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Tarot Card Meanings For Love: All 78 Cards Explained

Last Updated: May 1, 2024

Navigating the realm of love and relationships can often seem like traversing an intricate labyrinth. Every twist and turn, every step forward or backward, may reveal new insights, doubts, or affirmations.

Among the various tools people use to understand their emotions, tarot has long held a fascination. Its rich symbolism and intuitive insights have offered guidance for centuries. 

Our article aims to unravel the meanings behind these potent cards in the context of love and relationships.

Table of Contents

Lets start with the Major Arcana cards:

The Fool

Upright Position

The Fool in terms of love can represent that we should embrace the optimism of new romantic adventures. Themes of fun, spontaneity, loyalty to our endeavors – it’s a good time to start something new in your love life, and commit to the innocence of it all. This card is usually the “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas” card because it’s exciting, it’s a time to try something new, and you’ll find things like dating much easier to navigate if you’re looking on the sunnier side of it all. Get stuck in and enjoy yourself!

If already in a committed relationship, then The Fool may be asking you to look at ways to bring adventure to this commitment – whether through travel, through a spiritual journey or just growing as individuals united as a team. This card may come up if you’re needing more fun together; our Date Ideas tarot page could be awesome inspiration, and you could even pull a card for each other, showing some trust in the face of unknown yet exciting times!

Reversed Position

Drawing the reversed Fool during a love tarot spread can indicate naivety, disillusion and risks not being rewarded. Maybe new adventures haven’t been working out for you, or it’s just generally taking a bit longer to have the love life you wish for. The thing about the reversed Fool is not that they’re an idiot, but that they’re just at the early stages – it’s not a “No” and it’s not a “Never”; it’s a delayed start to the companionship you may be seeking. Be honest about any intentions you have, clear about any dreams you wish to follow, and remain optimistic that you can have what you deserve no matter how long it takes. 

If you aren’t in a relationship, this card can signify that maybe you should be the priority right now. Looking to other companions for fulfilment isn’t exactly what you need at this time. Support yourself with adventures for you, not others or what is expected of you, taking leaps of faith in yourself for yourself.

The Magician

Upright Position

The Magician in terms of love can represent that we need to put some effort into manifesting a great relationship that involves working on ourselves to break negative behaviour patterns that can impede us as well as being more sociable to open up opportunities to meet others. The Magician advises us to really think about what qualities we are looking for in a partner and what sort of relationship would be best for us at that moment.

If already in a committed relationship, then The Magician may be asking you to look at ways to make it better – are there things you could be working on? Are there things your partner needs to work on? And do you both have a clear vision of your future together? This is a great time for open discussions with your significant other and to talk about your dreams and goals together.

Reversed Position

Drawing the upside-down Magician during a love tarot spread can indicate manipulation, illusion, and being out of alignment. Perhaps you’ve not been totally honest with each other? Or perhaps you are no longer in sync with each other. Now is a good time to do some work on that, asking some deep questions and being open to the answers you receive.

If you aren’t in a relationship, this card can signify that maybe you aren’t in the right place for meeting someone new just yet and you don’t really know what you want in a partnership, or if you even want one. You may be hesitant to open your heart to someone. Take your time, do the self-work and don’t pressure yourself into any situation you don’t feel comfortable in.

The High Priestess

Upright Position

This card can signify that you need to trust your intuition right now and that the answers you seek can be found while doing some soul searching. Generally perceived as a positive card in regards to relationships, signifying emotional intimacy and vulnerability coming from a place of trust and communication – both of your High Priestesses are in dialogue!

However, this can also speak to a need for that kind of honesty that isn’t currently embodied by either or both parties.

Reversed Position

Drawing The High Priestess in the reverse position during a love tarot spread is an indication of a need for complete honesty here – not people-pleasing, which may feel easier in the short term, but ultimately does you a disservice in the long run.

You need to be vocal about your needs and desires, and get what your higher self wants for you. This card advises you against ignoring what you know deep down, and the problems this can create later on.

The Empress

Upright Position

This card signifies a supportive, nurturing partner. The Empress‘ strong links to the earth indicate a sensual component in this relationship. If the person in mind is going through a hard time, this can be friendly advice to embody The Empress and to take care of them in a way that feels stabilizing to them.

Reversed Position

The Empress reversed points to a lack of romance. If you’re in a relationship, then maybe a date night is much needed! If you’re single, then don’t forget the importance of dating yourself. It can sound scary, but being comfortable with the idea of taking yourself out on a date will radically improve your relationship with yourself. By nourishing your relationship with self-love, you amplify your capacity to receive love from others.

The Emperor

Upright Position

The Emperor doesn’t necessarily speak to a great deal of romance per se, however, it can indicate stability and drive. This can be a traditional, committed relationship, which can feel reassuring or stifling, depending on what you’re looking for!

The Emperor being linked to the Father archetype, without getting too Freudian, can indicate a relationship with someone that feels familiar because they have similar traits to one of your caregivers or someone that makes you feel provided for.

Reversed Position

Drawing The Emperor reversed can signal a power imbalance in the partnership. Are you vying to be in control, to have the upper hand? Do you feel stifled by your partner? Is there a sense of overbearingness, maybe a lack of freedom?

Do you struggle to trust their commitment to you? As always, communication can take you a long way. Open up the conversation about your mutual needs and boundaries and explore building trust together.

The Hierophant

Upright Position

The Hierophant can indicate a secure, safe, traditional love, one that doesn’t upset the status quo, one that fits in with society’s expectations and representations of what love is. This can also have to do with a relationship that centres on a form of spirituality or education, one where you will be learning together.

The Hierophant represents a figure of wisdom, so this could speak to a need to find that figure for your relationship, like a couples therapist or a podcast on that subject.

Reversed Position

Drawing the upside-down Hierophant can indicate that the stability of this relationship is starting to feel stale and boring. How can you switch things up? Alternatively, this can speak to different spiritual or religious values: are these differences irredeemable? Can a compromise be found?

hierophant tarot card 5

The Lovers

Upright Position

The Lovers is generally a positive indication of a certain level of harmony and trust between the concerned. It shows that shared values can help build on the trust you have. With the imagery inclusive of the Devil character, it can indicate a desire and sexual connections. The Lovers have effectively chosen each other, chosen commitment and communication.

However, it can also point to a choice that has to be made in the relationship. Follow The Lovers‘ advice and take action!

Reversed Position

If you draw The Lovers in the reversed position during a relationship spread, there are things happening in your relationships that need setting straight! A general sense of disharmony prevails here, someone’s needs are not being met. Take some time to take stock of yourself and the person in question’s needs, desires and dreams. How can you regain balance?

The Chariot

Upright Position

Now is the time to take hold of where your relationships are going, with who and how! Have a long hard look at them, and recognise how aligned or unaligned they’re feeling to you presently. It’s not easy, and requires bravery, but will ultimately help you feel more stable and balanced.

Are all your relationships leading you in the same direction? Which ones feel balanced? Which ones feel unbalanced? The lesson here is that check-ins are an important part of healthy relationships.

Reversed Position

Drawing The Chariot reversed signals this same sense of unbalanced energy; either you’re too desperately seeking love, and thus your energy is actually repelling it, or you’re clinging on to something that is no longer in harmony if it ever was.

Or perhaps you’re overextending yourself so much in other areas of your life, that your relationships are suffering. What can you do to regain some balance?


Upright Position

If you are single, the presence of the Strength card suggests during a love tarot spread means that right now you have the confidence that’s required to attract your next partner! So put yourself out there if you feel you’re ready to meet someone – you’re in a very good space to do so!

The type of person you may attract may seem like they need to be ‘tamed’, just be wary that you don’t try and do this in a controlling manner, you won’t need to dominate this person, just slowly ground them – if this is someone you think is worth your time of course, then allow yourself to enjoy the passions of this relationship!

If you’re in a relationship, then this could be suggesting that there have perhaps been problems? And the way forward to move past these hardships is with patience, understanding, empathy, and compassion.

You have it in you to persevere for the sake of your relationship, and right now isn’t the time to be acting rashly towards your significant other. It’s time for a kind and gentle approach.

Reversed Position

If you’re single, then this card cropping up could suggest that your behaviour, especially your impulsive behaviour, is no doubt attracting the wrong kind of romantic partners, and you’re experiencing bad romance after bad romance on an endless loop – and in turn, this is having an impact on your self-confidence!

You need to assess these behaviours and look at what you can change, especially your rash and impulsive choices made based on ‘excitement’ and something spur of the moment. These aren’t serving you personally or romantically, let it go.

If you’re in a relationship, then your own self-doubt, lack of confidence, and impulsive behaviour are most likely making you act out in a way that isn’t true to how you see your romantic partner and relationship as a whole. This can of course result in making things go sour and fast. If this is the case then don’t try and cling to these bad times, take a step back to not only give your partner some space but yourself too.

You need to work on yourself, find your balance again, assess why you’re being the way you are and make those gentle changes, whilst trusting that this process will see things get back on track.

The Hermit

Upright Position

When The Hermit appears in a love and relationships reading, it speaks to a need to take some time. Maybe you’ve just come out of a relationship and you’re being advised to not jump straight back into the next one. To truly take the time to integrate the lessons that experience revealed to you, and to spend time getting to know yourself more deeply, your desires and needs.

If you’re already in a relationship, then maybe you need to spend time exploring these questions together, through honest and vulnerable communication, potentially with the help of a couples or family therapist.

Reversed Position

If you are in a relationship, then The Hermit reversed could mean that you’re feeling lonely and distanced from your partner. This can be on a physical or emotional level.

What could you implement to recreate some connection? If you’re not currently in a relationship, The Hermit reversed can be an advice that it’s time to return to dating, or at least to a state of mind where you’re open to meeting someone.

Wheel of Fortune

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Wheel of Fortune can be a very good omen. High chances are you and your partner are destined to be together, this is of course so long you’re happy and there doesn’t seem to be any rocky issues!

However, if things haven’t been completely stable, potentially some issues and/or arguments here and there, then your relationship will be going through a big upheaval to bring you and your partner past all of this, and to help get your relationship back on track to where it should be.

But…if those spats, disagreements, and negative aspects of the relationship are more than just minor insignificancies, there may be a breakup on the horizon. This isn’t something to fear; if this is the case, then this person was not destined for you, and you may be much much much happier without them!

If you’re single, then the appearance of this card can suggest that the universe is going to help you welcome in the kind of love you’re after, the love you very much deserve, to make sure you’re open to these beautiful opportunities coming your way. So get out there, try and meet new people both near and far, be brave, take the initiative, and you’ll find yourself smitten before you know it.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then you may be going through a slump. Do things feel a bit stagnant at the minute? It happens to all relationships, this doesn’t mean either of you need to look at ending things, but rather working with one another to see what the problem is and how you can move past it.

But on the same note, sometimes we reach these points because we do actually need to move on. Are you facing an issue that crops up time and time again? Or if not in this relationship, is it an issue you’ve repeatedly seen in all of your romantic relationships? You may be avoiding learning a lesson that keeps being tossed your way; it’s time to pay attention, otherwise, you’ll keep being served it time and time again.

If you’re single, then romantically you’re going to experience delays with getting to where you want in love. But you just have to roll with it – you can’t change this, trust in that there are lessons here so learn what you need to.

wheel of fortune tarot card X


Upright Position

Justice can represent a deeper commitment for those in an already established relationship, such as the potential for marriage. If you are single, this card can represent a new relationship with someone with Libra-type energy.

In general love readings, it can mean you need to learn from your past mistakes in love, and if you have been treated unfairly in past relationships, this card can symbolise a happier, more balanced relationship in future.

Reversed Position

Drawing the Justice card in the reversed position can indicate that you are being treated unfairly in a current relationship or being deceived in some way. It can also be an indicator that either you or your partner are making more effort than the other, and you need to meet each other halfway. Again, take time to examine your behaviour and theirs, and look at things from all perspectives.

If single, upside-down Justice can mean that you still haven’t healed from past relationships and past mistakes. Even if you feel you are ready to move on, something may be holding you back. The card’s advice to you is that self-examination is required before you can truly move on.

The Hanged Man

Upright Position

Drawing The Hanged Man indicates unhappiness in the way a relationship is heading, or feeling trapped. The card’s advice would be to take a step back and assess the relationship fully and what options there are. If you are single this card can mean holding off from starting a new relationship for the time being.

Reversed Position

If single, this can indicate that you’ve been making the same bad choices and falling into the same negative behavior patterns. If in a relationship this can indicate that the relationship is not ideal but that your other half is holding onto it out of fear of change.


Upright Position

Drawing the Death card indicates a change in relationships – either the ending of a relationship or a change in the relationship dynamic. If a relationship has become stagnant then this card advises you that more needs to be done in order to help it to thrive, and if not, then it may be time to accept that it has come to an end.

If single, this card can mean you need to make some changes to beliefs and behaviours, and you may need to be more open to change and transformation for the right type of love to enter your life.


