratitude.

After the ritual, close your circle and spend some time together reflecting on the experience. This is also a great time to enjoy some seasonal treats like spiced apple cider or seeded pumpkin bread!

how to connect with inner witch this samhain

Samhain Ritual With A Partner

Samhain happens to be a time of year filled with sexual electricity, as it’s Scorpio season and a time for shedding old layers and inviting new desires into our lives. It can be a wonderful opportunity to connect with your partner in a magickal way, whether it’s your significant other or a close friend.

You can start by decorating your sacred space together with seasonal items like pumpkins, skulls, or autumn leaves. Light some candles (red, black, white) and incense (sandalwood, patchouli, or dragon’s blood) to set the mood.

Begin by casting a circle together if you wish, and invoking any deities or spirits that resonate with you both. Then proceed with a shared activity such as creating a sigil for your relationship, writing intentions for your partnership on pieces of paper and burning them in a cauldron, or performing a mutual manifestation spell.

You can also incorporate tantric practices into your ritual, such as eye gazing and connecting with each other’s energy. And of course, end the ritual with some passionate lovemaking to seal your intentions and celebrate your connection.

Afterwards, spend some time cuddling and reflecting on the experience together. This is also a great opportunity to communicate any desires or needs within your relationship and create a stronger bond.

Samhain Ritual With Your Online Group

It’s not always possible that our favourite witches are in the same room. It’s completely understandable if they are indeed in another town, state or country to us too. By hosting a Samhain online moot, you can still connect with your coven and perform a powerful ritual together.

First, choose a platform that works well for video calls such as Zoom or Skype. Set a date and time that works for everyone in different time zones if applicable. Once the group is gathered, start by casting a circle together virtually and calling upon any deities or spirits that resonate with the group.

You can then proceed with a guided meditation, tarot reading or scrying session together. Alternatively, you can take turns sharing intentions for the upcoming season and holding space for each other as everyone speaks.

Afterwards, close your circle together and spend some time chatting and catching up with each other. This is also a great opportunity to plan future gatherings and rituals together. Distance relationships are never easy, but with modern tech we are really lucky to be able to bridge that gap and connect, so make the most of it!

Samhain Meditation Ritual

Here’s a meditation script for Samhain for you:

“Begin by finding a comfortable seated position. Close your eyes and take a deep breath in, feeling the cool autumn air fill your lungs. As you exhale, release any tension or stress that may be lingering in your body.

Visualize yourself standing at the edge of a dense forest, surrounded by tall trees with leaves of rich reds, oranges, and yellows. A gentle breeze rustles through the trees, and you can smell the earthy scent of fallen leaves.

Start walking slowly into the forest, feeling a sense of calm and peace wash over you. As you walk, notice how the colors around you become more vibrant and intense. Take in all the sights, sounds, and smells of this magickal place.

Eventually, you come to a clearing in the forest where a small bonfire is burning. Sit down by the fire and watch the flames dance and crackle. As you stare into the fire, reflect on what you wish to release from your life.

When you are ready, take out a piece of paper and write down what you want to let go of. Then toss it into the fire, watching as it burns and releasing those energies from your life. Walk on, and away.

Next, visualize yourself standing in front of a grand Yew tree. This is the Tree of Life, representing all the knowledge and wisdom of your ancestors and all the witches who came before you. Ask for their guidance and support as you move forward into the new season.

Take a moment to listen for any messages or insights that may come to you. When you are ready, thank your ancestors and the tree for their guidance. Rest on the ground in front of the tree for a moment longer.

As you slowly come back to the present moment, take a deep breath in and exhale out any remaining tension or stress. When you are ready, open your eyes and return to your daily life with a sense of peace and clarity.”

You can always come back to the tree, whenever you wish, during any seasonal witch’s holiday in the future.

Honouring Your Shadow Ritual

The dark half of the year and Samhain in particular, is a time for exploring our shadow selves. Our shadow self represents the parts of ourselves that we keep hidden or repressed, but it’s important to acknowledge and integrate these aspects in order to become whole.

You can create a ritual to honor your shadow self by first setting up a sacred space with candles (black, purple, or red), crystals (obsidian, onyx, or hematite), and any other items that have meaning to you.

Sit in front of your altar or sacred space and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and feel yourself become grounded in the present moment. Then imagine a mirror appearing in front of you.

Look into the mirror and allow yourself to see your shadow self. Notice any emotions or feelings that come up, and allow yourself to fully feel them without judgment.