Upright Position

If you are in a relationship, this is definitely one of the best cards you can pull during a love tarot spread. Balance, peace, harmony, your relationship is certainly in a very good place! However, if you’ve been experiencing relationship issues then this card is indicating that you will be able to move past any issues and problems together and move forward.

If you’re single, drawing Temperance means that you are finding balance in all aspects of your life, and by creating and maintaining this balance you are making room for a romantic interest to come into your life.

Reversed Position

If you are in a relationship, then this card suggests there is a significant imbalance. You and your partner are definitely not in tune with one another, you have lost the harmony, and are most likely to be clashing and arguing, and not willing to listen to one another.

The card’s advice is that you need to focus on working through your problems together instead of working against one another. Point scoring won’t get you anywhere in the grand scheme of things. Take a step back, regain your composure, and focus on resolving the issues.

However, if you’re single, then the appearance of this card is suggesting that you’re coming across as desperate for love by giving too much of yourself to someone you’re interested in without truly getting to know them first! Don’t engage in behaviours to try and force a relationship, you need to be patient and let any potential romance just blossom over time.

The Devil

Upright Position

In a relationship, the presence of this card can suggest a handful of things. It can suggest that either yourself or your partner may feel trapped, there may be a lot of co-dependency going on to the point it’s become unhealthy. It can also be linked to mental health issues that are affecting the relationship, an issue where professional help is necessary and just cannot be ignored, but it can also be linked to jealousy, abuse, cheating, and even violence. If this is the case then supporting cards pulled alongside the Devil will be able to elaborate.

However, if you are single then the Devil card can suggest you are engaging in dangerous sexual behaviour and/or allowing yourself to openly be used by people that do not care for you, but you allow this to happen because of your need to be loved.

If there is a potential love interest then this card serves as a warning that this individual won’t be good for you, even if they seem intriguing at first, this is your warning sign that they are dangerous and you must not allow them into your life.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship then you may have been experiencing problems that were going to inevitably lead to you splitting up, but you’ve now started to work past and resolve these issues.

Or there’s a chance one, or both, of you, were going to engage in behaviour that would have ended the relationship, such as cheating,  but ultimately decided against it.

If you’ve been with someone that’s abusive then the presence of this card suggests that you’re finally beginning to see your worth and know that you deserve better and deserve to leave your current situation.

If you’re single then the appearance of this card may suggest you’ve stopped being willing to put up with anything for the sake of wanting love so desperately, you have no doubt realised your worth and know it’s time to take a step back from dating to focus on yourself.

the devil tarot card 15

The Tower

Upright Position

If you are in a relationship, then the appearance of this card can be seen as both a positive and a negative, depending upon how you view things. On one hand, it very much can represent a breakup, or a divorce if married, or it could show that either one of you will be undergoing a very difficult, hard experience that will result in pushing your relationship beyond its limits.

Granted a relationship being pushed doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll end, so if you wish for your relationship to survive this time then make sure communication between you both is clear and that you continue to support one another as best as you can. On the other end of this your relationship would have completely changed, but you will both be better off for it.

If you’re single, then the appearance of this card during a love spread suggests that you will be being made to face up to a potentially harsh reality of why you’re still single. Whether it’s your ego or that you have an unsavoury habit you need to break in order to begin welcoming and forming healthy relationships, you will most likely be made to feel very uncomfortable facing up to these personal truths, but the lessons you’re about to learn will change you for the better.

Additionally, the Tower card may be warning you about someone dangerous that has the intentions of harming you so just be wary when you’re going out there to meet up with new people! It doesn’t mean you can’t meet new people, just be cautious and trust your gut instinct.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, drawing this card may suggest that it’s time to let your relationship go. In your heart, if you feel like you know the relationship is done, but that you’re just clinging to it, this is your sign to let it go and move on. It’s done, it’s over. It no longer serves you and it will very much hold you back, don’t do that to yourself.

However, if you feel like your relationship is still intact but it’s just changed, this card is a warning that you can’t try and get things back to the way they were before, things need to change so don’t try and go back. If this is making you assess whether or not this is the relationship that you want, then this again may be the advice you need to move on for your sake.

If you’re single and recently got close to someone that you ended up passing upon, then it’s suggesting that you did the right thing! That person would have been potentially dangerous, even abusive, towards you. Or if you’ve gone through a traumatic breakup, you may be avoiding dealing with the aftermath and your emotions.

You need to face up to what happened to be able to move forward and start attracting new and healthy relationships into your life, baggage isn’t any good for anybody!

The Star

Upright Position

If you are in a relationship, then the presence of this card can suggest that you are with someone that is very good for you, there is a lot of harmony, and it is a healthy relationship. They could even be someone you consider to be ‘the one’.

But this card can also serve as an advice to let go of things, don’t hold onto baggage, if you’ve been having any relationship issues then trust in the fact you need to let things go to be able to heal and move forward together. It’s possible, your future is bright!

However if you’re single, this can either mean you’re incredibly happy being single and just enjoying your own company, or again it can serve as a reminder that you need to release any previous relationship baggage to make room for a new relationship that could come along if you make space for it.

Reversed Position

You have either completely lost faith in your relationship, or you’re failing to see the positive aspects. Sometimes it’s easy to focus on the negatives, but you’ll get so caught up in the bad that you’ll not see the good. The star is advising you to take a step back to see the full picture again!

If you are having issues with your partner then the Star reversed can also suggest that you need to heal old wounds and move on from things holding you back – this energy does not serve you.

However if you’re single, then the appearance of this card indicates you’re feeling lonely and have doubts about anything good coming your way in terms of love. You need to work on moving past this attitude to be able to move forward and attract love into your life.

The Moon

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, The Moon speaks to a beautiful sense of shared emotional depth and honesty. This isn’t a superficial or casual connection; it’s something that’s stirring up deep emotions within you, and that’s truly beautiful!

However, depending on your attachment wounds, this deep emotional connection can also bring up feelings of fear or uncertainty. In this case, The Moon card may be guiding you towards processing these emotions in a healthy way, perhaps through therapeutic activities like journaling.

If the relationship isn’t making you feel safe, seen, and valued, The Moon card in a reading may be trying to point this out to you. It’s possible that something isn’t as it seems, and there may be an element of illusion or clouded judgement at play.

If you’re single, The Moon card can speak to a strong desire for emotional connection. Take some time to reflect on your relationship with yourself. Do you take yourself out on dates and cultivate meaningful platonic relationships in your life? Who’s in your community? By nurturing these connections, you can create a sense of emotional fulfillment and avoid projecting your desires onto others.

As we explore the symbolism of The Moon card, it may bring up feelings of loneliness or emotional confusion. But remember, these emotions are just as valid and important as any other. Embrace them, process them, and trust in your inner wisdom to guide you towards the love and connection you seek.

Reversed Position

If The Moon appears reversed in a love tarot spread, it may suggest that there’s more to the situation than meets the eye. Something could be hidden beneath the surface, and this card may be a warning to wait and see what is revealed.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that someone is being deceitful or unauthentic, but rather that The Moon is asking you to shine a full light on your whole situation.

Honesty and transparency are being called into question here. This doesn’t have to be about outright lies, but rather about being honest with yourself and your own emotions. Take some time to reflect on how you’re feeling about your love life, and consider whether you need to sit with these emotions for a while before answering.

Trust in your own inner wisdom and intuition with relationships and your love life, and be patient as the full picture of this life unfolds. With honesty and transparency, you can navigate any challenges or uncertainties that may arise, and create a love life that aligns with your deepest desires and values.

The Sun

Upright Position

Pulling the Sun in the upright position signifies a time of happiness, contentment, and warmth in your relationship. If you are single, it means that you will soon meet someone who brings sunshine into your life and provides a lot of playfulness.

If you are in a relationship, The Sun tarot card suggests that you and your partner are on the same page and share similar interests and goals. Things are going well in your relationship and this is a time to enjoy each other’s company.

This card can also represent children and pregnancy. If you are trying to conceive, this could be a good sign that you will be successful.

Reversed Position

The Sun reversed can talk a lot about ego and conceitedness. Find a way to bring more energy, lust and infatuation into your life if you can.

If you’re single and looking, maybe the standards you’ve set for a partner are too unachievable and therefore you find it disheartening in the dating pool – or maybe there are vibes with you that you are better than everyone else. Subjectively if this is true or not, focusing on what you do want and going forward with enthusiasm for this alone will be beneficial. Don’t be focusing on the bad elements of dating!

If you’re in a relationship and you get the Sun reversed, it can be a warning to not take your partner for granted. There is a need to appreciate all that they do, and to show this through actions and not just words. Show more warmth in the relationship to put a positive boost on growing more love there.

It takes commitment every single day to be in a relationship, so choose love and have the courage to go on this journey together.


Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then it’s time to deal with any past mistakes you’ve made in this relationship, own your BS and make amends for it. You and your partner don’t need to continue this back and forth of being judgemental towards one another, it is possible to work past your issues and see if you can give a new lease of life to this connection you have.

You just need open and honest communication, to forgive the past, and move together anew as one – if that’s what you both wish to do, of course.

If you’re single, you need to behave yourself and stop looking at others so negatively without getting to know them first! You’re pushing away potential matches because you aren’t willing to spend the time actually getting to know them for who they are, and not just getting a first impression, making assumptions, and running with it!

So calm the attitude, breathe for a minute, and actually let these people show you who they really are. You may end up pleasantly surprised one day.

Reversed Position

Drawing the reversed Judgement card during a love tarot spread signals you to stop avoiding that decision you know you need to make. Stop allowing these negative feelings towards yourself to stop you from facing your relationship head-on and doing what you must. Whether that be terminating it or working on something that’s been making your relationship stagnant.

Are you being heard? What problems are there? Can you work past them? Or has the relationship run its course? You’ve got to make that decision now, stop getting in the way of yourself. You’re just going to remain stuck! Try not to let negative words and thoughts from others influence your decision-making when it comes to your relationship; the work you put in if you choose to stick around, has got to be genuine, and you can’t let others taint your own thoughts with potential lies or toxic opinions.

So don’t let your own self-doubt latch onto these negative words and run with it as if it’s the gospel, it’ll just cause more damage.

If you’re single then you’re the one holding yourself back, honey! You’ve got that confidence required, you’ve just buried it somewhere deep within yourself, but it’s time to find it! You’re stopping yourself from approaching people, and how do you ever plan to meet someone if you keep yourself closed off and unapproachable? Exactly!

Don’t spend a lifetime pushing others away because you don’t feel worthy enough, or are too shy to say hello, you can do this. So, let’s start working on it! You’ll be radiating with confidence before you know it – you never know which eyes you’ll catch.

judgement tarot card XX

The World

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, drawing the World card indicates that your partner makes you feel whole, makes you feel complete. You no doubt are very much in love with both your partner and your relationship in its entirety, it’s very satisfying, happy, and healthy.

If you’re single, and looking for love, then the presence of this card is telling you that the perfect partner will be coming your way sooner than you think – IF you haven’t already met this person by now! If you’ve been dating, and have met someone you think is great, it’s most definitely wise for you to pursue it and see where things lead!

If you’re single, and want to stay that way, then this is a good sign that you’ve made peace with your single life! Know that it’s okay to stay committed to your single life if this is how you want things to be, you don’t need to feel pressured into relationships or talking, have fun! See what the world has to offer and enjoy yourself! After all, sometimes our own company is the best company.

Reversed Position

It may be time for you to bring yourself your own closure, instead of perhaps seeking others to do that for you. If you’re in a relationship, what’s stopping you from being happy? Don’t let past experiences cloud your judgement and emotional state, don’t just assume your current partner will be like any bad partners you’ve had previously, you need to heal from those experiences in order to move forward.

If you’re single, then very much the same thing applies! Heal from your past experiences, don’t let those times govern you, to welcome in new love you have to work through these emotions and memories and not just bury them.

Face up to them, close that chapter, and move forward. Focus on what you know you need to work on and stop avoiding it, you’ll eventually get back that ‘oomph’ that you so require!

Minor Arcana:


Ace of Cups

Upright Position

Pulling the Ace of Cups in a love reading can signify a new beginning or new relationship. It is an invitation and asks you to follow your heart and get in touch with your emotions. Now is a great time to open yourself up to new opportunities or connections.

If you are in a relationship you might find yourself seeing a new perspective or conflicts melting away and feeling more connected to your partner. There is an element of a new warmth in your relationship that helps you as your journey continues together, and maybe cause for celebration.

If you are single and considering opening yourself up to new connections or getting out of your comfort zone, this is a sign to get out there. Trust your intuition and explore the potential of new relationships by staying open and embracing softness as the Ace of Cups confidently proclaims loving energy towards your situation.

Reversed Position

This card suggests things haven’t been going smoothly in your relationships. If you’re in a relationship you might be struggling to see things from the same perspective, and experiencing conflicts or disagreements from it. Utilise new ways of communicating in an honest, non-blame space, and see how you can work together to move forward.

If you’re single you might be frustrated in your lack of connections and be tempted to shut yourself off from any potential feelings. Whatever your situation, a solution can’t be forced and you won’t find your happiness in someone else’s approval. Focus your attention inwards and get to know your emotions and what you want from a relationship.

Try to keep your heart soft and open, but your relationship to yourself is the most important one right now.

Two of Cups

Upright Position

The upright Two of Cups radiates with the promise of a deep and meaningful romance, characterized by equality, open communication, and mutual attraction.

If you are currently unattached, the 2 of Cups eagerly anticipates the blossoming of a new relationship with a partner who resonates with you on a profound level. This could be the start of a beautiful connection where both you and your partner are in perfect harmony, appreciating each other’s perspectives, and building a strong emotional bond.

For those who are already in a relationship, the Two of Cups signifies a significant commitment on the horizon. This could manifest as a proposal, marriage, promise, or taking a leap of faith together into the unknown. It heralds a new milestone that you and your partner will embark upon as a united force, providing each other with the necessary support and companionship on this journey.

The Two of Cups also emphasizes the importance of communication and equality in relationships. It encourages open and honest dialogue, where both partners are heard and valued equally. It represents a partnership built on mutual respect, trust, and understanding, where each person’s needs, desires, and opinions are acknowledged and considered.

This card exudes a warm and empowering energy, signifying a loving relationship that is balanced, harmonious, and supportive. It encourages you to embrace the beauty of emotional connection and to cherish the bond you share with your partner, or the one that is just beginning to unfold.

Reversed Position

If you are single and considering a potential partner, the person in question may not bring harmony to your life. You may find their involvement in your affairs disruptive because they lack the necessary communication skills and qualities of mutual respect and equality that this card extols. If you’re single but don’t have anyone in mind, this reversed card here shows that more love needs to be balanced inward before putting it out there.

If you are already in a relationship, you may have already noticed signs of it deteriorating due to an imbalance. It’s important to determine whether you or your partner is the source of this disparity. A lack of balance can indicate a number of things, from controlling behavior to unhealthy codependency. It may be time to have a frank conversation with your partner about any issues in your relationship, and work together to address them.

If you are experiencing any form of abuse or manipulation in your relationship, it’s crucial to reach out to a professional or support network for help. Remember that you deserve to be treated with love and respect, and should never tolerate any form of mistreatment or abuse.

Three of Cups

Upright Position

Three of Cups can indicate that singles could meet someone who matches their energy, and that person can be their new love, not someone they just date to not be alone. In the love tarot, the Three of Cups stands for a love that could be appearing in the circle of friends. There could arise an opportunity to start a relationship with a friend. The advantage of this situation is that we know this person well and we have spent many great moments together already.

Additionally, the card can speak about our friend circle, which may be helping us to get to know someone or find a partner. The Three of Cups indicates that now is the right time to search actively for a partner. Meeting up with friends and spending time partying may result in new acquaintances from which a relationship could develop.

This card can also indicate that polygamy is involved. Altogether, the card points to an enjoyable time, also in the partnership. If a person has invested a lot in their relationship, they can see the fruits of their work now. There are people for whom we are important. They live through us, they recognize themselves in us. We make their lives matter.

In a partnership, the Three of Cups represents the need for more socializing. Being in a couple is beautiful, but it is also important to maintain contact with friends outside of the relationship. A relationship and a circle of friends are not mutually exclusive but can contribute in different ways to make us feel loved and accepted. It is important to invest time into friendships. The person will notice that the time with their friends has a positive influence on their well-being and their partnership too.

Reversed Position

The reversed Three of Cups may suggest that there is a possibility of infidelity or a third-party situation, which can be very challenging to deal with emotionally.

However, it is important to remember that this card’s interpretation is not always straightforward, and other factors may be at play. If you are in a happy relationship, this card could simply indicate that you have been neglecting your social life and spending too much time with your partner. It’s essential to find a balance between your relationship and other aspects of your life, including your friendships.

For singles, the reversed Three of Cups indicates the need for some alone time. After experiencing a difficult phase, taking time to reflect on your past relationship and heal is crucial before jumping into a new partnership.

You may enjoy being single at the moment and not want to rush into anything too quickly. It’s perfectly okay to take your time and prioritize your own needs and well-being.

3 of Cups tarot card

Four of Cups

Upright Position

The Four of Cups speaks about the inability to start a new relationship because we are tied to a person from the past. It is obvious that this card is not the embodiment of happiness and satisfaction on an emotional level.

We are surrounded by unreliable people. This card can speak about romantic experiences which are disturbing our daily affairs and plans. There may be changeable moods and feelings, and emotional outbursts. A person can be overwhelmed with feelings. Negative feelings such as sadness may dominate.

This person doesn’t know what they want but they are tired of being depressed. The Four of Cups does not describe specific events in relationships and love lives, but more about the feelings.

In the context of love, the person is alone or feels lonely. They need to sort out their emotions. Hence, this card suggests taking time for ourselves. Although it seems that the negativity will never go away, this is still a minor arcana. This means that the problem is not big. It’s a temporary block that will pass soon. Now is not the right time to enter into a new love relationship.

If the person is in the relationship, their relationship is at a crossroads; they shouldn’t rush or force anything. If you are not in a relationship, think about how much time you will waste on a busy person that doesn’t want to invest in the relationship. Similarly to the Hermit Card, this card suggests being alone, to process and focus on the emotions. This should help to heal and become open to start something new.

Reversed Position

The person may not feel fun or joy with their partner. Maybe it is just a minor issue that we can figure out soon, or it can also be a clear sign that the time has come to end the relationship. If we ignore the warning, it can only get worse. There may be boredom and a lack of initiative from the partner.

This crisis in the relationship may be just a phase. It depends on the other cards in the reading. The reason for this situation usually lies in the bad choice of partner. There may be a lack of trust and jealousy.

If the person is single, they may be still closed off to new relationships. They are figuring out the pain from the breakup or previous negative emotional situations. However, they may be coming back now to start something new.

Five of Cups

Upright Position

When this card appears in a love reading it shows you have as much to be happy about as you do to be sad about. You may be going through a breakup or a time of tension and arguments within your relationship.

The 5 of Cups can signal emotional loss, but also that you may be overlooking what is still salvageable. Has an argument taught you about something within your relationship that can help you both move forward in a positive way? Has a break-up brought you the freedom that you lacked in your previous relationship?

If you are single and the five of cups appear in your reading this could represent you holding onto a past relationship and feelings of sadness due to the connection not working out how you had planned. It can also indicate an erraticness to a dating strategy for you, when really instead of trying to find someone “all of the modern ways” why not try something that feels a little closer to home for you?

Reversed Position

This is the card of moving on and letting go of past trauma.

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, the 5 of cups is here to help motivate you to accept what has happened and make peace with it.

You are releasing old emotions and making room for new love to appear, a love that you can truly enjoy and not compare to past relationships. Give yourself time and be gentle on yourself and you will find happiness again.

If you’re already in a relationship, you may have just gone through an intense period. This card encourages you and your partner to discuss what you need so you both feel like you are understood and heard. Try not to hold on to the past and both forward together.

If it’s for someone who is single, it suggests that you are beginning to move on from past heartbreak and emotional pain. You are starting to see the possibilities for new love and relationships, and you are open to new experiences. You may have forgiven past partners or even yourself for mistakes made, and are feeling more confident and optimistic about the future.

This card is a sign of hope and a reminder that new love is possible, so be open to new opportunities and trust in the universe to bring the right person into your life.

Six of Cups

Upright Position

Pulling the Six of Cups in a love reading can signify harmony, generosity and reciprocation in your relationship. If you’re single, this card can be a sign that you will rekindle a relationship from your past, or that a relationship from childhood might become more than it once was.

If you’re in a relationship, you are embracing the lighthearted energy of love and it feels like there is a rich generosity and openness between the two of you. There are times that a relationship requires a serious approach to challenges, but it’s important to remember to keep an element of playfulness and fun whenever you can.

Reversed Position

The reversed Six of Cups suggests someone from your past has returned or that you’re still hung up on a past relationship. Often the challenges that were present in the past will present themselves again in the future, so be mindful of addressing any concerns before you jump back into this relationship

If you’re in a relationship, the reversed Six of Cups can suggest things have gotten a bit too serious, or even boring, and you need a new lease of life in your relationship. This relationship might be secure and comfortable, but you need to make time for some fun too. Make an effort to add some more playfulness and passion into your relationship.

Seven of Cups

Upright Position

For singles, the Seven of Cups predicts important decision-making in their love life. This decision may affect several people. Maybe they have feelings for several people. It also indicates that the person may be too focused on the external characteristics of people when choosing their partner

Additionally, when looking for a partner, we often present ourselves very differently than we are to impress them. But the more we pretend, the sooner this illusion vanishes into thin air. If there is no relationship but a crush on a person, it is likely that there will be no relationship. On the other hand, there may be a nice time that could turn into something more serious later. The Seven of Cups promises, however, sincere talks about common plans, and confessions of sincere love.

In a relationship, the Seven of Cups indicates various unfulfilled desires. Such wishes can affect the relationship. One of the partners may be imagining something that does not occur in reality. It can be very useful to recognize a fantasy for what it is.

When this card appears in the reading, especially when it comes to long-term commitments and marriage, there are elements of the relationship that may be of poor quality and may even be violence in the relationship, which does not have to be physical. There is no reconciliation or any compromises here, and it’s time to get assistance from a professional such as therapy or even refuge.

Your safety is paramount and having your head in the clouds may not be beneficial to you. This card has been described as “the dirty side of love where everything is allowed”.

Reversed Position

In the reversed position, Seven of Cups could indicate fears. Someone may be fleeing the relationship. We can think of our illusions as the cloud on card Seven of Cups. It looks enormous and powerful but it is only air. Further, when we meet someone new, we may get overwhelmed by emotions. If they are intense, they can cause fear. Hence it is important to take a step back and see things clearly.

Additionally, the card indicates that someone lacks clarity about what they want in love. This means that they are expected to make a choice. Otherwise not only can this can lead to missed opportunities and mixed messages, but also emotional pain. That’s not what we want for you.

Eight of Cups

Upright Position

Sometimes something has come to its natural conclusion and that’s what the Eight of Cups is saying, in most situations here.

Ask yourself the big questions, the tough questions. Are you feeling fulfilled in this relationship? Does this person encourage you to be the best version of yourself and to grow, and vice versa? Or is there an element of fear of being alone, or settling?

If you’re feeling stuck, stagnant, abandoned or isolated it’s time to see what changes can be made.

You might be feeling like your significant other is distancing themselves from you, or that you’re pulling away from them. It might stem from actual relationship issues, or past trauma – either way, it might be time to see if you can get some help processing and overcoming these things.

A relationship or unhealthy attachment might be coming to an end, or you might be sensing something is missing from your romantic life (likely emotional or spiritual) and it’s time to address that.

Reversed Position

In terms of love, there might be a history there but it might be challenged by a lack of healthy boundaries, emotional abuse or exhaustion, and/or fear of intimacy or commitment.

There’s an imbalance in a current relationship and you, or the other person, might be questioning everything. It might lead to someone walking away. It won’t be an easy choice or transition, because as we know leaving something behind that we’ve invested in and built up over time can be a real challenge.

But if it isn’t working for both of you or one of you, then it’s time to evaluate, engage and question. A decision needs to be made as to whether it’s time to move on, or there’s something salvageable. It doesn’t have to be a parting in animosity, it could be that you both understand your romantic journey has served its purpose and you both need different things.

If you’re single it might be because you decided to walk away from something or someone that was draining you, or perhaps someone walked away from you because you have some unresolved issues that they could no longer engage with. Now’s the time to examine yourself, your values and your needs.

8 of Cups tarot card

Nine of Cups

Upright Position

The Nine of Cups card can mean that your wish for a loving relationship has been fulfilled. It could be an indication that you have found the perfect partner to make all of your dreams come true, heading towards your Ten of Cups moment, as well as you feel emotionally fulfilled and content.

It could also be a sign that in order for your relationship to move forward, it’s time to let go of certain expectations and accept the person for who they are. Showing unconditional love to your partner will be essential in order to truly experience the depths that your relationship potential holds, making sure that any issues and obstacles are faced together.

If you’re single, the upright Nine of Cups indicates that this period of self-love and self-care is paying off. You’re finding the balance between your needs and wants, and you’re feeling emotionally content.

This is a great time to take the plunge in looking for someone special, if you want to, and to make sure that you’re taking the right steps towards manifesting your perfect relationship.

Reversed Position

Where are you not providing your love life with an indulgent dose of self-love? What’s the dissatisfaction coming from here?

If you’ve recently gone through a breakup, this card is calling you towards more self-care and self-preservation at this time. Don’t look to seek happiness through partying all the time or being seen out having a great time, no. This is a time for connecting with you, and prioritizing your health, your well-being, and being around those who truly love you who want what’s best for you.