Then, light a black candle and focus on the flame as you repeat the following mantra: “I honor my shadow self and embrace all aspects of who I am.”

When you feel ready, take out a photo of yourself in some of your darker emotional times. Hold the photo in your hands and send love and forgiveness to yourself in that moment. Remember that these experiences have shaped you into who you are today.

Place the photo on your altar or hold onto it as you continue with the ritual. You can then journal or meditate on any insights or messages that may come up during this process.

When you feel ready, blow out the candle and thank your shadow self for being a part of you. Remember that this is an ongoing process and it’s important to continue honoring and integrating your shadow self throughout the year.

Spirit Work

Spirit Work is basically when you as a witch are allowing yourself to be a vessel for the spiritual world. This kind of work is not exclusive only for Samhain, but it can be particularly powerful during this time of year when the veil between the physical and spiritual worlds is thinnest.

One way to connect with spirits on Samhain is through divination – using tarot cards, pendulums, or scrying to communicate with the spiritual realm. You can also set up an altar dedicated to your ancestors and invite them to communicate with you.

It’s important to remember that when working with spirits, you must always protect yourself. Create a protective circle or call upon deities and guides for guidance and protection.

You can also use this time to honor and connect with your spirit guides and ancestors. Leave offerings of food, drink, or incense on your altar as a way to thank and show gratitude for their guidance and support.

Set yourself specifically some time to deepen your spiritual practice and strengthen your connection with the spiritual world. As importantly babe, make sure to ground yourself after any spirit work and take care of your own well-being. It can be incredibly draining, so make sure to practice self-care.

Samhain Divination: Anglo Saxon Runes

Rune casting can be a powerful tool for introspection and guidance during Samhain, and it’s really easy to make your own set. The Anglo-Saxon runes have particular significance during this time, taken from the ancestors (Elder Futhark) they are also known as futhorc, and they were used by the ancient Druids to communicate with the spirit world.

You don’t have to stick with one type of runes; there’s even a branch out of a lot called the “Witche’s Runes” and there are 13 of them. But with any runes, I find they make more sense if you have meaning for the symbol before using them as a symbol, if that makes sense?

So if you were to break it down for the season, specifically around transformation and for shifts, for psychic ability, you can pick out specific runes for that, and create your own reading spreads from there. Here are some runes that hold special meaning for Samhain:

  • Berkana: associated with rebirth and transformation, this rune can help guide you through any changes or transformations you are experiencing during this time.
  • Algiz: a powerful protective rune, it can be used to protect yourself and your spirit work from negative energies.
  • Ehwaz: symbolizing movement and change, this rune can assist in letting go of old patterns and embracing new beginnings.
  • Othala: representing ancestral wisdom and knowledge, this rune can help you connect with your ancestors and receive guidance from them.
  • Jera: associated with the cycles of nature, this rune can remind us that change is a natural part of life and to embrace it.

There are many different ways to use runes for divination, so feel free to explore and find a method that resonates with you. You can also create your own spread or use existing ones specifically for Samhain, focusing on themes of transformation, honoring ancestors, and connecting with the spiritual world.

augury for samhain divination

Samhain Divination: Osteomancy

Osteomancy is what we call “bone casting” and has been practiced since Ancient Egypt and Ancient Roman. Chicken bones were a big thing for the Etruscans, and for the Chinese they used oracle bones. Still in ceremonies, bones are used to divine messages from the spirits.

To try osteomancy on Samhain, you can collect bones such as chicken or turkey bones (from a meal), small animal bones found in nature, or even use bone-shaped dice if you prefer a less gruesome approach. You can also paint symbols or runes on the bones to add more meaning and intention.

To begin, cleanse and consecrate your bones with smoke or moonlight. Then, hold them in your hand and ask a question or for guidance from the spirits. Shake the bones onto a cloth or table and observe how they land. Each bone has its own meaning, but you can also interpret their placement as a whole to gain insight into your question.

Always protect yourself babe, and call upon guidance from the universe or spirits when working with osteomancy and any other form of divination. Ground yourself afterwards, document your reading in your book of intuitions and take care of your own well-being.

Samhain Ritual As A Witchy Parent With Kids

If you’re a witchy parent, you may be looking for ways to incorporate your children into your Samhain rituals and celebrations. This can also be a great opportunity to teach them about the wheel of the year and Pagan traditions.