If you’re already in a relationship, this card is asking you to be mindful of how much you’re giving away. Are you sacrificing too much of your time and energy? Do you find yourself saying yes too much or feeling like you’re not getting enough in return? It’s important to make sure that the relationship is balanced and healthy, that both sides are getting what they need.

If it’s for someone who is single, it suggests that you are focusing too much on the idea of finding love and not enough on a relationship with yourself. The reversed Nine of Cups is an indication to pause and reflect on what it is you really want to wish for here.

How can another person love you like you want, when you are seeking it outside of yourself? Why are you not deserving of a date, a new gift, words of affirmation or acts of service to yourself with yourself first? This reversed card is flagging that you do not need someone to save you from singledom, but to join you on a journey as you have a fierce and fiery love for yourself.

Ten of Cups

Upright Position

The 10 of cups is a beautiful card to see. It gives a sense of complete and total happiness in the home. It’s the true happily ever after you read about.

There is a synchronicity between you and your partner that flows through your home. If you are in a committed relationship, you can be looking to move things to the next level (e.g., Proposals, Marriage, Vow Renewals, children) or if you are single this card is seen as a soulmate card and can indicate being ready for a new love to come into your life.

Your finances are doing well and you’re feeling stable, secure, and in true bliss.

Reversed Position

The reverse Ten of Cups suggests that there may be some tension or conflict within a relationship, possibly due to unfulfilled expectations or unmet emotional needs.

This card is a reminder that it’s important to communicate openly and honestly with your partner, and to work together to find a resolution. It may also suggest that it’s time to reevaluate whether the relationship is truly bringing you happiness and fulfillment. Be kind and soft with yourself, and your partner, as you navigate any challenges.

The 10 of cups reversed can indicate hardships for those not in a relationship. It can show a breakdown of communication, tensions or feelings of loneliness when it comes to dating.

You could be feeling abandoned by your love interests and desperate for things to get better or perhaps even wanting to seek out better. It may be time to consider whether you want to put a pause on dating whilst you look within for a while.

For those that are single out of choice, the 10 of cups bring a message of loneliness, yearning, and the need to find a suitable partner. There is a feeling of lack in regards to being single and I always feel the message here is to find that deep love within yourself because in doing so it turns into a beacon of light that will attract the right partner to you.

Page of Cups

Upright Position

I love this card for love readings tbh! In a love reading, the upright Page of Cups often indicates that there will be some kind of happy news for you in the form of proposals, marriage, pregnancy or births – so this is definitely something to look out for!

If you are single, then this card suggests that it is time for you to start exploring your imagination and trusting your intuition – get into nature where there is plenty of water, express yourself creatively, explore what you really love and what you love will start to flow naturally towards you – it’ll find its own way. The bond you have with yourself should be full of love first.

If you’re in a committed relationship, then it would suggest that this is a great time to start reconnecting with your partner – so if you feel like your relationship is starting to become a bit stale or it’s not been as fun as you’d like, this card could be an indicator that it might be time to start playing, rebuilding intimacy and creating fun together again. I have a fab “date ideas” page for tarot you should check out!

It can also suggest that all your relationships are being enriched by creating space for playfulness, fun projects and lightheartedness.

Reversed Position

If the Page of Cups came up in a reversed position, I would ask you if you’ve been struggling with stagnation at the moment. Whether in your single and dating life, in your new relationship or even in your long term relationship, this Page indicates a lack of play and lack of romance.

In terms of relationships, it can mean that you are overly focused on something in the relationship, such as an obsession with one person. It’s important to remember that a healthy balance is key for any relationship to flourish – both parties must be able to give and receive love in order for it to work. This Page of Cups reversed therefore brings a message of “hey, love yourself too”.

For those who are single, the reversed Page of Cups may indicate a fear of commitment or a lack of trust when it comes to potential partners. If this is the case, then you will have to take steps towards learning how to build bridges and embrace vulnerability with someone new.

Looking into your own history and previous relationships, were there any patterns that stand out for you that you can learn from? Indulge in some date activities that bring you inner child serious joy, such as dancing, art classes and music too.

Knight of Cups

Upright Position

The Knight of Cups is a sign of positive changes in terms of love relationships. The tarot card, Knight of Cups, predicts new love and strength. For those in relationships, it may announce a marriage offer. For singles, it announces a new person with whom the sympathy will be mutual. A wonderful romance will knock on the door of lonely hearts, the kind they have been hoping for for a long time.

The card may indicate a younger married man or a friend attached to his family. Also love letters, messages, and reciprocated sympathy.

In general, the Knight of Cups represents friendly relations and a good atmosphere. The conflicting aspects of life will finally end. This is the right time to enjoy harmony, meditate and start a new romantic relationship. When it comes to an established partnership, this card speaks about an approach of reconciliation and mutual understanding. For married couples, the card promises an extremely pleasant period in the relationship.

The card also says that the person is emotionally ready for a new relationship and feels confident. But before starting a new relationship, they should make sure that their partner’s feelings are genuine and not just “head in the clouds” stuff lacking practicality. The period indicated by the Knight of Cups is ideal for new romantic encounters, falling in love and romance. However, do not forget that the intentions of an unknown new partner may not be very sincere.

Those who are in a relationship can expect a harmonious relationship with their partner, this card has strong connotations to a love celebration.

Reversed Position

In a relationship, this card can indicate disappointments and setbacks. One of the partners might be emotionally immature and blame the others for their problems. Someone could be overly jealous which leads to a lack of trust. The Knight of Cups can indicate moodiness in the relationship which can be very exhausting for both partners.

For singles, this card is also not encouraging right now. It may indicate that the person has many one-night stands that are not fulfilling them. You dream about an ideal partner, with all the optimal physical and character traits, which correspond to an ideal that does not exist in reality.

If you have met someone new, the card speaks about the person who is a breaker of hearts. This person may see you as a challenge. Once they conquer you, they may leave you wondering what happened. They can be full of empty promises. You should not be fooled by their charm.

Queen of Cups

Upright Position

This empathetic woman does not always represent a friend or wife in a relationship, but sometimes also a person who helps with problems. Otherwise, the card symbolizes a caring wife who takes care of marriage and family in a great manner.

For singles, she speaks about the ability to win people’s hearts simply by caring for them. You have what it takes to make a deeper bond with the person you like. However, make sure that your generosity and care are not one-sided and that your counterpart shows the same degree of responsibility towards you.

When choosing a partner you should listen to your inner voice which will guide you in the right direction. This card can also announce a new person coming into our life, someone who embodies this energy of the Queen of Cups. When it comes to love, the Queen of Cups knows what she wants, and she’s not afraid to go after it.

However, the thing about the Queen of Cups is that she can get carried away easily. She is easily caught up in emotions and may have a tendency to overlook red flags just because she loves a person.

In a relationship, the Queen of Cups shows us the importance of mutual care and compassion between partners. With our partner, we experience most of the ups and downs in life together, and it is not uncommon for conflicts to arise.

The Queen of Cups is a good sign for love and relationships. It indicates that there is a nice balance in the relationship, that equal love is shared, and that there is trust and respect on both sides.

Reversed Position

The person is not listening to their intuition when looking for a partner. Additionally, the card can talk about careless or even jealous partners. The reversed Queen is not in balance with her emotions and may explode when things are not going her way.

It is important to clarify your own feelings and thoughts before getting involved in a new partnership. Love only arises when we are willing to share feelings with someone else and don’t lock them up deep inside of us.

In the reversed position, the Queen of Cups speaks about a selfish partner. It can even represent someone who could have codependency issues. Dependence can be financial or emotional and always carries the risk that we could be used by the partner. The card can also speak about someone being emotionally immature.

Generally speaking, you may be feeling unfulfilled in your relationships, and may need to take steps to address this.

Queen of Cups tarot card

King of Cups

Upright Position

Warm, nurturing, and passionate might be the perfect words to describe either the situation, the connection or the person. This king suggests fulfilment on an emotional level, as well as passionate and romantic levels.

If referring to a person it can denote someone who is adept at anticipating your wants, supporting you when you most need it and nurturing your needs. They could be more experienced or emotionally mature and as such offer a strong, intimate relationship that allows you both to grow as individuals. A long-term partnership for long-term benefits.

If you’re single, this might be a good omen when it comes to getting back on the dating horse. You might have taken the time to learn your value and drilled down what you really want in a relationship and partner. Don’t avoid emotional vulnerability or be afraid to attract what you deserve.

Reversed Position

The King of Cups reversed points to an imbalance when it comes to emotions, suggesting over-sensitivity and/or overreaction when it comes to emotions or an emotionally fuelled situation.

If referring to a person they might be emotionally imbalanced or immature, where they lack self-assurance/confidence leading to them being emotionally manipulative or needy. They may need constant reassurance, and display moods that are difficult for others to deal with.

In regard to challenges, this king can make snap judgments and decisions, and react out of emotional confusion or anger. It can point to unhealed emotional wounds.

It might be that you are letting your inner peace be controlled by outside sources, which can lead to anxiety and/or depression. Identify your emotional imbalances and realise you have the inner compassion and control to change this.

Pentacles (also known as Coins or Disks in some decks):

Ace of Pentacles

Upright Position

If you are already in a relationship, it may be a good time for you to set up a joint account, start saving for the future or potentially invest in a new home together. Or there may be an opportunity for you to start a joint business venture.

If you’re in search of love, the Ace of Pentacles indicates there is an opportunity on the horizon for this to manifest. This is likely to be connected in some way to work, so you may meet someone at the office or in a similar career to you. Regardless, the person you meet will provide you with the stability you’ve been looking for.

In both scenarios though, remember the Aces speak of new beginnings rather than readymade end goals. It’s up to you to make the connections, put yourself out there and put in the work.

Reversed Position

Perhaps unsurprisingly, when asking about love the reversed Ace of Pentacles indicates a lack of compatibility or feelings of uncertainty.

If you’re looking for love, this card reminds you not to miss… or avoid opportunities to meet new people. In new relationships, it’s a reminder that time and investment are needed in order for the relationship to develop and blossom.

In a longer-term relationship, the Ace of Pentacles suggests some uncertainty or instability. This could be a result of unaligned priorities related to finances, conflict over spending vs. saving, squandering or being tight with money.

Or one side of the relationship is allowing the pursuit of material gain or goals to come between them and the other person within the relationship.

Two of Pentacles

Upright Position

The Two of Pentacles can mean you and your partner are doing a great job at balancing your lives together, or a message to prepare for more to be added to your plates! New jobs? Marriage? Moving in together? Are you ready to take on more?

If you’re single it could mean new dating prospects to weigh and getting clear on what you want from a prospective relationship/partner.

If you’re not looking to date yet, it’s a great time to manage the other priorities in your life, leaving space for you to grow into a relationship if that’s what you decide.

Reversed Position

In a love reading, upside down Two of Pentacles can mean you need to prioritize your partnership more. If you are in a couple, maybe work and financial worries are sucking the romance and passion out of your relationship. This can be a message to make time to reconnect.

If you’re single this card can signal being overwhelmed with the dating pool! Get more clarity on what you expect from a potential partner.

Three of Pentacles

Upright Position

The Three of Pentacles indicates that there is a deep mutual respect between you and your partner. You appreciate what each of you brings to the table and can celebrate your differences while knowing how to work together to work through any disagreements.

Communication is vital, so make sure you’re able to listen to your partner’s perspective and understand that they might see the world differently, but both of your unique experiences and feelings are valid.

Reversed Position

The 4 of Pentacles indicates that you are struggling to see things from your partner’s perspective. You each have your own ideas and focuses and you’re not aligned with the vision of your relationship.

You will struggle to move forward in this relationship if you can’t work together and begin to value one another’s unique experiences.

You are both individuals and that’s what makes the relationship interesting and unique, so be sure to make communication and collaboration a priority.

three of pentacles 3

Four of Pentacles

Upright Position

When you hold too tightly onto a person because you’re afraid of losing them, it can have the opposite effect and push them away. The lesson here is to love without attachment or dependency and to know that each party in a relationship is a whole person with or without the relationship.

Look at control and restrictions within your relationship, are you letting your insecurities and fear of loss determine your actions? If you are, practice communication, trust and compromise to lessen your need for control and obsession.

Reversed Position

Let go of toxic relationships and be aware of power imbalances. There is no benefit in holding onto something that is ready to fall apart. Look honestly at what you’re holding onto and ask yourself why.

The fear of losing someone can sometimes take over and cloud your relationship, it may be putting a strain on the relationship, or it may be covering deeper problems that need addressing.

Five of Pentacles

Upright Position

Drawing the Five of Pentacles in a relationship tarot spread can suggest an ending. If you see it coming but do not want to accept it, you should work on changes that are approaching. The card can also represent that partners are not on the same page and have different expectations.

While one might be clingy and seeking closeness, the other might need more time apart and distance. There might be misunderstandings and a lack of open and honest communication. Sometimes being in a relationship can make you feel lonelier than when you were single.

It all depends on our expectations. Five of Pentacles talks about the fear of losing a partner as well. The card can talk about different wealth situations between partners.

For singles, this card represents fear of rejection. You should understand that rejection is not so bad because it helps us move on faster and open up to new love. Maybe you are worrying too much about the future in love. These fears can impact your search for a new partner.

Reversed Position

The reversed Five of Pentacles in a love reading is not a great omen. The card speaks about a difficult relationship. It could signify that the relationship is heavily one sided and uses the other half. One partner may be codependent, and they are worsening each other’s life.

This card speaks about the importance of living together and cooperating. You can help each other in difficult times. It is important to be aware of all the benefits that the relationship brings to you.

If a person is single, the reversed card speaks about the suffering of the soul. The person cannot give anything in a relationship yet. However, there is the fear of being lonely, which drives the person to start meaningless relationships.

Nevertheless, on the positive side, this person has a positive charisma which makes it easier to find a partner. The Five of Pentacles asks you to search for a partner with confidence. Confidence helps you not to despair even in difficult times of loneliness, but to enjoy your life despite being single.

Love can have many disappointments in store for you, but as long as you do not give up hope, it will always find a way into your life.

Six of Pentacles

Upright Position

Pulling the Six of Pentacles suggests you have a balanced partnership. You know what each of you bring to the table and appreciate the support of one another. You appreciate both giving and receiving in your relationships, you enjoy caring for and being cared for.

Balanced doesn’t necessarily mean you offer the same things; one of you might be more financially stable than the other and support the relationship financially, but the other might do more around the house or provide important emotional support.

Be mindful that any of these imbalances do not turn to resentment; it’s important to understand your different positions and where you’re at, and know that this may shift and change over time.

Reversed Position

There might be a power imbalance within your relationship, so be careful that you’re not relying solely on other people to bring joy and support into your life and don’t give away your power to others.

Bring some of your attention to yourself and know that the most successful and fulfilling relationships happen when you are content with yourself and provide for yourself first.

Seven of Pentacles

Upright Position

Relationships take time and effort to grow, they can’t be rushed and there are no guarantees that your efforts will pay off. Pulling the Seven of Pentacles in a love reading is a sign that the effort and love you’re putting in is reciprocal and it is growing nicely.

Whether you are single or in a relationship, now is a good time to take stock and evaluate what you want and whether you’re putting your energy in the right places. You might find it’s a great time to take your relationship to the next level.

Reversed Position

Sometimes even when you put all the energy, love and time into a relationship, it is not meant to be and prolonging the inevitable is just causing more pain in the long run. Pulling the seven of pentacles upside down doesn’t necessarily mean it’s game over, but it’s definitely time to take an objective look at this relationship and whether or not it is a balanced energy exchange.

Are you putting in time and effort only for it to go unnoticed and not be reciprocal? Or are you taking a back seat and hoping the relationship will magically grow on its own? It’s time to ask yourself some difficult questions and trust that it is okay to walk away from something that isn’t turning out the way you hoped it would, even if there’s already been lots of emotion, energy and time shared.

Eight of Pentacles

Upright Position

It’s not the sexiest or most romantic thing to think about, but let’s be honest here: relationships require work. So, if you see the 8 of Pentacles upright in a love reading, that means you’re going to have to put in some effort, do something for your partner, or pay more attention to your relationship.

Concentrate on the end goal of what you both want to accomplish together – what would make your love more successful for each other? The attention to detail is perfect for Virgo ruled 8 of Pentacles, so get together and dedicate time to prioritizing beneficial goal actions.

Reversed Position

The inverted 8 of Pentacles definitely advises you to work on your relationship, but in a reversed position it can mean if you don’t start putting in some effort, you’re going to lose that relationship. It can also mean you need to take a step back and re-evaluate the balance of work being put in by both parties. Are you putting in way more effort than they are? It might be time to scale back.

Eight of Pentacles 8

Nine of Pentacles

Upright Position

If you’re already in a relationship this card can represent a healthy balance between independence and love between you both. It is likely that you have reached a time in your relationship where you are both feeling content with your relationship. That you’re aware of the elements of independence, interdependence, and how self-love and self-care can fuel this for the beneficial long term.

If you’ve been looking to expand on your family with this person, the Nine of Pentacles can also indicate pregnancy, birth and parenting – you’re in a position to do it, and so it’s a nod from the universe in terms of timing.

If you are single this card shows that you are happy being just that. You’re not in a rush to settle down with just anyone because you know the one for you is out there & you don’t want to share your love & time with the wrong person.

You’re confident and accomplished, and you’ve been valuing your financial freedom and independence – but if you are looking for a relationship, then ensure that the basics are covered and that they are also sharing the goals in life as you. Having similar priorities is a big indicator of how things will pan out between you long term.

Reversed Position

When this card appears in a love reading it can mean that while it may look like you have it all from the outside something is missing. This can sometimes be a subconscious feeling of feeling afraid of sharing your life or someone not accepting you for all you are but what you have. This card calls for you to address your inner fears so you can experience love without fear.

If you are in a relationship you may feel guarded & unsure about your current relationship. You may not realise this behavior could be pushing the person you care about away. Try to address and talk through these issues. This card reversal can indicate that you and your partner have become too focused on the material aspects of life and need to get back to what’s really important and reconnect with each other.

If you are single you may be looking for a relationship for the wrong reasons or someone could be showing an interest in you because of your wealth & social status. You deserve to find a relationship where those aspects are not the foundations of your relationship, because what if you lost it all? There is more support to a person than social status or money.

Ten of Pentacles

Upright Position

When this card appears in a love reading it can represent a strong, happy financially stable relationship.

If you’re already in a relationship this card gives you the message of abundance & luck. It is likely that you have reached a milestone within your relationship such as saving for a house or starting a family of your own. Your relationship is a happy & strong one.

If you are single this card can show you are looking for a long-term relationship. It can also signify the start of a relationship with a long-term friend or friend of the family. A relationship that would gain the approval of those closest to you. This card reminds you that happiness and stability are achievable.

Reversed Position

The Ten of Pentacles can mean that what your family and others think of your relationship is paramount, this can result in conflict. This card can signify instability, insecurity & unhappiness.

If you are in a relationship there may be some conflict between your partner and your family or friends. They may not approve of this person deeming them unsuitable for you. This type of conflict can put a great amount of pressure on your relationship, don’t accept their opinions without thinking for yourself. It may be time to set some boundaries. It can also simply mean you yourself are questioning whether this relationship is really for you.

If you are single you may not be ready for a long-term relationship and are placing too much importance on what your family & friends think of your love interests. Constantly questioning whether they would be happy with your choices. You may be asking yourself questions such as ‘Is this what my family wanted for me?’ You need to let go of those thoughts and focus more on the emotional connection you find with another.

Alternatively, this card can indicate that a non-traditional or unconventional relationship may be on the cards for you.

Page of Pentacles

Upright Position

Given the balance of feminine and masculine within the Page of Pentacles, it can mean having balance within a relationship or providing equal energy. In the context of love, the Page of Pentacles can also be about trusting your partner or potential partner.

If you’re single, this card might suggest manifesting your ideal partner to draw them to you. It could also suggest being realistic and practical about your relationship instead of getting carried away with your fantasies of a “perfect” relationship.

Reversed Position

The reversal of the Knight of Pentacles in a love reading is pointing you toward a lot of the qualities mentioned above. This person is probably not good for you, or they’re being dishonest or untrustworthy. It could also indicate that you’re not on the same page as your partner with regard to your finances or what your goals and priorities are.

Knight of Pentacles

Upright Position

This is one beautifully committed relationship! There is a sense of stability and security here, and the one you are committed to very much feels the exact same way about you. You are theirs and they are yours, there is no interest in having eyes for others, they are committed to the long-term plan of your future and what you two can achieve together.

If you have had any concerns or worries with regard to cheating or disloyal behaviour, allow this card to bring you peace of mind. You’re good, it’s all good!

If you’re single, then the presence of this card speaks volumes as to the kind of person you are looking for, and that you are ready for a serious, stable, and committed relationship with someone that has the same desires romantically as you do.

It’s okay to want the security a relationship can bring, so keep attracting this energy towards you.

Reversed Position

Oh dear, this isn’t the best omen to receive when it comes to relationship related questions. The presence of this card can represent various aspects of a relationship, but firstly it can mean that the bond between you and your partner is unstable, you don’t feel remotely secure in this relationship, and it begins to beg the question of how committed and loyal you are towards one another.

This card can also mean that if things have just become a bit boring, if everything just feels mundane, and as if you’re just going ‘through the motions’ of a relationship, then it’s time to put back in some effort, get the sparks flying again, and rekindle that passion you both had at one point!

If this is looking to represent your partner, unfortunately this just isn’t a great individual at all. They have no desire to commit to you fully, and there may be elements of being open to the idea of being disloyal very soon.

They probably view this as a relationship of convenience, rather than a relationship of shared bond and love, and probably seek to gain what he can from you. Very much someone that will take, take, take, without ever the desire to give back. Be wary.

However, if you’re single, and have been wondering about a relationship, then take this as a sign that you aren’t ready! That isn’t a bad thing, you just need a bit more time to figure things out, do you have some healing to do perhaps?

Be aware of this and make sure you don’t drag anybody along even if it seems ‘fun’, don’t torment the feelings of others, as you wouldn’t like it done to you. Be open and honest about not being ready, and know that that’s absolutely okay!

Queen of Pentacles

Upright Position

Nurturing is the key word for your relationships, both with yourself and with partners. You have made yourself a priority and looked after your needs and development, which has a positive effect on your relationships.

You love to look after your partner and provide for them, but it’s always important for you to keep your independence and your own progress. Focus on keeping this balance in order to have a fulfilling relationship centred around caring and nurturing.

Reversed Position

There may be some negative feelings within your relationships, possibly resentment or that you are giving care to someone who is unable to reciprocate.

If you are in a relationship it is likely there is an imbalance here, someone is closed off and unable to open up to this relationship and it is causing concern.

If you are single, the Queen of Pentacles reversed suggests you may have shut yourself off from emotional matters and love interests, perhaps to protect yourself or perhaps because you have other things that need your attention like your career or building a home for yourself. It might be time to allow yourself to open up to more compassion and softness, first to yourself and then to others.

queen of pentacles tarot card

King of Pentacles

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of the King of Pentacles card suggests that you are in a very comfortable position and that your relationship is the most stable it’s ever been right now. You’re in a very, very good place with your partner, and you’ve both worked hard to get the relationship to where it’s at right now – so enjoy it! And be proud of the work you’ve put in, you’re this close to your partner because of your willingness to work hard and put effort into this romance.

But it can also represent the male in a relationship, especially one that is grounded, family orientated, and takes care of those around him, as this is someone that works hard to benefit his family!

If you’re single then this card showing up suggests that you are very much ready for a serious relationship, and you’ve done a lot of work to get yourself into this position to be ready to welcome in love, and you know what you deserve and won’t settle for less – you know what you’re after.

Reversed Position

You aren’t in the position you wanted to be in in this relationship, you aren’t feeling as happy, secure, and comfortable as you wanted to, and this is potentially causing you and your partner to fight, or not see eye to eye on things, bringing about arguments, and potentially throwing blame about with how insecure you feel in your position with this person – whom you expected more from in this relationship by now.

If this is representing your partner, then this is someone that’s controlling, manipulative, hurtful, and obsessive over their material gain. Emotionally they are very shut off, very cold, and very selfish. This is someone that holds no loyalty to you. Their wants and their ego come above all else.

If you’re single then this could mean you will encounter someone that isn’t going to be good for you, so keep your wits about you as this is not someone you will want to engage with. This is someone that doesn’t have your best interests in mind, and will very much look to use their position and/or power to manipulate you. Be wary of this.


Ace of Swords

Upright Position

The Ace of Swords brings clarity to your relationships. If you’ve been struggling with knowing where you stand or understanding your feelings, this ace clears the fog and shows you the truth.

Be open to seeing the situation for what it really is, getting to the truth of the matter, and not allowing yourself to be clouded by emotion.

As a card of new beginnings, you might meet someone new that you feel an instant intellectual connection with, or just have a fresh perspective on your current relationship.

Reversed Position

Whether or not you are in a relationship, the reversed Ace of Swords suggests a difficulty in communication or misunderstandings. If you’re in a relationship, you might be struggling to communicate your feelings and needs and this is causing friction between you and your partner.

It can also mean that you are not sure what you want out of your relationship. Whether you are single or in a relationship, the reversed Ace of Swords reminds you that you must first get clear on what you want before you are able to communicate to someone else, and once you know, make sure you are clear with everyone else involved.