Some ideas for kid-friendly Samhain activities include:

  • Carving pumpkins and talking about the significance of jack-o’-lanterns in warding off unwanted spirits.
  • Decorating the house with fall leaves, pumpkins, and other natural items to celebrate the changing of seasons.
  • Making a family altar to honor ancestors or loved ones who have passed away. This can be a great opportunity to talk about death and how it’s a natural part of life.
  • Going on a nature walk to collect items for a nature mandala or offering to the earth.
  • Crafting divination tools such as scrying mirrors or pendulums, and teaching your children how to use them.

Kkeep the activities age-appropriate, engaging, and make them fun for your children. Encourage them to ask questions and share their thoughts on Samhain and its meanings. Ask them what this time of year means to them, and why. This sort of bonding can create a very special ritual for the whole family to enjoy. Try to find time to honor your own beliefs and traditions while including your children in a meaningful way so that you don’t resent not having the time to practice major witchcraft rituals over Samhain. You’re still a powerful conduit of energy, regardless of time restraints.

Samhain Energetic Cleansing

With the veil between our world and the spirit world being thinnest during Samhain, it’s a good time to do an energetic cleansing of your space. Clearing out any negative or stagnant energy can help create a more harmonious environment for connecting with spirits and practicing divination.

Here are some methods you can try:

  • Herb cleanses with burning dried sage, rosemary, or cinnamon around your space while setting an intention to clear out any negative energy.
  • Salt water cleanse by mixing salt and water in a spray bottle and using it to spritz around your space, focusing on areas that feel particularly heavy or dense.
  • Sound cleansing with bells, singing bowls, or even playing music with positive vibrations throughout your space.
  • Visualizing yourself surrounded by a white or golden light, and then expanding that light to cover your entire space.

As you cleanse your space, set an intention for what energy you want to invite in for the coming year. This could be protection, abundance, love, or any other positive intention.

Samhain Divination: Augury

Augury divination is the method of interpreting birds movements, sightings and actions. This is the time of year you’re most likely to spot a lot of black birds, crows, ravens, and other dark-feathered birds. These birds can carry powerful messages and omens from the spiritual world.

If you spot a bird during your Samhain celebrations, pay attention to its movements and actions. Is it flying in a certain direction or making specific sounds? You can also research the symbolism and mythology surrounding that particular type of bird for further insight. Trust your intuition and any messages you may receive from the birds during this time.

The best places to perform this sort of divination are spots away from lots of people and where there will unlikely to be sudden movements or loud noises; think parks, forests, your garden, or a quiet balcony. You can ask a specific question beforehand, or simply be open to any messages the birds may have for you.

Samhain Shadow Work and Samhain Spells

Samhain Waning Moon Work

As the moon begins to wane after the full moon by Samhain, it’s a great time for releasing and letting go. This could be old habits, negative thought patterns, or anything that no longer serves you.

To harness this energy, you can create a ritual where you write down what you want to release on a piece of paper and then drown it in moon water. As the paper disintegrates, visualize yourself letting go of those things and feel a sense of release and freedom.

You can also do this in a group setting where each person shares what they want to release before drowning their paper together. This can create a powerful energy and support system for everyone involved.

Write A Samhain Prayer or Petition (To Your Deity or Universe) Psychic Development at Samhain

As the veil between worlds is thinnest during Samhain, it’s a great time for psychic development and honing your intuitive abilities. This could be through practicing divination, connecting with spirits, or simply tuning into your own intuition.

You can create a ritual where you meditate and visualize yourself opening up to receiving messages from the spiritual world. You can also ask for protection and guidance from your deity or the universe during this time.

Here is an example of a Samhain prayer for psychic development:

“Divine beings, on this sacred night,

I open myself to your divine sight.

Grant me the ability to see beyond the veil,

To receive messages that will help me prevail.

Protect me as I delve into the unknown,

Guiding me towards wisdom that has yet to be shown.

In this Samhain season, I ask for your aid,

To develop my psychic abilities, unafraid.

As I will it, and so it is.”

You can also write a petition to the universe, asking for specific guidance or blessings during this time. This could be related to spiritual growth, personal development, or any other area of your life that you feel needs attention.

It’s a powerful time for connecting with the spiritual world, and tapping into our own intuitive abilities. Use these rituals and practices to create meaningful experiences during this important holiday. Trust your intuition and respect the spirits, and have a bitchin’ Samhain!