Two of Swords

Upright Position

The Two of Swords indicates that you and your partner have been facing a lot of disagreements, and potential arguments, recently but it seems there’s no way past your current state of affairs. You’re at a stalemate with them and potentially have looked at taking a break from one another in order to ‘get away’ from these arguments whilst you try and allow the air to settle so you can figure things out – but that isn’t happening.

Turning away from the issue won’t make it go away, even if you’re telling yourself it’s healthy to step away from these arguments. Whilst that’s absolutely true, it however does not make for a healthy relationship long term. You need to address why these arguments are cropping up, and what can be done about them. Is this something you can move past, or have the relationship run its course? If it’s come to an end then you can’t just remain in denial about it no matter how hard it is, some pain we must face.

If you are single, then this could suggest you have 2 potential partners that you are struggling to choose between. But, honey, you have to! You can’t just sit and wait and hope the correct answer will fall in your lap. For the sake of everyone’s emotions, that’s involved, you need to choose. Get that thinking cap on and spend some time weighing up how you feel.

Or are you avoiding telling a love interest how you truly feel out of fear? You can’t let rejection hold you back, whilst ‘no’ is a potential answer, you have to remember that so is ‘yes’. You can’t let fear keep you in a rut.

Reversed Position

You’re letting your fear drive your lack of decision-making when it comes to your relationship and what you should be doing for your future. You can’t remain uncertain about things if you wish to move forward, but you’re having your emotional state spiral out of control because you simply wish to bury your head and avoid facing what’s right in front of you.

Issues don’t just go away, you can’t stick a plaster on a wound and just hope it heals without an issue – especially when the things causing the wound aren’t being dealt with effectively. You may also be clinging onto negative emotions linked to your relationship, perhaps these have come through unresolved trauma the relationship has gone through, and this in turn is creating a lot of issues as these feelings are manifesting in ways that are damaging your connection.

If you’re single, then do you feel scared about getting back into the dating world? It can be daunting, it’s such a big world out there, but you can’t let the fear of the unknown hold you back. You’ve got to get out there in order to find your feet again, and remember that you don’t need to get serious about anything instantly – you can have a bit of fun exploring who you are in the dating world again, and especially working out what you’re after.

But also be aware of any negative emotions you’re clinging onto from a previous relationship, you must work through any trauma you. You can’t just bury these things and hope they’ll go away on their own.

Three of Swords

Upright Position

The meaning of this card usually refers to breaking the emotional catharsis you have been in for a long time. Most often it means loss or separation from a loved one. The Three of Swords warns you that you can easily lose your direction.

They also advise you to get out of a relationship that is suffocating you. Conflicts will not stop, but will only escalate. The Three of Swords also signifies abandonment. In such circumstances, it is important to consider the meanings of the other cards. Sometimes it is difficult to connect these meanings, so the Three of Swords can refer to the fear of abandonment, not just literal abandonment.

In case you have been recently through a breakup this card can suggest that you will not make up again with your partner. If you have reconciled recently maybe this relationship will not last.

Even though this card will announce bad news or experiences, bear in mind that sadness and loneliness always lead towards transformation. The message is to accept the pain, not only perceive it. Start working on yourself and allow yourself to heal because the colour of the heart is still red and the heart is still there, alive.

Reversed Position

The reversed meaning of the Three of Swords is more positive than the upright meaning. It means that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Bad times are over and the worst period is ending. The card should remind you of your inner strength and that it was one more experience that has taught you something useful.

In case you are asking for another person (your partner or person of interest), this could mean that the person is trying to start the relationship without healing their past wounds from the old relationships and without being aware of that. It was a phase of life when you got to draw your lessons from it.

You are maybe starting to practice forgiveness towards a person who hurt you. You are ready to fall in love again and you have freed yourself from sorrow. When you open your heart to new people you will see how much you have to give.

Three of Swords tarot card

Four of Swords

Upright Position

In a love reading, the Four of Swords means to prioritise your own rest and relaxation, and a slight separation from others whilst you reset. You need to take a break from pushing yourself, either in your relationship or whilst dating. It can also represent getting away from it all as a couple, to help recover and reconnect.

This card is all about taking time to get to know yourself better before making authentic connections with others.

Reversed Position

Pulling the Four of Swords reversed shows that you need to give your love interest space. Chasing them further or pushing for a decision will only result in them pulling away from you.

This card can also mean that you are ready to dip your toes back into the dating pool after a period of rest and reflection. Find the strength within you to support yourself during this time.

Five of Swords

Upright Position

The upright Five of Swords spells quarrels and hostility. The five of this suit especially indicates abusive or confrontational behaviours that are self-sabotaging or self-inflicted. If you see this card in a love reading, take the opportunity to reflect on your actions in the relationship.

Do you initiate every argument? Do you listen to your partner’s needs? Is your mind wandering (or has wandered) towards infidelity? This card doesn’t have to be all bad, but see the moment as a chance to practice self-awareness and heal any destructive behaviours you are responsible for in the relationship.

Reversed Position

The reversed Five of Swords can be taken as a good sign. You and your partner have put to rest conflict troubling your relationship. You have buried the hatchet, and you are headed in the direction of healing. Continuing to exercise forgiveness and self-improvement is crucial at this stage, but do not forget trespasses – prioritize your well-being.

Six of Swords

Upright Position

The Six of Swords suggests that you’re moving into a new phase of your relationship. If you’re single this might mean moving away from your past relationships and finally letting go so that you’re able to move on and start something new with yourself as a priority.

If you’re in a relationship this is a sign that things are going to calm down and become more peaceful, especially if you’ve been going through a time of struggle or conflict. The stability you’ve been wanting is due.

The important message that comes with the Six of Swords is allowing yourself to let go and trust in what comes next – keep looking forward.

Reversed Position

The reversed Six of Swords suggests the past is very much present in your current relationships. Maybe it’s an ex that keeps reappearing, or pain from previous relationships that is affecting your ability to truly connect with someone new.

All your past relationships and experiences helped to shape the person you are today, and they can all hold value, but if they have too much power you will never be able to live in the present.

Come to terms with the past and release what you need to before you start something new with someone else.

Seven of Swords

Upright Position

The Seven of Swords is usually associated with negative connotations when it comes to love. It talks about cheating, betrayal and bad intentions. However, if the person is single the card might be advising them to plan well in advance their dates and flirting attempts.

If you are in a relationship, this card signifies that someone might have betrayed someone and maybe even got away with that. It often represents a lack of trust. The card also is another sword card that represents great callousness. The person does everything in their power not to be discovered.

If someone is expecting a clarifying conversation, it is in vain.

The Seven of Swords also illustrates that someone is thinking about another adventure and nods towards a lack of loyalty or commitment.

Reversed Position

If you are single, the reversed Seven of Swords indicates that you are suffering in this state. You feel lonely. You might be fearing rejection which can prevent you from letting new people get closer to you. Nevertheless, you are responsible for your search for a partner. Think about changing your approach and be yourself with those you like.

The reversed Seven of Swords indicates in the relationship that you and your partner are a great support for each other, especially in difficult times. The difficulties from the past are over. Now you are focusing on supporting each other. Additionally, the reversed Seven of Swords signifies that some things will stay hidden from the partner. However, it does not necessarily imply something negative. It could be the things that concern only one partner and lie far back in the past.

In the reversed position, the Seven of Swords talks about moving on after the breakup. The truth might have come to light.

Eight of Swords

Upright Position

Eight of Swords speaks about the presence of certain problems in the relationship. The main problem can be the partner’s stubbornness which leads to frequent arguments.

The card may indicate an external interference, but internal aspects should not be excluded. This card often tells you that it is time to end a bad relationship in which both you and your partner feel constrained.

If you are determined to save the relationship, act immediately, and talk openly with your partner about your feelings and desires. There is a strong feeling of confinement. Important aspects of one’s personality are often suppressed, which leads to an imbalance in life and relationships.

By standing up for yourself and not letting yourself be restricted any further, you will take the first step towards more freedom, and your partner will have to adapt to the new situation.

For singles, the card indicates strong self-doubt and worry. They do not dare to approach other people. They are maybe even confused about their feelings towards someone.

There may be a spark of love, but something inside them does not let them feel at ease. The card reminds us of the importance of listening to our intuition.

Reversed Position

The reversed Eight of Swords in a love reading asks you to be open in a partner search. It is not good to have too many expectations. Before judging, get to know a person first. Tolerance and receptiveness are important. If you are single, enjoy the freedom you have. Devote yourself to the goals you want to achieve.

If you are in a relationship, the reversed Eight of Swords indicates that you have found a path with your partner. Your partner may help you to gain new perspectives and visions in life. Maybe, you are now able to open up emotionally too. However, you may feel that communication is stuck and that you do not dare to say uncomfortable things to each other.

Nevertheless, the card usually indicates an improvement in the situation and you should find some empowerment in this together. Another meaning of this card is that someone has been in a toxic relationship and can finally break free now.

Eight of Swords tarot card

Nine of Swords

Upright Position

The Nine of Swords indicates that past relationships could be a source of worry or sadness for a person who is single currently. According to the Nine of Swords, this person has not processed their feelings from past relationships.

Before they are ready to give their heart to someone new, they must heal the pain of their past love affairs. Additionally, the card can also talk about other issues that are bothering the person. Due to these issues, the person is not ready to start something new or look for a partner. If you have met someone new, the card asks you to not get carried away. Trust takes time to develop.

The Nine of Swords Tarot card in the area of love indicates dealing with doubts, lack of understanding and lack of support. The Nine of Swords means a difficult time or period of suffering in terms of love and relationships.

The most important thing that this card asks you is to not ignore your feelings. If you feel that something in your relationship is unhealthy, you are most likely right. However, do not rush to conclusions and accusations.

Stick to the truth because it is the only way to reduce your anxiety. Many nightmares take place in your head, but they influence your inner peace. There may be jealousy and fear of loss present in this relationship. There might be violence on the emotional side. This can be reflected in a non-obvious way, such as a lack of love or ignorance, or in an obvious way such as insults or verbal abuse.

It is sometimes very difficult to break up these relationships, and even after a breakup it usually takes a while before healing can take place.

Reversed Position

Nine of Swords in reversed position advises singles to rebuild their social life. The card asks them to be courageous when looking for a partner and to let go of the fear of rejection. We should not be focused on our fears and worries about failure. It is important to focus on our relaxation first, and other situations can wait whilst you prioritise your well-being.

In the reverse position, the card announces anger and the breaking up of the partnership. For those who are in a relationship, there may be a secret between you and the partner, and themes of regret or shame.

Another aspect of the Nine of Swords is that you may be too focused on your partnership while neglecting other areas of your life. An imbalance is always bad.

Ten of Swords

Upright Position

As for love, this card is unfortunately not a good sign. The person should ask themself certain questions, accept reality and not close their eyes to the truth. It is not possible to force someone to love and treat you with respect. If you have recently met someone new, do not jump into something very fast. You do not know the person and whether you should trust them right away. You will meet many who seem different from what they are.

In the love tarot, the Ten of Swords reveals to you that you are currently in a personal life crisis that has a direct impact on your search for a partner. It is important to clear your head and understand your heart first. Maybe you are forcing it to find a new partner. Things will happen when it is the right time.

If you are in a relationship, the Ten of Swords is a bad omen. Unfortunately, it signifies a significant betrayal in the relationship and bad times ahead. Healing from this situation will depend on the partner, and whether the partner recognizes the mistake. Gaining back trust can be very difficult. Other than that, you may feel that you have to carry all the partner’s problems which makes you suffer even more in this relationship.

Reversed Position

As a single, the reversed card of the Ten of Swords shows you that after a difficult relationship, new chances in love will arise. Especially when you come out of a very stressful relationship, you will be able to see more clearly what kind of partner you want and who you prefer to stay away from. The reversed Ten of Swords is also a sign that you should recover after a failed partnership.

In a partnership, the reversed Ten of Swords can symbolize that you are very resilient as a couple to difficult life events. You have already gone through many ups and downs together and have never lost love or trust in each other.

However, this card can signify a difficult time and your way towards healing. The negative feelings after a bad relationship may still be there.

Page of Swords

Upright Position

The Page of Swords represents everything fresh and new. Perhaps a potential lover has wandered their way into your life, or perhaps you are eager to take those tentative first steps from dating to the next level of commitment. The page is just as eager, finding enough vitality in your love life (or its potential) to stoke those flames into something more.

Perhaps you and your potential partner have great conversations and wordplay; the page certainly approves of your witty banter. The communication does not stop at the quick comebacks; you and your partner can easily prove loquacious and sensitive in conversations important to you as you discuss the intimate topics while getting to know each other. These conversations will pave the way for the relationship’s foundation and the understanding you share with your partner.

Swallow those non-factual fears and insecurities and don’t hold back. This is a time for honesty, and for sharing ideas and plans for the future.

Reversed Position

A reverse Page of Swords in a love reading may warn of a partner that takes the page’s verbal communication qualities to an extreme. This partner may use their words not to communicate but to rule the relationship with conflict and arguments. Perhaps the partner is ruled by an incessant need to “prove” themselves, which can manifest in a variety of toxic or controlling behaviors.

Knight of Swords

Upright Position

Pulling the Knight of Swords in a love reading might signify someone in your life, either someone you’re in a relationship with or a new person coming into your life. This person is spontaneous and full of energy, they know what they want and aren’t afraid to go after it.

They can sometimes struggle with commitment and staying in one place so this might cause insecurities in your relationship. This card can also signify a change coming in your relationship, you might be called to make a decision or implement changes to get what you really want.

Trust in this process and trust your heart, take the leap of faith even if it feels scary.

Reversed Position

The reversed Knight of Swords suggests there is tension, conflict or even aggression in your relationship. If you’re in a relationship that is plagued by conflict and tension, it might be that you both want very different things.

Try to slow things down and communicate what you both want, allowing lots of space and time to figure things out before jumping to any decisions. Be wary of controlling or aggressive behaviour in your relationships, both from a partner or from yourself.

Remember that you can’t control everything and you can’t control what someone else wants or feels, but do not let cowardice ruin what needs to be said.

Queen of Swords

Upright Position

Queen of Swords is an interesting person for the opposite sex. This card can sometimes indicate that someone’s mother is interfering with the relationship. For singles, the card suggests reflecting on past experiences before making a strategy to meet someone new.

It is also important to use communication skills more when looking for a partner. Queen of Swords talks about a person who uses their sharp intellect even in relationships. Queen of Swords stays very often rather alone than in a relationship that is not fulfilling.

However, in general, it is a positive card in love readings. In questions related to a relationship, this card suggests that the partner is critical and too cold. Due to the independence of the Queen of Swords, the card is usually interpreted in a bad way.

This card is actually asking you to look past how emotionally heavy this situation is – in some cases, even if you’re struggling in your relationship and this card comes up for you, it can signify a couple who shares similar life goals and mutual interests, and this isn’t to be overlooked.

Reversed Position

This card represents someone who could be guided by their emotions or even the person who is currently not clear about their emotions. This card can also talk about someone who envies your relationship and might cause you harm. This person might be rude and ignorant towards the needs of others. They tend to isolate themselves from others or be overly pessimistic. They come across as nasty and untrustworthy.

Queen of Swords in a relationship indicates that partners are struggling to reach a compromise. A partner might be immature and not loyal. The relationship might be less enjoyable. The card also indicates that there are misunderstandings between partners in the relationship.

Even small things are leading to conflicts which are pretty tiring. Impulsive actions create stressful everyday life. Queen of Swords reversed in the relationship indicates also that one partner is needy and under the influence of the other partner.

If you are single, someone might be interested in you. However, this person has the character of the Queen of Swords. Be wary of manipulation, or ghosting.

Queen of Swords tarot card

King of Swords

Upright Position

The King of Swords recognizes maturity between partners. You talk through disagreements and avoid conflict with the way you communicate, methodical and rational.

Your connection with your partner may be steeped in an intellectual attraction, and a discussion of your interests may promote additional emotional intimacy between you and your partner. You like to imagine the future and its limitless possibilities, and while you recognize it’s illogical to prepare for every eventuality, communicating in such an open and honest manner proves a great comfort in your relationship.

There are themes of reservedness with the King of Swords, so ensure that this is balanced fairly and not unnecessarily, as to prevent any damage to your connection together.

Reversed Position

The reverse King of Swords may indicate an individual who recognizes and exploits an imbalance of power in the relationship. It may also indicate a relationship is turbulent, rocky, or one that is ruled entirely by their heart and emotions.

Seek balance in the emotions by attempting calm conversation to clearly communicate needs. Sometimes, an unbiased third party, especially one that’s an expert in the field of social relationships, may be needed to bring the relationship back to its healthy center.

Wands (also known as Rods or Staves in some decks):

Ace of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of the Ace of Wands indicates that you and your partner are about to embark on a new journey together. You’re starting your next chapter together, whether this be marriage, purchasing and/or moving home, or welcoming in a baby.

This Ace is one of the minor arcana’s pregnancy cards, so if you have been trying to conceive, then know this card is an encouraging one to receive around the subject! Time’s looking to be grand for your partner and yourself, so enjoy whatever this next stage is about to bring you.

If you’re single, then the Ace is nudging you to go for it!

That person you like? Go for it! There’s no need to hesitate or hold back. Shoulders back, chin up, a confident smile, now go for it!

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this reversed Ace can suggest that you’ve lost the passion for one another, things have become dull, there’s little excitement, and you’re not really feeling the ‘magic’ of the relationship anymore. This Ace is imploring you to take control of this and to find ways to actively bring love, fun, and passion back to your relationship.

If you’re single, then this Ace can mean one of two things, either you’re experiencing an incredibly poor time with having successful dates actually take place, or whilst you’re on any dates that actually go ahead, you’re either holding yourself back too much and coming across as very uncommitted, or you’re being too overly emotional and intense – and both of these ends of the scale can very much put potential partners off.

That may be why things aren’t progressing with any of them in the way you wish! It’s time to think about your approach to these dates; it’s fine to be reserved or passionate, but make sure that isn’t completely dominating everything you do and say. Find the middle ground for a bit!

Two of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of the Two of Wands can indicate that things aren’t particularly the best between you and your partner right now. So, unfortunately, this isn’t a good omen to receive! You both may be feeling withdrawn from one another and the relationship as a whole.

But whilst this card can signify two choices, it may also be pointing out a decision to be made between your current relationship, and a lover. So, it can indeed be pointing towards cheating – whether this means in a physical or emotional sense; a decision may need to be made on where interests truly lie.

Or, on the other hand, if none of this relates to you, it could simply mean that you and your partner are potentially considering moving to another country, perhaps travelling or bringing a more spiritual element into your relationship. If you’re single, then you may be faced with making a decision between two very different romantic interests right now!

Both have their own appeal, but you need to decide what’s best for you and your future.

Reversed Position

Sometimes staying in a relationship, just because it feels like the easiest thing to do, doesn’t always mean it’s the best or the healthiest option. Are you and your partner genuinely happy together? Or are you just going through the motions, just because? You may be staying put due to your own fear of the unknown of what follows the breakup, what’s next? Where do you go from here?

You can’t stay in your comfort zone just because this is your ‘norm’, you could also be facing a matter of differing opinions, especially when it comes to travel. Does one of you wish to move and the other does not? This relationship could be holding you back. It’s okay to not line up with your partner anymore, what’s not okay is just hanging around because you’re scared to take action. Don’t do that to yourself.

However, if you’re single, then you may be assessing whether you want to remain single, or perhaps get back with an old flame – simply for the sake of having a relationship. An old ‘norm’ may seem more comforting than the idea of progressing forward on your own. Don’t fall back into old connections just for the sake of it, especially when that isn’t truly your best and healthiest option. You may feel like you have very few options in front of you, but that isn’t necessarily true.

Don’t rush into something without taking the time to properly assess what you can and should do, the easiest and ‘safest’ option isn’t always the best choice in the long run.

Three of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, the appearance of this Three of Wands is a good omen indeed! You and your partner seem incredibly happy together, you’ve been moving forward successfully together, and things are looking grand.

You’ve been making plans together, potentially for travel or even for moving abroad, but all in all, things should be going wonderfully for the 2 of you together right now. Adventurous sex can be a theme for the Three of Wands, and bringing in elements of spirituality here is beneficial for you both.

If you’re single, then this 3 is acknowledging how much you’re enjoying the single life! Bask in your own personal freedom, honey! It’s absolutely okay to be in love with your life as a single person, and this 3 is also indicating that you’re looking at what life has to offer, taking up all the experiences you can: Good on you!

In either a relationship or single context, this card can also represent meeting someone abroad – so this could very much result in a long-distance romance if anything blossoms on that holiday/travel plan(s) of yours!

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of this reversed card isn’t the best of omens to receive, unfortunately. It shows that things aren’t that great between you and your partner right now.

There’s a great amount of dissatisfaction and feelings of disappointment based on the direction your romance has gone. If there’s no positive progress between the two of you to make things better, and one or the other may be feeling like they can’t fully spread their wings to venture out into the world as the other is holding them back – whether this is you or your partner.

Someone may want to get out there, beyond their own comfort zone, but the other isn’t necessarily allowing this to happen. Someone wanting to explore vs someone wanting to keep their head buried in their comfort zone, no harmony will be found here.

If you’re single, then the reversed Three is here to point out that you’re holding yourself back from being able to enjoy the life of a single person. What from the past are you holding onto? Where has all this self-doubt come from? What’s got such a hold on you that it’s guiding how you currently navigate your (lack of) ability to move forward?

Three of Wands tarot card

Four of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the appearance of this Four of Wands is typically a great omen! It can suggest that you’re settling down within your relationship, the two of you are setting down your roots, and your family life is full of joy right now.

With this card being one of the celebration cards, it could also possibly mean that there’s a wedding on the horizon! Have you been wondering if your partner is going to propose? This is definitely a good omen if so!

If you’re single, then the appearance of this card suggests that you’ll be enjoying all that being single has to offer! Party, party, party! You’ll be embracing being single and actually enjoying it too.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this Four isn’t the most supportive card to receive, unfortunately. There’s a lack of balance or peace between you and your partner currently, home and family life isn’t that great, and the two of you may be facing issues of agreeing on things or even having the ability to simply compromise and meet in the middle.

You are both on two different pages of two very different books, and this is potentially bringing a lot of conflict to your relationship. If you’re single, then the appearance of this Four is suggesting that you aren’t truly being able to love and embrace the single life right now. Are you having issues with knowing where you fit in?

Perhaps you expected more from being single, such as living your best party and socialite life, and perhaps that isn’t happening right now, or plans have been falling through. What you can focus on is getting back to stability and building a little success, a little win, to get you back on track.

Five of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Five of Wands does not bode well for how things are going! You and your partner are most likely at each other’s throats at the moment, with plenty of disagreements and arguments taking up the space between you.

The appearance of this Five is imploring you to stop point scoring with one another, what’s the point in battling your partner? You need to create an environment where compromise and cooperation thrive, so it’s time to step back, breathe, control your temper, and listen. Both of you.

If you’re single, then the Five of Wands can suggest that things are particularly chaotic for you in the dating world currently! You may feel at odds with the amount of competition you have around you, or those that are interested in you may be fighting for your attention specifically – especially if you have more than one suitor! If this is the case, don’t get caught up in the drama, and don’t play people off against each other.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of the Five of Wands typically means one of two things. On one hand, you and your partner may just be coming out of a time of being at each other’s throats, and constant conflict, but have managed to find the compromise you both needed to work past these issues.

But on the other hand, it could represent you being with a less-than-savoury partner. Are you with someone that’s physically, mentally, emotionally, and/or spiritually abusive towards you? Does this person show you a lot of aggression and actively choose to scare and/or hurt you? This is someone you need to get away from, turn to the help of others (whether that be family, authority, or otherwise) and get away – the help does exist, and you can’t fix this situation for them as it’s not a challenge for you to take on.

If you’re single, then the presence of the Five of Wands typically suggests that your dating life is currently a bit lacklustre! You once were enjoying exciting times, but right now not much is really happening, and this has perhaps knocked your confidence with it and you may be avoiding putting yourself out there again.

But you need to take that leap of faith in order to meet someone. The dating scene can be big and scary, but you aren’t facing it alone – remember that! Everyone’s pretty much in the same boat. Reach out to your friends, see if they can take you out for a break from dating and enjoy the quality of life you do have outside of romantic endeavours.

Six of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Six of Wands is a fabulous card to receive as it suggests that you and your partner are on a real high together right now. The relationship is looking glorious, you’re both confident together, you’re both feeling stable in this relationship, and you’re finding a lot of support from one another. It’s all in a very healthy state at the moment, and you’re definitely feeling proud of that fact.

If you’re single, then the presence of this card usually suggests that you’re about to meet someone that ticks all of those lovely boxes of yours. Oh yes, someone quite grand and spectacular (in your eyes) is on their way to you.

This will be someone that will treat you exactly the way you want to be treated, this will be someone you find a lot of comfort and stability with, and it all makes for a beautifully successful connection – romantic or otherwise, whatever a relationship means to you!

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Six of Wands isn’t the most supportive of cards to receive, unfortunately. Things aren’t going great, are they? Both of you, or one of you, in this relationship aren’t being the most supportive you could be towards your partner.

This Six very much suggests that the love deserved is not being the love delivered, and this is leading to difficulties within the relationship, and feelings of neglected, unloved, and unimportant.

Communication, with no blame, can be beneficial here. If you’re single, then the appearance of this card indicates that you may be struggling with having any confidence to get out there and show your face to the dating world – your own worries here are holding you back. Focus on your self-worth, what makes you happy outside of romance, and who you are as an individual for the time being, and know that the reversed six here isn’t indicating failure… It’s a delay.