Garden/Allotment/Foraging Harvest Ritual

If you have a garden, allotment, or access to foraging opportunities, Samhain is the perfect time to honor and give thanks for the bountiful harvest. This ritual can be done alone, with your family or with a group.

Gather any fruits, vegetables, herbs, or other plants that are at their peak during this time. You can also gather fallen leaves and other natural materials to create a meaningful altar or centerpiece for your ritual.

As you gather the harvest, take a moment to reflect on the hard work and dedication that went into growing these plants. Give thanks to the Earth for providing us with nourishment and sustenance.

You can then proceed with a simple ritual of offering some of the harvest back to the earth, either by burying it, scattering it, or leaving it as an offering on your altar. You can also offer some of the harvest to any deities or spirits that you work with.

This ritual is a beautiful way to honor the cycles of nature and connect with the Earth during this sacred time of year. It’s also a great opportunity to reflect on our own personal growth and accomplishments throughout the season too – a reminder to give ourselves credit for all that we have accomplished. Happy harvesting!

5 Samhain Games and Activities

It may not be the easiest thing to do to plan a ritual and some big witchy fun. But you can still commemorate the occasion with themed games and activities that can be incorporated into your Samhain celebrations. These activities can add a playful element to your practice, which is great for you if your shadow work focus is on your inner child or inner teen, and it still helps you connect with the energy of this seasonal time.

One popular activity is using an Ouija board (also known as a talking board or a divination board), which can be a fun and spooky way to communicate with spirits and your ancestors. Just make sure to set clear intentions and boundaries before engaging in this activity, but it’s a great one if you want to work on your clair skills.

Tarot readings are also a popular activity during Samhain. This can involve pulling cards that represent the energy of the season or asking specific questions related to your practice or personal growth. You don’t need to specifically use a tarot deck; playing cards or oracle cards can be used to!

Another favorite is apple bobbing, a traditional game that involves trying to bite or pick up apples floating in water without using your hands. This was believed to be a way to receive messages from the spirit world and can still be a fun activity for all ages.

You could also try making a traditional soul cake recipe, which is said to have originated from the practice of leaving food out for ancestors on Samhain. This can be a fun activity to involve children in and can also be shared with friends and family.

Lastly, it’s a harvest time, so celebrate the year you have had with your friends and loved ones, and get together to eat some incredible seasonal treats. You could also make it a potluck and have each person bring a dish that represents the season or has a personal significance to them (like a passed on relative’s favourite recipe). Put on some music, dress up and just enjoy experiencing life together! This can be a great way to honor the abundance and gratitude of Samhain while enjoying delicious food with loved ones.

Garden Harvesting And Cauldron Work

The Wheel Turns; A New Witches Year, and New Year Excitement

As we enter into Samhain, it marks the turning of the wheel and the beginning of a new witches’ year. This is a time to reflect on our journey over the past year and set intentions for the year ahead.

One way to celebrate this new beginning is by creating a Samhain altar space – incorporating items that represent death, rebirth, and transformation such as candles, skulls, and acorns. Use this altar as a focal point for your intentions and reflections.

Another tradition is to carve a pumpkin or turnip with a symbol or word that represents what you want to manifest in the new year. Place it on your altar as a reminder of your goals and desires, or place it by your doorway to help welcome in that energy.

As we move into the colder months, it’s also important to focus on self-care and nurturing ourselves. This can include taking walks in nature, practicing grounding exercises, and staying connected with loved ones. A sensory experience unlike many other simple pleasures, crunching on dry autumnal leaves at sunset, seeing all the golden leaves falling for the last time this year, and wrapped up all warm in cozy jackets with a hot chocolate is just a gorgeous memory waiting for you to revisit on the rainiest days ahead.

Many witches also honor their ancestors during Samhain, setting up altars or leaving offerings for those who have passed on. This is a time to remember and honor our roots and the wisdom passed down through generations. If you’ve never explored ancestral work before, now could be the time.

If you’re a parent, you can involve your children in Samhain celebrations by creating crafts or playing games that teach them about the meaning of this holiday – there are a few ideas up above. This is a great way to pass down traditions, create lasting memories and bring the family together by being present.

As we celebrate the new witches’ year, there is a sense of excitement and anticipation for what is to come. Grab this energy and use it to build upon your witchcraft practice!

Find ways to empower yourself, your history, your culture and your path with magick, and know that whilst sometimes we are solitary in action, there is a collective force driving us forward. The wheel turns, and we are excitedly ready for whatever is to come.



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