Seven of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Seven of Wands doesn’t usually support smooth sailing. Unfortunately, you’ll be facing challenges either from within your relationship itself or from those around you.

This could be in the form of going up against your partner where you’ll be blaming one another for one thing or another, or you’ll both be facing external arguments and attacks from outsiders. This will be a time when you need to defend your partner and your relationship together as not everyone will like you two together – and choice words may be thrown in your direction.

This doesn’t mean you have to listen to what’s being said, especially if you know it not to be true. Don’t let the bitter, twisted, and unwarranted words of others impact your relationship. If you’re single, then the appearance of this card suggests that you’re potentially interested in someone that has a lot of interest from others too.

If you want to get noticed, you’re going to have to figure out how you’re going to stand out from the rest of the crowd – this will be the attention you have to fight for.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this card doesn’t really bode well for how things are going currently – or for even how things are going to be going in the near future. It suggests that you’ll be giving up on your relationship at any given challenge or hurdle, even if you believe your relationship to be worth fighting for, you’re shying away from the battle.

This will result in you feeling disappointed in yourself because of your lack of ability to defend both your partner and your relationship when the time called for it. People will always have thoughts and opinions on other people’s relationships, but if you’re with who you’re with for all of the right reasons, and it’s a healthy relationship, you need to work on not allowing external forces to influence what you do or don’t do, otherwise you’ll be finding this relationship being terminated before your very eyes.

You’re allowed to defend what’s yours, and you absolutely can. You have it within yourself to do so. However, it can also mean being able to find a compromise with your partner if they’re the one you have been battling with directly lately – so that’s a small plus. If you’re single, then this Seven typically means one of two things.

You’re either shying away too much from the person you’re interested in, and this is of course not going to lead to any sort of advancement with them, or you’re being completely and utterly too full on and leaving them with very little breathing space. It’s time to either step into the light a bit and let them see you, work on standing out a bit more, and find the courage to admit how you feel, or it’s time for you to step back and see if this person comes after you.

If their affections line up with yours, they’ll come after you, but they may need the time to think especially if you’ve been overwhelming them slightly with your approach.

Eight of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of this Eight of Wands is an incredibly good omen! You’ll be feeling all loved up right now and your relationship will be very exciting with you and your partner moving forward together at a vast speed.

If you’re single, then this Eight is typically an indication that someone will be coming your way and there will be an instant spark! You’ll very much feel swept off your feet and wooed by this individual; it’ll all happen very fast. Infatuation can be really distracting so make sure you take the time to be self-aware and look around you whilst you’re being swept off your feet…

Here’s to hoping it’s literal, and that this new person may instigate some travel for you.

Reversed Position

Unfortunately, the reversed Eight of Wands typically indicates that things are coming to a halt in your relationship, you aren’t progressing with your partner in the way you wish to, so there’s a lack of excitement right now between you, and it’ll be common for there to be a level of misunderstanding and miscommunication during this time between you.

This too shall move on, if you’re open to communicating with each other about how you’re feeling, and problem solves your way out of it together. If you’re single, then this Eight usually means if you’ve recently been involved with someone that wooed you off your feet, you’ll come to see them for who they truly are – and you won’t be interested, at all.

Or this could be someone that’s about to come into your life, it’ll all happen very fast, but that instant spark will wear off fast. They aren’t the one, honey.

Eight of Wands tarot card

Nine of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then it’s more than likely that you and your partner have been going through a considerable rough patch recently, is that right? It’s hard, it’s hurtful, and it’s been exhausting.

Sometimes it’s easier to look adversity in the face and decide to walk away, and perhaps this time has left you with a sour taste in your mouth about your relationship and/or your partner in general, but this Nine is reminding you that rough patches happen, walking away isn’t always the best option, you’ve come through the worst…how things have been…it won’t be like this forever.

You and your partner can come out on top of this, whether that’s from struggles within the relationship itself, or external factors impacting you individually which in turn is then impacting the connection between you both. Things can and very much will clear up. If you’re single, the presence of the Nine of Wands is a gentle reminder that the damage you’ve experienced from previous relationships is keeping you from trusting in others and finding that romantic connection you so desire.

But this Nine is not ignoring the personal work you’re doing on yourself in order to heal from that inflicted trauma, you’ve been battling this for a while now, and the Nine of Wands is here to cheer in your corner as a reminder that you’re nearly there, you’ve nearly dealt with those wounds, you’re successfully healing yourself, so continue to be gentle and give yourself time. Someone worthy of your affection will come into your life when it’s right; heal yourself as a priority, because you’re nearly there.

This will help attract the right kind of person and relationship to you!

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the Nine of Wands doesn’t usually bode well for suggesting things have been glorious and harmonious between the two of you lately. Things have clearly been heated and it’s evident that there’s been a lot of arguments happening and it’s now reached a point where neither of you is willing to back down, and compromise.

When two parties both dig their heels in and remain stubborn, progression cannot be made. You two will not rectify the issues at hand by blindly defending your corner without being willing to listen to the other person.

A middle ground must be found in order to sort out what’s wrong here. On the other hand, if you’re single, then this can mean one of two things. You’re either feeling ready and healed enough to trust in another person when it comes to love, or you’ve been feeling so damaged by previous romantic connections that you’re feeling like love is the worst thing in the world and that you never ever wish to find it.

Whatever you need right now – you need to listen to yourself, to your priorities and focus on the outcome that you want for yourself.

Ten of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of the Ten of Wands typically suggests that you feel as though all the fun and excitement has been zapped out of the relationship in favour of duty and responsibility.

You may be feeling as though the majority of the responsibilities are falling on your shoulders and that your partner isn’t picking up the slack or doing a fair share, this is leading you to no doubt feeling overwhelmed by just how much you’re doing. Remember why you started this journey together in the first place, and find fun in every day together.

If you’re single, then it’s likely that you’re struggling to make the time for dating and making any ‘fun’ commitments when it comes to any romantic interests, but you do have the ability to turn things around and find the time you need in order to get back out into the dating world once again.

Life can get hectic for us all, but it doesn’t need to run you to the point it exhausts you and makes you feel as though you don’t have the time for another, or to even take the time to get to know someone else – to see if it goes anywhere. Remember you’re in control, you have the ability to change this.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this Ten can very much go one of two ways, either 1) you and/or your partner have taken back control of sorting out your responsibilities and have removed unnecessary stressful tasks from your personal lives and this is having a positive impact on your relationship with one another.

Or 2) your current burdens are sitting so heavy upon your shoulders that it’s having such a severely negative impact on your relationship, and you may even be feeling like throwing in the towel here is the best option.

Whether this is you or your partner, that doesn’t matter; what matters is that everything is being dealt with by only one individual here at the moment, and the other is slacking. One person cannot juggle all the burdens alone. A relationship is about teamwork.

However, if you’re single, then the reversed Ten of Wands typically indicates that you’re either currently focusing on, or will begin to focus on, getting rid of unnecessary burdens and stressors in your life and this in turn will lead you to be able to find more time for the dating world.

Page of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this Page of Wands is a great omen to receive as it can very much suggest some fun and playful times are coming your way! You and your partner may even become more adventurous together and you’ll find that the connection between the two of you is quite saucy right now – sparks are very much flying!

If you’re single, then the Page of Wands can mean that someone who will come this way will woo you off your feet – and it’ll happen fast! This person will be someone that’s fun and full of life, but be mindful that they can go just as quickly as they come, so it’s likely to be a short-lived romance.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this reversed Page could possibly mean that your partner may have seemed very fun and exciting to begin with, but now the rose-tinted glasses have come off and you’re seeing them for who they truly are, and you may be wondering just how compatible the two of you even are.

If this is the case then it’s up to you if you wish to explore the relationship more to see if you just need a bit of fun and playfulness between you to spark things off again, or if it’s time to call it quits and walk away; not everything is meant to be, and that’s okay.

If you’re single, then this card can mean that you’re not putting enough effort into your love life or you are being too fearful to try, and this will especially be showing if you’re going out and about on dates and attempting to meet people – and naturally, this can very much put people off.

I know it can be hard but it’s time to try and find your enthusiasm for love again.

Knight of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of this Knight is letting you know that you need to work on injecting more fun and excitement into your relationship and making sure you aren’t letting things slip.

It may be time to try something like a cute date night! Or do some travelling with your partner and go on adventures together, just have some bonding time exploring things together.

If you’re single, then the Knight of Wands appearing can mean that you are feeling happy, free, and incredibly confident in yourself and life at the moment, and to outsiders, this can be veeeery appealing, so you may be attracting potential matches left, right, and centre.

This card describes a very passionate person, so if you are looking for something right now then find your passions first and you never know who you may meet.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then this reversed Knight isn’t typically the best card to see…at all. It can suggest things being quite nasty in the relationship, in the sense of things perhaps being on the abusive side – remembering that not all abuse is physical, so this could mean verbal as well with someone with a horrendous temper.

It could also signify having a partner that has no real loyalty as they play the field and are known to cheat. If this isn’t the case for either of you, then it could simply mean that there needs to be a more conscious effort to actually put work into the relationship to make sure it doesn’t fizzle out and fall apart.

If you’re single, then this card may be here as a warning to let you know that someone that may seem great, but is far from, may be coming your way soon. This will be someone that has the tendency to overall be quite arrogant, aggressive, and controlling. This isn’t someone you want to be involved with, they’re a literal walking red flag, so just watch your back out there in the dating pool.

Queen of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the presence of this Queen of Wands usually signifies that you are both feeling all loved up, that you’re enjoying the accomplishments within your relationship and really happy with the ways things are going right now. Yet there may be a chance that you’re focusing too much on your passions that you’re letting your connection slip a little, so be mindful of that if this makes sense to you! It’s okay to do what you enjoy but make sure your significant other isn’t feeling the strain of you being a busy human.

This Queen can also bode well for those that are perhaps looking into having a baby together, as this is one of the minor arcana’s pregnancy/fertility cards. If you’re single, then this Queen popping up is representing how you are full of confidence, enthusiasm, and a ‘can do’ attitude when it comes to your love life; it’s a creatrix card that shows up for success in career, confidence in sexuality or at peace spiritually.

You are very much feeling like you can get back out there and grab a hold of the dating world and get out of it what you want – and you’ll probably find that this confidence is what attracts people to you during this time!

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, then the reversed Queen of Wands may be showing up to point out the negative traits of the individual you are with. Are they hurtful and deceitful? This won’t be someone that treats you kindly, and the Queen is warning you of this, this won’t be someone you want to stay around.

If this doesn’t relate to you, then this card can also mean that you and your partner need to make time to be with one another as there are overall feelings of personal tiredness, and eventually potentially being overworked and overwhelmed, so you need to be checking in with one another to make sure these aspects don’t negatively impact your connection.

Commitment’s that are damaged due to tiredness or unnecessary bitchiness deserve better.

If you’re single, the reversed Queen can be here as a warning to let you know that somebody embodying the Queen’s poorest traits could be showing up, someone with a rotten temper and prone to jealousy – so just be mindful when you’re meeting new people.

However, it could also mean that you aren’t ready to face the dating world yet and that’s because you don’t currently have the self-esteem necessary to do so. Your confidence may be at an all-time low and you’re hesitating and holding yourself back from putting yourself out there to meet someone.

Queen of Wands tarot card

King of Wands

Upright Position

If you’re in a relationship, the King of Wands can signify that your partner is currently feeling rather protective of you, but that they’re happy and comfortable within this relationship too. But, as the King can represent a physical person, the card may be showing up in the reading as your actual partner.

Do they embody the typical traits (listed above) of the King of Wands? If so, it’s a reminder to yourself that this person prefers fierce independence over someone that is highly co-dependent on someone else. Your partner won’t appreciate it if you rely on them too much unfairly, or try to control their life in one shape or form – specifically their freedom.

If you’re single, then this card may be hinting at someone coming into your life that embodies the King of Wands when it comes to their personality and attitude. But, if things haven’t been going too great when it comes to successfully meeting people, this may be because you’re being too busy in all other aspects of your life to even make the time and space for romance.

Reversed Position

If you’re in a relationship, the reversed King of Wands may be showing up as a warning. Does this represent your partner to you?

As this reversed King signifies a nasty red flag. This will be someone that easily breaks their promises to you, bullies you and others around them, and overall has too much of an aggressive approach to life – in the nastiest way.

A lot of this can be abuse, please be aware of that, and don’t let yourself be gaslighted into thinking it isn’t.

If you’re single, then the exact same thing can apply – you may be facing someone coming into your life, via the dating scene, which is an absolute walking red flag. Or, if these characteristics don’t match, it could mean that this individual has some commitment issues and may come across as quite flaky!

They may believe a relationship will just weigh them down and that a partner will be too needy, if this is someone you are truly interested in then it’s best to take the time to go slow and show them that their concerns wouldn’t become a reality with you.


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